Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Oh god I hate it when I wake up, and it's raining, been raining all night. Dark skies at 7am are just wrong. Specially on a Weds, specially when mini Ash decided at 2.30am that there was no way on earth she could sleep in her own bed. Specially when she takes up my whole damn bed.

Van Stantz, he makes me happy, in fact he makes me squee. These amazing boots are yours for free, for a limited time at EvA. As always, they are scripted sculpts of yum, and we are spoilt rotten. Be sure to fangirl Van and Evangeline if you see them!

Next we have a gorgeous opening dollarbie from Amaranthus, a new project from Elbereth Nightfire of Star Kindler fame. This is a bit of a departure from the jewelery we are used to from this talented designer, featuring Victorian gothic pieces that are just stunning. The perfect foil for these gorgy silks from Silk & Satyr, also an opening gift. Do hit up the subscribo, and do spend lots of lindens in this yummy store, it's my first choice for silks.......srsly.


And here is where Ash got thoroughly fed up today!!! Ash and Q were looking decidedly similar, so here we have the new (for the moment) Ash! I'm prob the only one that can tell the difference, but that kinda counts..right?!



I haven't posted about the cutest store on the grid for awhile. Lo*momo long ago claimed that title in my books, and there has been no contender since!! Shown here are a mixture of group gifts (avail in store with tag activated) dollarbies and the Bunny Hop gift. Ohh and there's 2 lucky boards there now, both dresses eluded me, but they are stunning. And now I suppose I shall drag myself off to do something semi useful, Ash out.

Pic 1
Hair (not free)

Pic 2
Silk And Satyr Group Gift
Hair (not free)
Amaranthus opening Dollarbie

Pics 3,4,5

Hair (not free)

Hoofies (not free)
Lazy Places

Skin worn Throughout
Seduction Cupcakes Group Gift

Happy Tuesday!

Hiya folks!
Sunday, I posted a new wicked group gift for you all, in my VIPs.
~Soft Touch Skins~

I mentioned that there were other gifts still avail!

Here is a picture!

Included: LVS Bag (With loot inside from Soft Touch Skins for men and women),
3 skins, One: Kimber - Glitz, and Savannah - Midnight (last chance to get Midnight)..
Mary - Witchy, One top (previously posted), also a couple new things going in today (i will add them after I post this).

Savannah - Midnight (discontinuing)

Mary - Witchy

The group IS 200L to join (if you stay in, then this is only a one time fee).

Also shown but, not free:

Hair: ETD Juliana - Chestnut
Jeans:!_Ce_Cubic effect Long length Jeans

Jewelery: Diamond Choker/Studs in Silver
(this is not free however, was an amazing gift given to me by: Karl5 Hogarth
of Hogarth Designs

Monday, 30 March 2009

Happy Monday!

Greetings All!  I took off my unicorn gear to show you some yummy things I picked up today.  Lemania's retirement outfit for today is stunning.  The shoes are included!  It's called Silver Love and went perfectly with the most recent group gift from Clawtooth by Clawtooth.  I purchased the Split Pea accessory made exclusively for the hair.  You can only pick it up at the CBC shop on Harold. Also out today, and I don't know for how long, are these amazing sandals with prim toes are free (YES!) at Vinyl Cafe.  There is a red pair at the other Vinyl Cafe location.  Get them.  I recommend making copies before you edit them; I had to go back and get more because I FUBAR'ed my first pair.  Always happens when I try and take shortcuts. 
I was thrilled when I received the Sweet Spring dress today from Mashooka Designs.  It is a gift for subscribers and you can find it in past notices under #1.  It has a resize script that I love (note FUBAR above) because I often need to adjust prims for to fit my frame.  The hair was one of the prizes in the House of Heart/Bewitched Farewell to Lemon Island hunt, which ends tomorrow morning.  The two shops are now on one sim, thus the name of the hunt. Several shops are participating including Earthstones, Tea Lane and many others.  It was a fairly easy hunt but quite spread out.  You are looking for lemons. 
Last though not least, the skin I'm wearing in both pictures is from the Seduction skin line at Cupcakes and was an amazing group gift sent to the group yesterday.  It costs 250 L to join the group but I have never regretted it. Enough yack from me.  Happy shopping!

Not Free/Cheap:

Shoes in picture 2: FNKY!


Just a short post to show you all some accessories I got!

