Saturday, 18 December 2010

happy holidays!








hello you guys! I missed you all!

**Apologies, I've edited, thanks to Dojiba for letting me know my mistake.

You can view the house itself here! (Tp takes you to inside the house.) There is a "cat holic december group gift" shopping bag in the corner. You can join the group for 100L if you decide you like the house, then touch the bag and get the house :) I also suggest buying the trees with string lights outside because i love them and I got them yay! They are only 3 prims and copiable. Arggh I love MDRM(madoromi!) Check out more of their low-prim furniture at MDRM mainstore. There is also another pair of group gift boots at the mainstore counter, don't forget to get those! Really good boots.

Okay wait, if the first slurl to inside the gift house doesn't work for you, you might have landed at the tp point of MDRM. Don't panic. go out of the door on your right, walk out of the store and walk straight, the gift house is right in front of you. Or just cam out of the store, the gift house is beautifully decorated, just outside the store, and the gift itself is in the corner of the house once you join the group. Sorry again for the confusion and please feel free to IM me if you can't find the house and I will tp you/try to work it out!

My lovely new house is from a paid group, 100L for the house, the clump of white snow above and below the house is attached. Whole thing has baked shadows, gorgeous!

Snow bunny next to me is by ARIA, Yelo Uriza, the creator, loves bunnies!
winter evergreen trees, creator: Maztor Giles! from Vinyl Cafe.

gorgeous bric-a-brack christmas tree from What Next. I was damn excited to buy this tree, so I went to What Next. But I couldn't find it even though I looked for quite a long time. So I IMed the creator. Then my friend helped me locate the tree. Then I was happy. But then I had to IM the creator again and say sorry I found it! However the creator was very nice and he even provided me an SLURL to the item in case I still couldn't find it. Great customer service!

Anyway don't be stupid like me while buying christmas trees. It comes in a set together with the pinecones and presents! Located at the What Next christmas section, separate from mainstore.

I think the books on the shelf are also from What Next. All shelves are part of the house. Amazing house!

Ohmai Snowglobe! Special for Albero Holiday Fair. I love snowglobes in real life and I also love Anya, so I had to put it out. It costs 125L and is incredibly detailed.
buy at albero dollar fair

RUGS! The pink and deer ones. Sooo beautiful. Entire set of rugs, chair and christmas tree from Art Dummy for Project Themeory, just 75L! The tree is really cute too but I didn't have the prims to put it out. I would have paid 75L just for the two sculpted rugs! They are copiable! (Art Dummy is usually no-copy)
Red shoes, Art Dummy, 9 prims, less than 100L. I went zooom shopping happy at Art Dummy. The leaning/modern windows are gorgeous and cheap too! 25-35L.
Books, ARIA. 2 prims for two stacks, was cheap.
Caged candles, fruit plate on shelf, all from ARIA.
Dutchie scale, subscriber gift. check out the other profile pick gifts!

fur hat(texture change, lots of options!) from D!va, group gift
double paranoia rings and necklace, shade throne (100L join fee) group gift
5L izm fur shorts with ruffle on the back, soo cute. wore this alphavillain tee and these fur shorts for like a week!
alphavillain tee, 100L
shoes: magnifico hunt gift, 10L.

50L IMABEE skin! absolutely stunning and comes with 3 different brow options. I'm wearing the light2 brows. There's a 50L pre-christmas sale at Euphoria sim, check it out!
direct slurl to imabee 50L skin

The excellent thing about EUPHORIA, the new shopping sim, is the fact that the more you spend, the more discounts you get! For every amount of money you spend, including sale items, you will get points. After spending some money, you can click any vendor item, select "Buy with points" and you will save some money off your next purchase! Effortless and your points are automatically saved in the system. I only bought a few items but I managed to have a discount of 10L off Glam Affair leggings. All my favorite stores are at EUPHORIA, so I'll definitely be heading there if I'm planning to do any shopping! I'm already eyeing a ton of dresses from Fume and another offshoulder dress from Chantkare. Discounts/cash rebates are awesome!

christmas tree necklace that shimmers! prize from zombie santa hunt. more info here. I killed 800 zombies but I still can't get the R2 green shoes!!!!
modd.g offshoulder sweater: not free but super snuggly!
hair: Fab-U-Lous christmas gift, free
couverture leggings, prize from zombie santa
R2 shoes with snowflake print, prize from zombie santa event

ARIA bed in the background, caged candles, and books also from ARIA.
Ohmai! (Pigmai!) snowglobe on top of the books, 125L. Really gorgeous! from albero dollar fair, slurl to in front of Ohmai! booth.
chandelier, 2 prims, from POOKEA

stripey sweater, my new favorite, from 50L Friday! Alpha Villain.
closeup of Shade Throne Double Paranoia Rings, aren't they gorgeous! 100L to join group and a ton of excellent gifts. Gifts on the wall and in the paper bags.
love soul necklace: prize from zombie hunt, lovelove the cute reindeer!
hair: 50L pre-christmas sale, from EHA at EUPHORIA. slurl brings you to in front of EHA.
blush: cheap makeup limited edition item, an average cost of 35L per item, 600L fatpack, only 111 copies ever sold. There are 36 sets left, hurry before they're sold out! more pictures and info here. tp to one eleven event to get them!
socks: 1L special gift from IZM, normal price is just 35L!
fur shorts: 5L gift from IZM
shoes: magnifico 10L hunt gift

abiss christmas tree, pack of three colors, 159L special(inworld L$250) on Marketplace only. Link here. I tinted the ornaments rainbow colors! I'm so smart! Now it's my perfect christmas tree! I searched ages for the nicest one.
antler photo frame: theosophy
falling blocks clock: lisp bazaar
fireplace: part of the house! isn't it lovely!
tea set on table: ARIA

P.S. the reason why I'm wearing such little clothing is because it's absolutely sweltering here hahah, I live in a tropical country. I feel like sweating when I see myself in thick clothing D: