Friday, 31 December 2010

Miao Sale

Miao is having a sale! Outside there are clothes and accessories for only 30L a piece. Many items also include a scratch and win HUD which you can use in the store to win additional prizes. Oh and my skin? It's free! Shin shiny shiny!
Miao Sale
Jewelry: Miao, part of the 30L sale
Skin and Eyes: Curio (skin is a group gift in all tones)
Hair: ElikaTira

A Wee Bit O' Refreshment Never Hurt Anybody (Happy New Years Y'All)!

This New Year's Eve, Creamy, Gavin + I ran into a good old new friend: a certain Mr. Jose. Cuervo.
Here we are enjoying the "liquid gold" tastiness at Kitchen Korner (click on the maid to get these free tequila shots, complete with lime, salt licking + dazed look animation). That's Dame Creamy on the right (note the excellent "slugger arm" technique) + our friend Brainy Toe lurking in the corner (not really his name; it was "Brain" appendage something, but we were all pretty zonged at this point).

As you can see, Gavin appears to have smelled something questionable here (it wasn't me, I swear). *silently points to Brainy Toe*

Happy hammered New Year's love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's definitely gonna stick to her resolutions this year. Fo' realz)


Tequila shots w/ drinking animation: Kitchen Korner - Shot of Gold! (click maid near MM board; lucky chair prize also offers free complete tequila party set; join group for $0L to get the paper bag containing free party goodies near entrance) - free
Hair on Tesh:
Amacci - Amacci Hair Sonya ~ Mocha - subscribo gift (click subscribo to get eyes gift; click again + "1" to get hair gift; men's hair gift included also) - free
Hair on Gavin: Truth - Snow Drake (Holiday Gift!) subscribo gift - free

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I've Had an Elegant Epiphany

Elegant Epiphany has some gorgeous lipsticks on their MM board. I have found that they fit well with a lot of skins which makes me very happy.
EE Lips
I am not showing all of the options that come with the prize because there are so many! The MM board is group only and doesn't hold very many people at a time which is a drag but if you don't want to wait for the MM board the huge pack of lipsticks is only 230L (a great deal for all the options.) The final lipstick is a nice, matte version which isn't one of the MM board prizes but is only 5L. Woo! Lots of other good deals and freebies in the store as well.
EE Lips 2
Tattoo Layer Lipsticks: Elegant Epiphany, free on the MM board and 5L for the last pink one.
Skin: Mango, Mango!, 69L Hump Day Happiness item
Necklace: Eolande's
Hair: Sixty-Nine
Eyes: Curio

Monday, 27 December 2010

Supah Sweet

This outfit makes me feel like a cross between a grandma and a little kid but in a super awesome way. Yay for lil' granny Sileny :D
So Sweet!
Thanks to Whisper for her tips!
Skin: My UglyDorothy @ Le BonBon, lucky board prize (group only, free to join)
Tattoo Blush/Freckles/Lips Combination: Mango, Mango!, free in Dolly Dash hunt
Hair w/Headband: Mikan @ Komorebi Bazaar, free (take the tp at the entrance to the main store)
Sweater and Shoes: Loveme @ Le BonBon, free and 1L I think
Leggings: This is a Fawn, part of a 50L pack that includes a sweater *and* 100L gift card *and* is transferable! This was supposed to be taken down already so if it's not there by the time you read this I'm sorry.

Friday, 24 December 2010

the answers we find, are never what we had in mind








couple of pretty things! Cheap Makeup has a Christmas gift out and it includes this pair of lashes, glittery lips and quite a pretty plum lipstick. Worth getting just for the lashes! Thanks Stella!

Alpha Villain has a special promotion on one of their sets, 110L for a white Crusoe tee and sweater vest, only available at Albero Dollar Fair. Booth here. Items are transferable and giftable for Christmas! Cheap Makeup also has a booth there, eyeshadows and lashes are only 40L and transferable for Christmas gifts.

Glam Affair has 15L gift bags out to celebrate the release of glam their Nero collection, and this dress(I wore it with pasties) and leggings are in one of the gift bags. There are also two hair-pieces in another of the bags, I wore it with Tiny Bird's hair base.

