Sunday, 21 February 2010

Free*Style Group Changes

Hi there!

You may already be aware of my intended Free*Style group changes, as I have sent this message out to the in-world group today.

I've been thinking about this for a while, but something has happened today which has been decision maker.
I did not realise when I set up the Free*Style that freebie groups and blogs would become some sort of popularity competition.  I simply started it for fun and and to help new players.

I don't have the time nor the inclination to compete over something so pointless.  I'm only here for fun, SL is just a hobby to me!

Therefore, the Free*Style group will now simply be to let people know of the new freebies myself and my bloggers/friends create, or cool things we have personally found.

It's not going to be a mass freebie sending notices anymore, there are many other groups for that.  I want to keep the quality high in this group, like it was originally intended.

I will be making the changes from tomorrow.

If you are a creator or store owner in the group, please do not take offence if you can no longer send notices. If you search 'Freebies' in SL groups you will find many other groups to join in which you can send your freebie notices.

The Free*Style blog will remain as is and stores will be open as usual.  The Free*Style Chat Room and Home and Garden groups will remain as they are also.

Thank you to all the Free*Style group members, especially those who have been with us from the start.  I'm going to try to get this group back to how it was and I would love it if you decide to stay with us :)

<3 Creamy


jennjoh50 said...

Sad. Free*Style is the pioneer of letting people know about good quality freebies. I'm not sure I fully "get" this whole competing thing, since most of the members of Free*Style are loyal fans of many of the designers in this group. Who are you competing with? Who really cares anyways! You have a great fan base.

Change is inevitable, especially in SL. Sure, many other people will create similar groups to you, but that does not mean you should just throw your hands up and give-up. Change. Just an idea, maybe stream-out and be unique. Offer high quality designers the rights to send notices only, not just your friends. Be the Affluent Freebie group (holy paradox). Make tighter rules about notice sending etc..

Don't let this group fizzle.

jennjoh50 said...
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Miss Adored said...

There has to be some kind of rules and guidelines set in place like she is doing. and what she is doing is what any real life group and or club owner would do to keep some kind of order. Because if there is not some kind of guide to follow or some kind of standard to a group then it turns in to what she just said. people going against each other for the spot light the Oh! look at me over here instead of a organized blog that is easy to follow and understand. Most of those groups you have to sift through the freebie BullSh*T to get to some thing worth looking at. I REALLY don't want this blog to turn into that ...begs... Look at second life search you have to flip through pages and pages of noob's posting and other crap to even get to the stores worth looking at. I give you props for doing what your doing. You are managing a group perfectly and i see this group holding on together for a long time to come <3

Anonymous said...

oh thank god, I was actually debating leaving the group until I saw the notice, in fact I had already deleted it from my alt. I think it is an excellent decision! I loved the group back in the day.

Dream said...

I think this is a good change. 90% of the notices sent out in the group in the past had extremely low quality stuff, freebies or for sale. Most of the stuff that Free Style bloggers blog on the website or send out as lists (especially Teshan) are wonderful stuff.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thanks for your comments everyone :)

Yep the group is not closing, I'm just changing it back to the way I intended it to be when I first set it up. It will make it less spammy and it will also mean it won't be so much work to keep under control, which I don't really have time for.