Sunday, 28 February 2010


some pretty things!

JE*Republic has this black tie-dyed dress in their lucky board, can be worn with or without the prim skirt! 10 min board, there are 5 boards with various dresses, worth a stalk!

The pose cabinet(built-in couple pose) and the red sequined bag (attaches to right shoulder, hand animation) are both 1L group gifts from JE*Republic.

Alan's shirt and diamond tie are group gifts from Gabriel. He's much better at finding gifts than I am, and sat patiently on the cabinet for an hour hahah. THANKS (heart)

Mudhoney also has the nicest little items out at the 10L car wash sale, I bought the discus lamp (above my head) the bamboo plant in vase, the shoes for throwing around on the ground (in the cabinet) and a desk(not shown). All the items are great! They are a bit primmy though, around 10-14prims each. The shoes now reside next to Alan's bed.

I went and ransacked Narita's store, Ticky Tacky, and found this gem, a whole fatpack of these pretty hair flowers for 10L in her discount section! The red shell necklace and earrings are a group gift from YS&YS - their shoe section is 250L-300L for the kind of shoes that others sell at 1000L - worth demo-ing for their beautiful quality.

[8:40] Alan Tamatzui: to make my eyes look at you I am targeting your boobs

Mystic Sky March Lucky Chair

Skyler John from Mystic Sky is always so generous!  She has recently added a different gown to her lucky chair.  As always, it is one of her full priced gowns that you have the opportunity to get for free.  She also recently made headdresses that look fantastic with all her work.  I <3 them!
Gown: Mystic Sky: Serendipity Gown - Red: Lucky Chair: Free
Headdress: Mystic Sky: Rose Headdress - Red: not free but includes 2 versions, one with ribbons
Hair: Summer in Happy Blond: not free but a perfect updo!
Skin: Cupcakes: Daydream - Fighter: might no longer be available but the beat up look suited my mood.

Friday, 26 February 2010

::STB:: Black Fur Fireplace

A night spent cuddling on a rug in front of the fireplace. Their face highlighted by the soft glow of the fire. The warmth of the flames surrounding you. But the heat is coming from the one you love as your lips meet in desire!

Shameless Bits 5

This comes with the prettiest cuddle animations in SL. These can stir all those romantic feelings while enjoying them with the ones you love!

This comes with the prettiest cuddle animations in SL. These can stir all those romantic feelings while enjoying them with the ones you love!

Full Version:
8 Single Sit animations
5 Chatting animations
18 Cuddle animations
7 Massage animations
2 Threesome cuddle animations
5 Dancing animations
* 1 Single animaton on the beanbag

Lite Version:
1 Chatting animations
2 Cuddle animations

Either right click and select sit or touch the item to get the menu.

You are looking at the MM version, Shameless Bits MM board gets lockdown every day! First come first hit, they shall get the prize when clock strikes midnight. Good luck!

TP To Shameless Bits:

Suri, xoxo


some car wash 10L items from e! apparel :) These are my favorites- for me, the star jeans and gray pinstriped pants are pretty unisex! The pinstriped gray pants come with prim cuffs, but I usually don't wear them. The great thing about Eclectic's items is that they are mod, so I just loosened the pants a tiny bit and tucked them into my boots! The purple baseball tee is another must-have for 10L. Thanks, Eclectic :D She's also having a storewide sale to celebrate her anniversary, everything is 50L! ZOOOM over to her mainstore for some great quality items.

armagedon girls' tank in orange
jakarta pants, grey, pinstriped
baseball top in purple
starry jeans in orange
all from e! at the car wash 10L sale!

white converse shoes on Xing, 0L fatpack of colors from Maschienenwerk (I can spell this perfectly without referring to anything!!)

not that free:
xing's pose, made by me! omg headache, many thanks to everyone on plurk/inworld for calming me down when I was panicking because I'm a loser and fail at locking poses. (still fail.)
on me, desire poses, 40L for fatpack
redgrave fur boots, so good, viola leigh is a genius!
Wayward Heart hair by Nushru/Quiver Quintessa, 200L for giant fatpack of all colors, comes with red bow. lovely, original hair!
bracelet and earrings, SHADE THRONE

photograph location: Neva's house at Dork Street! :) Bookcase fireplace in background by Penny Dreadful Arcade.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Touch of Burgundy