The 15L bags aren't hard to find at all, they are in the rooms near the TP point. Walk around the skins room and the clothing room right in front of the TP point and the bags should be obvious! The gift bag of skin has lace over one eye, and the last 15L bag is a well-made pose-room and several poses.

Glam Affair also has a group gift skin, Jadis, in their group, all tones, group join is 30L.

All of these pictures(well, the first four!) were taken in ARIA with Yelo Uriza's kind permission. The living room is a new release and the bedroom is just dreamy, I wish I could live in ARIA permanently. The items are low-prim and the accessories are generally less than 100L!

also has this wreath as a subscribo gift!

hair piece: glam affair nero hunt, 15L, two hair pieces in bag
hair base: tiny bird, free
dress: glam affair, comes with lace/fishnet leggings, 15L bag
earrings: mandala
shoes: stiletto moody
tattoos: actchio, arm tattoo is 50L

background: ARIA
hair: d!va, free, everyone's been wearing it but it's really one of the prettiest hairs I've seen!
outfit: Alpha Villain, 110L promotion at Albero Dollar Fair (slurl to booth here)fishnet/lace leggings, part of Glam Affair hunt outfit, 15L bag
boots: Gift at the counter of MDRM if you have joined cat-holic group (group fee 100L)

background: ARIA
Wreath, gift from ARIALadybug nails, from Exodi lucky chair, texture change to a ton of different textures
Cheap Makeup lipstick, christmas gift

Glam Affair group gift in 4 tones, Jadis skin, 30L group fee
*BOOM* scarf in red, christmas gift from *BOOM*! The Slim Scarf gacha is only 35L, I played a few times!
Dress: *BOOM*, not free
hair: Lamb
Wreath: ARIA subscribo gift, here's a better picture of it heh.

Showing the Cheap Makeup holiday goodies (slurl to Cheap Makeup booth) at Albero Dollar Fair, all of the items at the fair are transferable for gifting. These makeups are just 40L!
Hair: Fab-U-Lous, I really love this hair. Not free but I think it's only 150L, super pretty.
Skin: Jadis, Glam Affair group gift. 30L group fee, check aida Ewing's profile to join. Search for aida Ewing and the Glam Affair group shows up in search :)
Background: pose room from the Glam Affair hunt, 15L with poses.

All poses are from doll.

Snow Angel

Donna Flora has this super cute outfit for free at the Radar Magazine HQ! Match it with the hair/halo from Exile and the skin from Mother Goose's and you have a great Christmas Angel ensemble.
xmas angel_004
Jacket Dress, Jewelry, Stockings & Shoes (not shown): Donna Flora @ Radar HQ, free
Hair w/Halo: Exile, free
Skin: Mother Goose's, lucky board prize
Eyes: Curio
Pose: Marukin

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Luhs Me Some Laq

Free. Laq. Skin. 'Nuff said.
Happy holidaze love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's in full-on holidaze
zombie mode. le grrr)


Skin: Laq - LAQ ~ Vilda *Christmas gift* [Fair] Glow skin - subscribo gift (click subcribo, then "1") - free
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Moe" (Platinum) - lucky board prize -
ce: YourSkin & YourShape - *YourShape* MyLove Earring Xmas - group gift - free
Long gloves: Gabriel - ::GB::Fur Gloves long(Black) -
nd: Glow Studio - [ glow ] studio - Holly leaves hairband - $1L
Dress: Sweeter Than Candy - !STC Candymint Pink GIFT - subscribo gift - free
Neck lac
e: Fore - lace tattoo(w)
o: Para Designs - ::Para Designs:: Black Rose Tattoo
op: Kue - [KUE!] Lollipop Swirl Red - $0L daily gatcha - free

Eastbound and Brown

If I am wearing something brown it means I really, really like it. I generally don't love wearing brown because in RL it looks horrible against my skin tone and I guess my dislike of it transferred to SL. So when you see me wearing this much of that earthy tone you know it must be good!
Look at the back of this jacket...the extra details of the ruffles and ears on the hood make this a need-to-have piece.
I also had to show a close up of the shoes because they are so "sweet." PUN INTENDED!

