Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Lovely Unicorn

Once upon a time, there was a pink fairy with fabulous green rosebud eyelashes.
One day the pink fairy was doing her typical zoom-over the usual fields + flowers when she spied a lovely unicorn. And as everyone knows, unicorns have to grant you a wish if you catch them.
"Hellooo, Mr. Unicorn, sir," trilled the pink fairy. "I caught you, so now you have to give me my wish!"
"Yeah, yeah," grumbled the unicorn. He'd been in the wish business a long time + seen it all before. Besides this morning a bee had decided to go + sting his nether parts (it's very difficult for unicorns to scratch themselves, especially down there) so he was in a particularly foul mood. "Whaddya want then, lady? Just remember, you only get one wish, so make sure you know what you really want."

"Oh, I've thought about it a lot, Mr. Unicorn, sir," the pink fairy assured him, giggling. "What I want more than anything in the world is . . . to meet Brad Pitt."
"Brad Pitt?" yelped the unicorn.
"Lady, are you CRAZY? Who do you think I am -- Harry Potter?!"
The pink fairy was disappointed, but she was determined little thing. And something told her that today was her lucky day. So the pink fairy went on her merry way, in search of this superior magical being called Harry Potter.
~The End~

*This silly post is dedicated to a very special person who is going thru something horrible in RL. I hope this brought a smile to your face for a moment :O) xoxo Tesh

Fairy outfit (includes sheer wings): Pas de Deux - *PDD* Rose Flower Fairy Gift (subscribo, History, 1) - free
Lashes: Oceane's Body Boutique - Roses 'n Thorns Lashes by Oceane - green (Feb/March group gift) - free
Tiara: Twisted & Spoiled - Flower Tiara - lucky chair prize - free
Wand: Deviance - from Strawberry Fairy outfit (lucky chair prize) -
Necklace + bracelets: CCD - Pure - Butterfly
Shoes: 50 Flats - A Walk in the Woods-Spring
Curio - :GP: Sundust [Dark] Winter-Frost 2
Hair: Magika - Candy - Light Pink
Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Water (Large Iris)
Poses by:
Long Awkward Pose


Dorothy Button said...

Damn I hate it when I go to scratch myself and I get stung. Poor unicorn. You make an adorable pink fairy Tesh! xoxo

angeltips28 said...

I LUV Fairies - the pics were really dreamy and helped me embrace my inner fairy and child. It was so creative! I am waiting for Part II Fairy Tesh!

Poo Rang/Unicorn Vendetta said...

Thanks so much for the LM to negaposi ! & BTW I love my new eyes... glad to see there are other crazy unicorns out and about <3

Gavin said...

Awesome post Tesh. You look so beautiful as a fairy.
I bet you would have gotten your wish if you had taken out that stinger for the unicorn. LOL

Tesh said...

Awww you guys, thank you so much for such kind words!! :O) So glad u liked the post. Yeah that unicorn man, he grumpy. I think I would be too if I constantly had to make other people happy, LOL. xoxoxo

Miss Adored said...

amazing post well done indeed !

Tesh said...

Awww thanks so much Miss Adored, so glad you liked the post! :O))) *mwuahs*