A li'l elegance + a li'l cuteness to spruce up your Thursday. This free cute burgundy hat hair by Trico + free gorgeous golden minidress by Glitterati by Sapphire are what inspired this look.
Love the rich, embroidery feel of this dress. Such a great contrast between this soft golden hue + the dark burgundy floral print, recalling a vintage brocade texture. For these colors, I really liked this warm, golden brown hat hair + I couldn't resist adding my fave jade jewels by Donna Flora for that li'l something extra. The bracelet is one of many accessories you can scoop for free or $1L at YourSkin & YourShape.
*NOTE: I believe that this hunt runs until the 28th so if you like this dress, you might wanna scoop it ASAP. *mwuahs* to my good friend for this awes tip!

1 more day 'til the weekend, but who's counting? Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who never met a burgundy she didn't like)


Dress: Glitterati by Sapphire - Welcoming the Tiger Hunt Dress (buy white polygon lamp thing on floor; HINT: somebody's favorite color to wear on Thursdays is . . . purple!) - free
Hat hair: Trico - Knit Cap Twin Tail (group gift1) -
Bracelets: YourSkin & YourShape - Roundie bracelet gold (NOTE: tons of free + $1L jewelry here; buy bottles on the bar) -
Socks: Honey Kitty - *H+K*(chocolat-berry)lace dot socks
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Mae (White) v.1.24
Skin: Leafy - *L*Miso Lune_Scarlet_DB
Hand tattoo: GB - Hand Tattoo Crest Lily
Lashes: Glow Studio - Avantgarde.eyelashes - Linka's
Necklace + earrings: Donna Flora - Medea Jade
Poses by: Flowey

A Great Big Yesss!

Yesss Designs has all six of these great outfits for free. Talk about variety! There's something for everyone......

Yesss Freebie 1

Yesss Freebie 6

Yesss Freebie 5

Yesss Freebie 4

Yesss Freebie 3

Yesss Freebie 2

Find them at the back of the store on the main floor, with the exception of the jeans and pink top, which is a group gift and can be found near the entrance. Love it!

Analise Marysa Lucky Silks

I don't generally wear silks but I am a big sucker for the ones at Analise.  The textures are perfection and the prim work is always well fitting.  They are so sensual without being, ahem, slutty.  Analise just reopened today with a complete rebuild and in addition to the lucky silks there are several new items in the clearance section on the top floor.
Silks: Analise: Marysa Lucky Silks: Free on Lucky Board or as low as 30 L in mob vend
Hair: Truth: Chalice: 450 L for fatpack today only for SL Daily Deals
Skin: Cupcakes: Daydream: Princess: not free
Collar: Tokon: Dungeon Irons Collar: not free

Frisky Secretary Lady Says Hi!

Frisky Secretary Lady is fun times.
You need these glasses because they have freaking lady bugs on them!! There are TONS of other lady bug goodies for 10L from Nushru at the Car Wash event (along with tons of other vendors) and you need them or else you will get face aphids.
Top: Gryphon Wings, 8L each color or 28L for a four pack (TY Gryph!)
Glasses: Nushru @ the Car Wash sale, 10L
Hair: Glitter Hair, no longer for sale to my knowledge
Shoes: A-Bomb, New Release!! Not free but color change and awesome and cheap
Skirt: Cupcakes, part of a dress which is no longer available

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fight This.

This is a totally random title for this totally random post!
I got this outfit from Cynful, a week ago, although it's been avaliable since the start of Feb (so you still got a couple of days if you still want it!)

Fight This.

Cynful Feb Special, $1L

Here is a dollarbie I made to celebrate my new pose collection! I am using a lot of props lately and will continue to do so. This time the theme is surrounded by donuts - after a very appropriate trip to Krispy Kreme! Rarrrwwwwwrrr gimme those donuts!!!

[doll.] Donut Hula!

[doll.] Donut Hula (just wear it), $1L

You can check out the full collection at my store, [doll.]. The Donut Hula dollarbie is there too!