Jacket: izm., lucky board prize (one regular board, one group only board and also two other boards with different prizes.)
Shorts: izm., 5L
Leggings: Couverture, free through the Love Soul Zombie Event
Gingerbread Shoes: Rose River Saloon, group gift
Hair: Fri.Day
Skin and Makeup: Mango, Mango!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Wow, this feels strange, I'm actually blogging, I've almost forgot how.

Well I've been laid low with some bug over the past few days and not able to go out shopping and I thought, I KNOW, I'll make a little something and do a blog post.

I read about these really cool paper lashes in one of my mags, so I felt inspired and thought I'd give a go at making something similar in SL, I hope you like them!

Snowflake lashes
the unstylishness of my Free*Style ads are intentional, OR NOT

ALSO, I happened to hear about this beautifully detailed festive table from Kari, it's free when you join the Kari group and look at the notice archives.  There is a great 50L sale on at Kari, check it out!


This table comes complete with poses, TOO MUCH WINE AND FOOD urghghgh (that will be me on Christmas day)


Happy holidays everyone!

where to get stuff
Snowflake Lashes: Free*Style - 1L or pay whatever
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.Muffin _B3.5 (Group Gift)
Hair: Clawtooth (0L in store)
festive table of fabulousness - Kari (Group Gift)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Grumpy Xmas Party Guest

When I was a teenager I hated going to Christmas parties with the family because I didn't fit in with my wild clothes and unusual hair styles. I thought I might do a look that was sort of like my young self!
xmas party_004
This skin from Milk Motion is really unique and I feel it deserved a close up.
xmas party_008
Sweater: Deviant Girls, group gift in notices
Skin: Milk Motion, 10L hunt item
Skirt: Boom, 10L hunt item
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui, 10L hunt item
Socks and Gloves: Razorblade Jacket, part of a 10L hunt item
Furniture: Little Boxes, part of a 10L hunt item
Candles: Croire, part of a 10L hunt item
Necklace: Kosh, hunt gift
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Eye Makeup: Cheap Makeup, part of the past FLF set (when I went it was still only 50L but not sure of the current price)


A girl can never have too many party dresses, especially in the holiday fete season.
This poofy gold concoction is yours for free at MiaMai (touch the subscribo **1st**, then buy the sign nearby to get it for $0L); a trio set of winter blushes/red nose makeups is also free (look over by the cart across the way). The dress comes complete with this exceptionally supefurluxe collar; everything is mod, so you can de-poof the skirt (or size the collar up or down) to your liking.

The ponytail hair, star hoops + slashed leggings are also free; I thought this black feathers & roses shoulder "brooch"
gift was a particularly elegant free find (a certain manshionista noticed it hiding near a shelf at Zenith). *mwuahs Gavin McGinnis*

SupeFurLuxe holiday love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's generally in favor of all things luxe)


Dress: MiaMai - Miamai_Golden Xmas_GroupGift (touch subscribo 1st, THEN touch Xmas gift sign next to it; *NOTE: otherwise dress is not $0L) - free
Roses & feathers brooch: Zenith - Black Fur & Cherry Rose (join Monday Mania group + touch sign in store; another white roses/feathers color included) -
Hair: LoQ - \LoQ/ Aysha - Soil - subscribo gift (free pine tree antlers here also) - free
Dark eyeliner makeup: Elegant Epiphany - tm Center - former MM board prize (not sure if this specific gift is still in the MM board, but grab the other 2 free makeup gifts here) - previously free
Leggings: Sweetest Goodbye - [SG*} Group Gift Leggings (join group; look for gift shelf near stairs) - free
Star hoops: U&R Dogs @ Rue D'Antibes Xmas Market- :+*R*+: Dainty Bess Pierced Earrings Gold (buy U&R Dogs box for $0L; many other gifts here) - free
Shoes: SLink - Lara MaryJane Heels - previously free
Pose: [doll.] *mwuahs
Suri Christen*

Friday, 17 December 2010

happy holidays!








hello you guys! I missed you all!

**Apologies, I've edited, thanks to Dojiba for letting me know my mistake.

You can view the house itself here! (Tp takes you to inside the house.) There is a "cat holic december group gift" shopping bag in the corner. You can join the group for 100L if you decide you like the house, then touch the bag and get the house :) I also suggest buying the trees with string lights outside because i love them and I got them yay! They are only 3 prims and copiable. Arggh I love MDRM(madoromi!) Check out more of their low-prim furniture at MDRM mainstore. There is also another pair of group gift boots at the mainstore counter, don't forget to get those! Really good boots.

Okay wait, if the first slurl to inside the gift house doesn't work for you, you might have landed at the tp point of MDRM. Don't panic. go out of the door on your right, walk out of the store and walk straight, the gift house is right in front of you. Or just cam out of the store, the gift house is beautifully decorated, just outside the store, and the gift itself is in the corner of the house once you join the group. Sorry again for the confusion and please feel free to IM me if you can't find the house and I will tp you/try to work it out!

My lovely new house is from a paid group, 100L for the house, the clump of white snow above and below the house is attached. Whole thing has baked shadows, gorgeous!

Snow bunny next to me is by ARIA, Yelo Uriza, the creator, loves bunnies!
winter evergreen trees, creator: Maztor Giles! from Vinyl Cafe.

gorgeous bric-a-brack christmas tree from What Next. I was damn excited to buy this tree, so I went to What Next. But I couldn't find it even though I looked for quite a long time. So I IMed the creator. Then my friend helped me locate the tree. Then I was happy. But then I had to IM the creator again and say sorry I found it! However the creator was very nice and he even provided me an SLURL to the item in case I still couldn't find it. Great customer service!

Anyway don't be stupid like me while buying christmas trees. It comes in a set together with the pinecones and presents! Located at the What Next christmas section, separate from mainstore.

I think the books on the shelf are also from What Next. All shelves are part of the house. Amazing house!

Ohmai Snowglobe! Special for Albero Holiday Fair. I love snowglobes in real life and I also love Anya, so I had to put it out. It costs 125L and is incredibly detailed.
buy at albero dollar fair

RUGS! The pink and deer ones. Sooo beautiful. Entire set of rugs, chair and christmas tree from Art Dummy for Project Themeory, just 75L! The tree is really cute too but I didn't have the prims to put it out. I would have paid 75L just for the two sculpted rugs! They are copiable! (Art Dummy is usually no-copy)
Red shoes, Art Dummy, 9 prims, less than 100L. I went zooom shopping happy at Art Dummy. The leaning/modern windows are gorgeous and cheap too! 25-35L.
Books, ARIA. 2 prims for two stacks, was cheap.
Caged candles, fruit plate on shelf, all from ARIA.
Dutchie scale, subscriber gift. check out the other profile pick gifts!

fur hat(texture change, lots of options!) from D!va, group gift
double paranoia rings and necklace, shade throne (100L join fee) group gift
5L izm fur shorts with ruffle on the back, soo cute. wore this alphavillain tee and these fur shorts for like a week!
alphavillain tee, 100L
shoes: magnifico hunt gift, 10L.

50L IMABEE skin! absolutely stunning and comes with 3 different brow options. I'm wearing the light2 brows. There's a 50L pre-christmas sale at Euphoria sim, check it out!
direct slurl to imabee 50L skin

The excellent thing about EUPHORIA, the new shopping sim, is the fact that the more you spend, the more discounts you get! For every amount of money you spend, including sale items, you will get points. After spending some money, you can click any vendor item, select "Buy with points" and you will save some money off your next purchase! Effortless and your points are automatically saved in the system. I only bought a few items but I managed to have a discount of 10L off Glam Affair leggings. All my favorite stores are at EUPHORIA, so I'll definitely be heading there if I'm planning to do any shopping! I'm already eyeing a ton of dresses from Fume and another offshoulder dress from Chantkare. Discounts/cash rebates are awesome!

christmas tree necklace that shimmers! prize from zombie santa hunt. more info here. I killed 800 zombies but I still can't get the R2 green shoes!!!!
modd.g offshoulder sweater: not free but super snuggly!
hair: Fab-U-Lous christmas gift, free
couverture leggings, prize from zombie santa
R2 shoes with snowflake print, prize from zombie santa event

