Sunday, 28 February 2010


some pretty things!

JE*Republic has this black tie-dyed dress in their lucky board, can be worn with or without the prim skirt! 10 min board, there are 5 boards with various dresses, worth a stalk!

The pose cabinet(built-in couple pose) and the red sequined bag (attaches to right shoulder, hand animation) are both 1L group gifts from JE*Republic.

Alan's shirt and diamond tie are group gifts from Gabriel. He's much better at finding gifts than I am, and sat patiently on the cabinet for an hour hahah. THANKS (heart)

Mudhoney also has the nicest little items out at the 10L car wash sale, I bought the discus lamp (above my head) the bamboo plant in vase, the shoes for throwing around on the ground (in the cabinet) and a desk(not shown). All the items are great! They are a bit primmy though, around 10-14prims each. The shoes now reside next to Alan's bed.

I went and ransacked Narita's store, Ticky Tacky, and found this gem, a whole fatpack of these pretty hair flowers for 10L in her discount section! The red shell necklace and earrings are a group gift from YS&YS - their shoe section is 250L-300L for the kind of shoes that others sell at 1000L - worth demo-ing for their beautiful quality.

[8:40] Alan Tamatzui: to make my eyes look at you I am targeting your boobs


Narita said...


Sileny said...

Alan is the best!

Eden Knoller said...

and fetching! <3

Cmoney said...

Handsome Alan is smoking a cigarette in one shot. And, Silver's smokin' hot in both.

I seriously need that diamond tie.

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