Suri, xoxo


Feeling brighter with the help of Ayanna Slade, Love Foxdale, and Bubbles Clawtooth!
Colorful Times 2
Skin: Shine, MM board prize
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth, group gift
Lingerie: Aqua, 10L


SILVER skin in fair with freckles, 69L humpday item by Mango, Mango!

comes in three tones, with/without freckles and with/without hairbase. usually 250L, so these are a great deal. sileny named it after me, zomg. sileny always makes me smile so big!

lingerie from Beauty Avatar 10L section, 10L and super detailed, comes with a black feather boa.

hair: W&Y, includes color-change ribbon accessory!

location: dork street's basement, in front of Ana's pretty fireplace :D

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

city cheap chic

hair: exile, new free hair, all colors!
bag: paradisis subscribo gift, SO NICEEE. crazy detailed, love the delicate chain and charms!
cropped tank and seagull shorts: Modd.G Stumblebum Brigade item, exclusive and only available from 20-26th Feb. 30L only! especially looove the shorts with prim ribbon, and the tees are perfect with jeans!
zodiac charm necklace, modd.g gacha, 50L!

not free
pumps: modd.g
darwin headband: chapeau tres mignon

shirt: 10L from Helvetica by Eiko Seoung!
bag: coco group gift, love the pink!
tights: 30L, comes in many pretty colors, from Tee*fy's gacha (all tights only 60L!)
dark denim skirt: 50L from BOOM's discount store, worth every bit of the 50L. Best and most well-cut miniskirt that I own, the back rides up a bit :) check out the other discount items too!

not free
hair: W&Y, model hair, was free, unavailable now
modd.g pumps
alamood sweet stack rings

slouchy zebra beret, totally awesome coco group gift.
bag, group gift from coco!
shirt, free item from lemon ginger
post leggings: 1L item from lemon ginger

earrings: mismatched earrings from ganked jewellery sets!

Monday, 22 February 2010


This is a color variation of one of Solange's new releases. Short black dress with shot or longer skirt option, and a great looking top to go with it!

Solange Fashion

TP to Solange Fashion and join group to find it!

Picture taken @:

Suri, xoxo

Dairy Queens

Whaddya get when you get 2 girls together with 2 kinds o' free cream (whipped + iced)? Why, some good sticky fun, o' course.

"Yo Creamy. Think we can get jobs as game show hostesses in these outfits?"
"Sure Tesh! Especially since this monster increases my um, confidence by like, 200%."
"Make that 500%."
These yummeh ice cream cones (2 flavors), whipped cream head cupcake + whipped cream for les bewbies can be yours for free in the Snacks 'N Sweets Hunt courtesy of Wildz Creations. Our long, bangs-swept hairs are free in the color fatpack gift at Tiny Bird; Creamy's bikini is just one of the gangload of freebies you can scoop at Nearly all of these poses are by Creamy for free/pay as you want at the Free*Style Evil Lair on Horst. -- As you can see, our First Lady of Free*Style has a kickin' bod which she really needs to show off more often.

One of the best things about SL is how it lets us embrace our inner silly. Love + sticky fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who desperately needed a shower after all this gloppy sweet fun)

On Creamy:
Strategically placed ice cream cone (includes head cupcake): Wildz Creations - *SnS* 060 - Chocolate Cone/Vanilla Cone (you are looking for a cupcake; no hints 'cuz it's moved at least once) -
Hair: Tiny Bird - D.A.N.C.E. - Great Personality Pack - Light Grey (buy sign in middle of store to get color fatpack for
$0L) - free
Bikini: - free.kini pink (buy little boxes in shelving unit in middle of store for
$0L; tons of other free clothes too) - free
Skin: Lelutka - LE.LOOK! la femme - Skin - Estelle Dark Brows

Whipped cream + cherries for boobies/buttie: Wildz Creations - *SnS* 060 - Whipped Creme with Cherries (included in same hunt gift as Creamy is wearing) - free
Hair: Tiny Bird - D.A.N.C.E. - Great Personality Pack - Bistre (buy sign in store to get color fatpack for $0L) - free
Skin: Curio - :GP: Sundust [Dark] Winter-Frost 2
Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Water (Large Iris)

Poses by:
Creamy Cooljoke @ the Free*Style Evil Lair on Horst (pay as you want/free) and Long Awkward Pose

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Take My Heart

This $1L Lingerie still avaliable if you would like it!

Tres Beau - "Take My Heart"

Tres Beau - "Take My Heart", $1L


Suri, xoxo

Find Bob

LVS Drive has recently had a remodel and to celebrate, Bob, the dog, has taken a dress from LVS and hidden it somewhere on the sim.  Look for Bob and pet him to get it for 1 L. Every day Bob is moved so every day look in a different location. There is a picture of Bob at the landing point.
Dress: LVS: Hoodie Dress: Gift from Bob: 1 L (The dress will not be here as you have to look for Bob.)
Boots: Amaama: Boots 001: lucky board
Hair: Maitreya: Milla: not free
Skin: Cupcakes: Daydream: Earth: not free

Free*Style Group Changes

Hi there!

You may already be aware of my intended Free*Style group changes, as I have sent this message out to the in-world group today.

I've been thinking about this for a while, but something has happened today which has been decision maker.
I did not realise when I set up the Free*Style that freebie groups and blogs would become some sort of popularity competition.  I simply started it for fun and and to help new players.

I don't have the time nor the inclination to compete over something so pointless.  I'm only here for fun, SL is just a hobby to me!

Therefore, the Free*Style group will now simply be to let people know of the new freebies myself and my bloggers/friends create, or cool things we have personally found.

It's not going to be a mass freebie sending notices anymore, there are many other groups for that.  I want to keep the quality high in this group, like it was originally intended.

I will be making the changes from tomorrow.

If you are a creator or store owner in the group, please do not take offence if you can no longer send notices. If you search 'Freebies' in SL groups you will find many other groups to join in which you can send your freebie notices.

The Free*Style blog will remain as is and stores will be open as usual.  The Free*Style Chat Room and Home and Garden groups will remain as they are also.

Thank you to all the Free*Style group members, especially those who have been with us from the start.  I'm going to try to get this group back to how it was and I would love it if you decide to stay with us :)

<3 Creamy


I get very excited when Nuuna's releases a new skin because I always know it will be something fun. The new line is no exception! And there is a freebie which makes it even better of course, teehee.
Nuuna's Freebies
Three different tones, all free. And if you want other colors make sure to check out the full priced line. Her skins are INSANELY cheap!!
Skin: Nuuna's, free
Hair: Sixty-Nine
Lashes: Staged

c money shuffle! :)

on Cmoney Shuffle!
vest and trunk from sey, group gifts

on me:
KHUSH, sheer top, 1L!
legwarmers, SG Fashion valentine's day group gift, beautiful textures. (credit to Alan for getting this for me!)
neon pink armwarmers, 30L from TazzMania

not free:
on Cmoney: hair from muism, belt from kosh, boots from redgrave, pants from ducknipple

gorgeous lanterns in my hand and in the background - only 10L by Modd.G at the Lantern Festival, I bought all the colors and even double-purchased by accident lol! LOVES. Thanks Modd, for making them so so detailed and affordable!

on Xing-ge
shirt from lemon ginger, only 10L
jeans: SEY group gift

on me:
SEY knit dress, group gift
black and pink striped socks, SEY group gift

not free:
on xing, tiny bird hair
reek belt
aoharu boots
on me, modd.g emily pumps!

on Xing-ge
shirt, only 10L from lemon ginger!
modd.g zodiac necklace, 50L gacha!

on me
coco group gift tank and bag
colorful circle leggings, 1L from lemon ginger

not free:
xing: lelutka hair, aoharu jeans and boots
me: modd.g emily pumps and hair from 69 with gorgeous scarf!

For the Nekos!

Adorable dress from Happy Finds in the Annoying Japanese Children update group! Makes Sileny happy pants :D And am loving these group gift boots from DV8.

