Friday, 26 February 2010


some car wash 10L items from e! apparel :) These are my favorites- for me, the star jeans and gray pinstriped pants are pretty unisex! The pinstriped gray pants come with prim cuffs, but I usually don't wear them. The great thing about Eclectic's items is that they are mod, so I just loosened the pants a tiny bit and tucked them into my boots! The purple baseball tee is another must-have for 10L. Thanks, Eclectic :D She's also having a storewide sale to celebrate her anniversary, everything is 50L! ZOOOM over to her mainstore for some great quality items.

armagedon girls' tank in orange
jakarta pants, grey, pinstriped
baseball top in purple
starry jeans in orange
all from e! at the car wash 10L sale!

white converse shoes on Xing, 0L fatpack of colors from Maschienenwerk (I can spell this perfectly without referring to anything!!)

not that free:
xing's pose, made by me! omg headache, many thanks to everyone on plurk/inworld for calming me down when I was panicking because I'm a loser and fail at locking poses. (still fail.)
on me, desire poses, 40L for fatpack
redgrave fur boots, so good, viola leigh is a genius!
Wayward Heart hair by Nushru/Quiver Quintessa, 200L for giant fatpack of all colors, comes with red bow. lovely, original hair!
bracelet and earrings, SHADE THRONE

photograph location: Neva's house at Dork Street! :) Bookcase fireplace in background by Penny Dreadful Arcade.