ARIA bed in the background, caged candles, and books also from ARIA.
Ohmai! (Pigmai!) snowglobe on top of the books, 125L. Really gorgeous! from albero dollar fair, slurl to in front of Ohmai! booth.
chandelier, 2 prims, from POOKEA

stripey sweater, my new favorite, from 50L Friday! Alpha Villain.
closeup of Shade Throne Double Paranoia Rings, aren't they gorgeous! 100L to join group and a ton of excellent gifts. Gifts on the wall and in the paper bags.
love soul necklace: prize from zombie hunt, lovelove the cute reindeer!
hair: 50L pre-christmas sale, from EHA at EUPHORIA. slurl brings you to in front of EHA.
blush: cheap makeup limited edition item, an average cost of 35L per item, 600L fatpack, only 111 copies ever sold. There are 36 sets left, hurry before they're sold out! more pictures and info here. tp to one eleven event to get them!
socks: 1L special gift from IZM, normal price is just 35L!
fur shorts: 5L gift from IZM
shoes: magnifico 10L hunt gift

abiss christmas tree, pack of three colors, 159L special(inworld L$250) on Marketplace only. Link here. I tinted the ornaments rainbow colors! I'm so smart! Now it's my perfect christmas tree! I searched ages for the nicest one.
antler photo frame: theosophy
falling blocks clock: lisp bazaar
fireplace: part of the house! isn't it lovely!
tea set on table: ARIA

P.S. the reason why I'm wearing such little clothing is because it's absolutely sweltering here hahah, I live in a tropical country. I feel like sweating when I see myself in thick clothing D:

Sn@tch Angel

Sn@tch is holding their annual snowball hunt. I took a couple of the items available and made this angelic look for you.
The hunt is huge, covering the Pulse and Sn@tch City sims and involving many stores. Half the items in the hunt are free, the other half cost a small amount, like 10L-100L depending on how "big" the prize is. Check this sign for more info.
Skirt and Wings: Sn@tch, hunt item
Shirt: Sn@tch, fishing prize (previously blogged)
Skin: Mother Goose's, lucky board prize
Hair: Lamb
Pose: NSA
Cleavage: Ayumi

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

nothing free here, just some criminally underpriced stuff for your e-dolly. visit the albero winter thingy for a ton of items from some pretty damn good creators that are a) cheap as hell b) transferable just in case you're feeling generous... or if you're selfish like me, be generous to yourself and hoard that shit. i'm only showing 2 items from albero -- kari's duke boots and sea salt's wet boots rug -- because in addition to not-generous, i am also incredibly lazy they're kinda great. just go buy stuff, okay? or buy *me* stuff. whatever.

poncho - ribbon (30L!)
hair - lamb
skin - tres blah
jeans - mon tissu
boots - kari for the albero winter dollar fair thing
rug - sea salt for the albero winter dollar fair thing
ring - deco for one eleven
coffee mug - theosophy


Was wearing this outfit and realized almost all of it was free or very cheap. So here ya go! Some of this stuff is very limited edition (like today is the last day) so hurry.
Corset, Shirt, Jewelry: Sn@tch, 7Seas Fishing prizes. Win an entire outfit! Prizes change frequently, usually on Wednesdays.
Skin: Cupcakes, sim wide hunt gift (ends tonight!!)
Tights: Luce, group gift (join sign in store)
Hair: Magika, free fat pack
Boots and Skirt: Sn@tch
Tattoo: Lolapop!, mini mania prize
Eye Lashes: Cheap Makeup

Sunday, 12 December 2010

All That Glitters

Quickie post to share these festive gold boots that you can score for free via the Fierce MM board, that creator Sally Soleil kindly reopened today in this scrumptious dark gold color. *mwuahs Sally Soleil*
These muted gold leggings by League are such a 'natch for the bronze tinge on these boots; you can still grab 'em as an older free subscribo giftie by League. The puffball hat + scarf by Zenith are new + free; you get another red set in the gift as well.

I can't seem to find a working SLurl for this fabby gold halter dress (this was an older gift that I just really liked to match these boots), but I've listed the creator's name below in case anyone feels like bothering the poor girl.

Golden love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who kinda needs a golden touch in RL these days)


Boots: Fierce - Fierce**SEXY BOOTS - GOLD - MM board gift (NOTE: the boots MM board is located in the back of the store, to the right of the dancefloor; there's a $250 gift card in the MM board nearby) - free
Hat & scarf: Zenith @ For the love of . . . Ice - =Zenith= WorkShop Nunu (Hat+Scarf) - buy box on ground at the Zenith booth for $0L - free
Gold leggings: League - *League* Metallic Shine leggings~Gold - subscribo gift (click subscribo to get for $0L) - free
Skin: Belleza - -Belleza- Erika Pale group gift (paid group gift; $250L to join group) - free
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat - [RA] Jess Hair - Black Beauty
Dress: Mirrors - Mirrors*+Halty_Disco_Gold - previously free (creator Mirai Shan)
Pose: Agapee - group gift (join group for $0L; touch 3 sides of center display signs) - free

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Redder Than You

The new lucky board hair from Kik makes me feel like going red head in SL more often.
Hair w/Hat: Kik, lucky board prize. Hair is available for purchase in the fat pack of styles if you don't want to wait but not for sale individually.
Eye Makeup: Miamai, subscriber gift. Many makeups included in the gift, straight up total awesome.
Sweater and Scarf: A-Bomb. Check this place out for great winter sweaters!
Skin: Tuli
Freckles/Blush and Lip Gloss: Mango, Mango!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Happy Holidays!

Jessica Pose Collection

The Happy Holidays Hunt has started! This is the second wave, taking over the recent With Love...Hunt! Hunt starts at Ispachi, you can take a sneak peek at the prizes avaliable over at SL Style Directory!

My hunt prize is this lovely "Jessica" Pose Collection - 10 pose sets as usual, this set focuses on showing off the beautiful clothing you wear and looking away from the camera! The hunt prize is relatively easy to find - just don't go too far from the entrance!


For those who don't follow the numbers, you can try find my pose collection at the [doll.]™ Mainstore!

Suri x

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Because I'm In a Blogging Mood

More holiday and just plain awesome stuff!
girl style_004
Also check out Clawtooth for a 50% off everything sale :O
Hair w/Accessories: Clawtooth by Clawtooth, 1L
Dress: Girl's Style, 1L
Skin: Mother Goose's, group gift
Eye Lashes: Cheap Makeup
Pose: Long Awkward Pose

'Tis the Season!

'Tis the season for gifts! .:Somnia:. and Honey Kitty are two groups you should totally join.
Kitty Somnia_003
Sweater and Socks: Honey Kitty, group only hunt items. There is a 150L join fee but you can use their lucky boards and there are also more hunt items than what is shown, such as shoes, tattoo makeup, dress and cardigan.
Skirt: .:Somnia.:, group gift. There is also a sweater in the gift.
Skin: Mango, Mango!, 69L for a limited time
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, 200L for a multi-color pack and transferable for gifting.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I Gots Freebs

Just wanted to let everyone know I put two skins in my lucky boards at Mango, Mango!
!MM! Color Cat Lucky Board Prize
I know, I know, pimpin' ain't easy.
!MM! Pop Neon Lucky Board Prize
Mango, Mango! is HERE.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Go Now!

This wins the prize for the most adorable free Christmas dress.  Gorgeous! Thank you! You really must go get it!

Outfit: Fishy Strawberry: Eos Babydoll Christmas Edition: 0 L (includes stole and hair accessories)
Hair: Arata Shouten: Renewal Gift Hair: 1 L for fatpack: look upstairs: 1 L
Skin: Glam Affair: Eva: not free - this was a special winter version for TDR.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Kiitos Brings Out the Man In Me

The group gift pea coat from Kiitos is so nice. Even my man alt approves.
Comes with male and female wear options.
Jacket: Kiitos, group gift
Glasses Alphavillain
Skin: Sacred Skin
Other Clothing: Pig
Hair Base: 99 Elephants

Friday, 3 December 2010



You ready for some gifts?
ZombiePopcorn is back with another hunt, and there are plenty of great things to pick up from partipating stores!

Style Notes:

Pose: [doll.]™ [doll.] Hannah 06 Variation #1 FATPACK IS $50L, FOR FASHION REHABILITATION

Skin: LAQ Tess2
Sweater: {MV} Deer Sweater (ZP Hunt Gift)
Jeans: *Fishy Strawberry* - Metal Foil Jeans (part of an outfit, With Love Hunt Gift)
Bag: [croire] Snowflake Tote Bag, $0L LOOK FOR BLACK SACK ON WINDOW SILL
Shoes: [SG*] Peko (ZP Hunt Gift)

Suri x
(Drinking soya milk)

Mitteny Miss

Amidst the current deluge of wintry gifties, these neck mittens by Noirilicious were so awwws that I just had to build a look around 'em.
The rest of this look, including this free festive gold-lipped skin by I Ce Coco, is composed entirely of freebies/cheapies; check the Styling Credits for deets.

Mitteny love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who luhs fuzzy mittens over gloves)


Skin: I Ce Coco - + [I CE COCO] -isabel 006* (join group for $0L; look in Notices) - free
Neck mittens: Noirilicious - NoiRiLiCiouS Mittens - ZombiePopcorn Hunt - {NoiRiLiCiouS} #76 - free

Puffball hat: D!va - ""D!va"" Fur hat group gift (join group for $0L; touch sign; another hair group gift + many lucky boards) - free
Dress: Girls Style - GS*Gossip girl - group gift (join group for $0L + touch sign; more
free + $1L gifts nearby) - free
Socks: Girls Style - GS*Girls denim socks - Girls Style*group gift(2010.oct (join group for $0L + touch sign; more
free + $1L gifts nearby) - free
D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Yuri2" (Carrot) - lucky board gift - free
Tram - free

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Seldom Blue


To celebrate the new release of Seldom Blue's new Rosa lingerie, one set is avaliable 50% off and also I am showing the xmas $1L version! Red hot!
Hurry as it is a limited promotion!

Lingerie: (SELDOM BLUE) Rosa Lingerie, $1L

Shoes are from SLink (not free)

Suri x

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It Begins...

Yay! Ha! It's December! Today marks the kickoff for probably the biggest SL hunt/gift chasing season of the year. Without further ado, I bring you some goods from the Peace On Earth hunt, that's on it's 3rd run! Oh and some other fabulously festive goodies too.
Rockberry, ADD Andel, OoEas!
Check out this cute bow/decoration nohm set from A.D.D. Andel. It's a gift for the Mr. Grinch Hunt, that darling Sileny mentioned earlier. Aaaaahhh new POE skin gift from [ROCKBERRY] ruuun. I'll show you a closer look later in the post. This sweet, snuggly turtleneck mini dress is an MM gift from OoEas!
Poe 3, TuttiFrutti, Style by Kira
Sparkly sweater and cozy pants announcement! The top and pants are the POE gift from *TuttiFrutti* . The holiday color themed makeup/skin is the POE gift from Style by Kira. Prettieee!
Poe 3, Bounce, Rockberry
I thought this was such a cute idea. The top and pants here are the POE gift from BOUNCE. The sweater comes with 2 options, the one on the right with the sleeves that are too long is kinda neat. It comes with an alpha layer or invisiprims to hide the hands. I'm also wearing another tone from [ROCKBERRY]'s POE gift, you get 4 in total. NOICE!
Poe 3, Rockberry Gifty
And as promised, a closer look at the pretty, pretty skin gift from [ROCKBERRY] , 4 tones in all, plus cleavage options.
Happy Hunting!
Look 1
Bow/Nohm Set - A.D.D. Andel - Mr. Grinch Hunt gift - 1L
Skin - [ROCKBERRY] - POE Hunt gift
Dress - OoEas! - MM prize
Not Free
Mittens - TazzMania! - MarketPlace 
Look 2
Skin - Style by Kira - POE Hunt gift
Top/Pants - *TuttiFrutti* - POE Hunt gift
Not Free
Hair - TRUTH
Shoes - A.D.D. Andel
Look 3
Skin - [ROCKBERRY] - POE Hunt gift
Top/Pants - BOUNCE - POE Hunt gift
Not Free
Hair - EXILE
Look 4
Skins - [ROCKBERRY] - POE Hunt gift
Not Free