Skin: Nuuna's, no longer available
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth, free
Dress and Tights: Happy Finds, group gift (Join Annoying Japanese Children group)
Neko Boots: DV8, group gift
Neko Ears: DV8
Scarf: Malt
Poses: Torridwear

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Dress: Convoitse: Kiana Black: 10 L
Stockings: Sheer: Knee-highs: Free (these stockings are my current obsession)
Skin: Lelutka: Gift for the opening of the new Heartless City sim: Free
Hair: Miley - Cranky Brown: not free

The Lovely Unicorn

Once upon a time, there was a pink fairy with fabulous green rosebud eyelashes.
One day the pink fairy was doing her typical zoom-over the usual fields + flowers when she spied a lovely unicorn. And as everyone knows, unicorns have to grant you a wish if you catch them.
"Hellooo, Mr. Unicorn, sir," trilled the pink fairy. "I caught you, so now you have to give me my wish!"
"Yeah, yeah," grumbled the unicorn. He'd been in the wish business a long time + seen it all before. Besides this morning a bee had decided to go + sting his nether parts (it's very difficult for unicorns to scratch themselves, especially down there) so he was in a particularly foul mood. "Whaddya want then, lady? Just remember, you only get one wish, so make sure you know what you really want."

"Oh, I've thought about it a lot, Mr. Unicorn, sir," the pink fairy assured him, giggling. "What I want more than anything in the world is . . . to meet Brad Pitt."
"Brad Pitt?" yelped the unicorn.
"Lady, are you CRAZY? Who do you think I am -- Harry Potter?!"
The pink fairy was disappointed, but she was determined little thing. And something told her that today was her lucky day. So the pink fairy went on her merry way, in search of this superior magical being called Harry Potter.
~The End~

*This silly post is dedicated to a very special person who is going thru something horrible in RL. I hope this brought a smile to your face for a moment :O) xoxo Tesh

Fairy outfit (includes sheer wings): Pas de Deux - *PDD* Rose Flower Fairy Gift (subscribo, History, 1) - free
Lashes: Oceane's Body Boutique - Roses 'n Thorns Lashes by Oceane - green (Feb/March group gift) - free
Tiara: Twisted & Spoiled - Flower Tiara - lucky chair prize - free
Wand: Deviance - from Strawberry Fairy outfit (lucky chair prize) -
Necklace + bracelets: CCD - Pure - Butterfly
Shoes: 50 Flats - A Walk in the Woods-Spring
Curio - :GP: Sundust [Dark] Winter-Frost 2
Hair: Magika - Candy - Light Pink
Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Water (Large Iris)
Poses by:
Long Awkward Pose

- Red Packet Hunt -

Chinese New Year.. well its the most important festival celebrated by Chinese all over the world. It starts on the 1st day of the 1st month, as determined by the Chinese calender and ends on the 15th. It is a custom for elders and married couples to bless/give juniors with red packets (ang baos) during the 15 days. Well, "in Secondlife, you pay your respects to stores and in return get Red Packets containing gifts!" Thus, those who don't celebrate chinese new year may hopefully get a taste of this custom in SL, through the red packet hunt.
Modd.G, !Ohmai, tomoto, Love Soul, oyakin are just a small portion of the 43 participating stores that you may "pay your respects to". The gifts are fantastic and is definitely one that you should attempt within the next week or so. Plus, Anya Ohmai, the hunt organiser, has kindly posted a hint cheat sheet here. The hunt is already ongoing and ends on the 1st of March, which is kinda meaningful since Chinese New Year ends about there too XD.

Below are some looks mix and match from some of the gifts you can obtain from the hunt. The items from the hunt are in italic.

Red Packet Hunt

Hair: [Shag] - Wrap Me Up - fawn
Skin: *L*Miso Lumiel _Golden-FR-LB (Red Packet Hunt #20 - *Leafy!)
Shirt: (Part of) &Bean I Love Vanity and she was never a gimp (50L Friday)
Undershirt: (Part of) Modd.G Lis Mini Lace Dress - Blue (Sold at Final Location of Red Packet Hunt)
Skirt: -LMK- High waist skirt
Bag: BP* gamaguchi bag /W/click!texture change/feb2010 (group gift)
Bangles: ZC : Nizam Choodiya (bangles) gold *white*
Necklace: .+*AA*+.Layered flower necklace *black
Tights: !Ohmai: Oriental Leggings (Red Packet Hunt #1 - !Ohmai)
Belt: M * A * ii * K * I High Waisted Belt *Patent Black*
Headpiece: .+*AA*+. Chinise headpiece *MULAN (Red Packet Hunt #18 - Atelier AM)
Shoes: .::SM::. ROYALE SANDALS (Part of: (SAH) GIRLZ - #15 .::SM::.)

