Friday, 24 December 2010

the answers we find, are never what we had in mind








couple of pretty things! Cheap Makeup has a Christmas gift out and it includes this pair of lashes, glittery lips and quite a pretty plum lipstick. Worth getting just for the lashes! Thanks Stella!

Alpha Villain has a special promotion on one of their sets, 110L for a white Crusoe tee and sweater vest, only available at Albero Dollar Fair. Booth here. Items are transferable and giftable for Christmas! Cheap Makeup also has a booth there, eyeshadows and lashes are only 40L and transferable for Christmas gifts.

Glam Affair has 15L gift bags out to celebrate the release of glam their Nero collection, and this dress(I wore it with pasties) and leggings are in one of the gift bags. There are also two hair-pieces in another of the bags, I wore it with Tiny Bird's hair base.

The 15L bags aren't hard to find at all, they are in the rooms near the TP point. Walk around the skins room and the clothing room right in front of the TP point and the bags should be obvious! The gift bag of skin has lace over one eye, and the last 15L bag is a well-made pose-room and several poses.

Glam Affair also has a group gift skin, Jadis, in their group, all tones, group join is 30L.

All of these pictures(well, the first four!) were taken in ARIA with Yelo Uriza's kind permission. The living room is a new release and the bedroom is just dreamy, I wish I could live in ARIA permanently. The items are low-prim and the accessories are generally less than 100L!

also has this wreath as a subscribo gift!

hair piece: glam affair nero hunt, 15L, two hair pieces in bag
hair base: tiny bird, free
dress: glam affair, comes with lace/fishnet leggings, 15L bag
earrings: mandala
shoes: stiletto moody
tattoos: actchio, arm tattoo is 50L

background: ARIA
hair: d!va, free, everyone's been wearing it but it's really one of the prettiest hairs I've seen!
outfit: Alpha Villain, 110L promotion at Albero Dollar Fair (slurl to booth here)fishnet/lace leggings, part of Glam Affair hunt outfit, 15L bag
boots: Gift at the counter of MDRM if you have joined cat-holic group (group fee 100L)

background: ARIA
Wreath, gift from ARIALadybug nails, from Exodi lucky chair, texture change to a ton of different textures
Cheap Makeup lipstick, christmas gift

Glam Affair group gift in 4 tones, Jadis skin, 30L group fee
*BOOM* scarf in red, christmas gift from *BOOM*! The Slim Scarf gacha is only 35L, I played a few times!
Dress: *BOOM*, not free
hair: Lamb
Wreath: ARIA subscribo gift, here's a better picture of it heh.

Showing the Cheap Makeup holiday goodies (slurl to Cheap Makeup booth) at Albero Dollar Fair, all of the items at the fair are transferable for gifting. These makeups are just 40L!
Hair: Fab-U-Lous, I really love this hair. Not free but I think it's only 150L, super pretty.
Skin: Jadis, Glam Affair group gift. 30L group fee, check aida Ewing's profile to join. Search for aida Ewing and the Glam Affair group shows up in search :)
Background: pose room from the Glam Affair hunt, 15L with poses.

All poses are from doll.