Hair: ++AY.LinE++Red Packet Hunt/Prize (Red Packet Hunt #31 - ++AY.Line++)
Skin: Red Packet Hunt #11 - *MY UGLYDOROTHY 2-3 (Red Packet Hunt #11 - *MY UGLYDOROTHY 2-3)
Dress: aurora shop slip dress (Red Packet Hunt #2 - Aurora Shop)
Necklace: ::Happy Finds:: Tiger Dancer Necklace (Red Packet Hunt #5 - ::Happy Finds::)
Bag: +mocha+ - Shoulder Pochette [Limited Red] (Red Packet Hunt #24 - +mocha+)
Shoes: Lark - Red Packet Gift (Red Packet Hunt #23 - Lark)

Glasses: HOC - Rectangle Framed Glasses #001
Bag: Modd.G LunarNewYearLanterns Starry A_4prims (Avaliable exclusively at Final Location of Hunt till 1 March)

Red Packet Hunt

Hair + Hair Flower: fri. - Marie - Browns
Skin: &Bean - Pillow Light eight SB FR
Shirt: *ARAI* Asian Shirt_red (Red Packet Hunt #39 - ARAI)
Leggings: Tee*fy Red Packet (Red Packet Hunt #16 - Tee*fy)
Shoes: DUBOO*Supermarket shoes [red packet sp.1] + DUBOO*Supermarket shoes [red packet sp.3] (Red Packet Hunt #15 - Duboo)
Firecrackers: /me looks at the fireworks (Red Packet Hunt #FINAL 3/3 - Slash Me Poses)

Hair:[kik]hair-Lily(redband)(black) (Red Packet Hunt #33 - [kik])
Skin: *L*Miso Lumiel _Golden-FR-LB (Red Packet Hunt #20 - *Leafy!)
Jacket: oyakin*henkei-knit(hunt-green) (Red Packet Hunt #19 - oyakin)
Shirt: This is a Fawn - Happy Panda Tee 3 (Red Packet Hunt #27 - This is a Fawn)
Earrings: $Dustarrz$ Gem Earrings (Red) PK_hunt gift (Red Packet Hunt #37 - Dustarrz)
Shoes + Teddy: ~*RunoRuno*~ Teddy (Boxed) (Red Packet Hunt #3 - ~*RunoRuno*~)

Band-Aids: Domestic- V Kiss My Knee Band-Aids
Skirt: (Part of) -LMK-Strapless Bow Mini dress (Red)

Red Packet Hunt

Hair: !lamb. Say - Twix
Skin: JM:Mai skin_devonz tan ver5
Shirt: Red Packet Hunt #40 - Cockles
Skirt: (Part of) aurora shop slip dress (Red Packet Hunt #2 - Aurora Shop)
Hair Accessory: .+*AA*+. Chinise headpiece *pink (Red Packet Hunt #18 - Atelier AM 1/3)
Necklace: ::Happy Finds:: puisque c'est ma rose (deer dancer)
Teddy: ~*RunoRuno*~ Teddy (Boxed) (Red Packet Hunt #3 - ~*RunoRuno*~)

Shoes: (Milk Motion) My pocahontas sandals high

Hair: Clawtooth: Cuddle Puddle - Coffee with cream
Skin: &Bean - Pillow Light eight SB FR
Shirt: Modd.G RPH Tiger Printed Puff Top - Orange (Red Packet Hunt #FINAL 1/3 - Modd G)
Undershirt: ~*RunoRuno*~ Teddy Pulli (Red Packet Hunt #3 - ~*RunoRuno*~)
Underpants: (Part of) tomoto, blouse chinoise rouge (Red Packet Hunt #12 - tomoto)

Skirt: ::: B@R ::: Jazmin Brown
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Shavon Ankle Boots

There are not only clothes and accessories avaliable in the hunt. Mudhoney's gift includes this beautiful teahouse structure, as show below:

Red Packet Hunt

The accompaning furniture, are not for included in the gift but can be bought at her store.

Red Packet Hunt

The hunt starting point is at !Ohmai Mainstore.

To end, since today is the 7th day of Chinese New Year, 人日(renri). I'll wish everyone a Happy Birthday! XD Enjoy your yusheng and happy hunting!