Style Du jour

1. Cute pink glasses from Spexx, $1L
2. Black Skirt including blue leggings also from Spexx, $1L
3. Top: part of a new outfit from Little Fish, not free
4. Necklace: Mezzo Square long necklace, as blogged by Dahlindah earlier! Lucky board prize
5. HYSTERIA shiniyon Brown Hair from Art Lago lucky board
5. Thumb Ring from :::::::Gabriel:::::::, $0L
6. Seriously cute flats from 50Flats

Style Du jour

1. Waitress Outfit from -MHFA-, you will find some other freebies there including a tea set on tray, you can play cafe whenever u want! There is also a male waiter outfit (not shown here), all for $0L
2. ::GB::**CROSS LIP Pierce**.For MAN from :::::::Gabriel:::::::, $0L

I'm not dead

When I've been in SL I've been so busy creating a new goody to raise money for RFL, I've been obsessively tweaking it that I've not had much time for blogging, shopping or socialising, but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

I managed to do some teeny weeny bunny hops today. Check out this swoonsome dress and hairband from MALT. The egg is huge and really easy to spot.


C'est la Vie's Bunny Hop gift is this pretty dress. Not so obvious to find. Hint: tweet tweet in the tree


Also C'est la Vie have a group gift in store, you will find this dress on the wall near the entrance, join the group and touch the sign.


SINdecade has some really cute new lingerie of striped deliciousness, this one is a group gift and you can find other colours to buy in store.


Ki2 as this huge crusty nugget ring in 7 colours available for 1 week for only 1L. The necklace is available to buy in the store.


Also worn:
Hair: Glitter (free in store)
Peep Toe Shoes in platinum and gold: SKG 5L each (weekly special offer)
Skin: Seduction - Cameo Cupcakes (group gift)

Poses: LBMDA, Tricolore

Sunday, 29 March 2009

thank you jojo

i'm in my true blogging Happy Place when i've got something that toe-curlingly delights me through and through. no sense of obligation, just sheer joy. some of my favoritest offlines are ones that read "Jojorunoo Runo has offered you...," and yesterday morning, as always, she had me tripping over myself to log in:

hello free petal dress! all sweetly provocative, all soft sherbet colored curves hinting at ripe flesh beneath.

also newish, but not free, is the ribbon bikini:

nothing sweet about it, just velvety dark fabric daring someone to give one good tug and make it fall away. mhm.

stuff and things

picture #1
free: petal dress - runoruno
not free: hair - truth; skin - curio

picture #2
not free: ribbon bikini - runoruno (50L); hair - truth (from the victoria bushfire fundraiser and no longer available, but there are comparable styles in the store); skin - curio; tattoo - aitui
i'm all hopped up on cadbury mini eggs, pms and extra gridwide hunt adrenaline so i figured i'd channel all that annoying energy into something i can pretend is useful. i haven't posted in forever so excuse my bloggy rust.

one group worth a permaslot on your group list is the i <3 the starlust group. i KNOW you're all in it now, on account of all the bizarre ass unicorn antics going on lately... but in case you're hesitating for whatever lame reason, pudge has just given out the brilliantly named folicular homicide hair in a fetching crayon red shade:

ignore my snooty emote, how adorable is that? and because every psycho redheaded hairdresser needs a foofy dress with a huge bow and because i'm lately obsessed with redheads pulling off that yellowy chartreuse shade, i threw on towa's bunny hop hunt gift.

speaking of the bunny hop, check out the deliciously blonde hal*hina piggies and voo doo dolls' amazing gift which is kinda like rainbow brite dropped some e, ate all the peeps, and then vomited all over your easter dress, in the best possible way (it also comes with an insane umm bunny chandelier hat thing i couldn't photograph properly)

exile's got the tousled bow peeps hair available for free (join the exile group, activate the tag, and click the display instore), and it's pretty sexy if you like girls with candy tucked away in their coiffure... fishy strawberry's giving away my new favorite tee shirt. there's something dirty on the back about doing it like bunnies and a classy sweatstain, presumably from all the frantic rabbity coitus:

our abra's off on a weekend jaunt, lucky bitch, and asked me if i'd like to do a subscribo giftie from omgwtf barbecue's new shop which she'd intended to blog. fluffy + bow = fuck yes i'll blog it:

the skin shown in all pics is the shimmerlicious new gift from cupcakes, as blogged by our ash.


picture #1
free: skin - cupcakes, group gift; hair - pudge, i <3 the starlust group gift; dress - towa, bunny hop hunt gift

picture #2
free: hair - hal*hina, bunny hop hunt gift; dress - voo doo dolls, bunny hop hunt gift

picture #3
free: hair - exile, instore group gift; shirt - fishy strawberry, instore gift

picture #4
free: dress - this is a fawn, subscribo gift
not free: hair - booN


Oh what a beautiful morning, the sun is shining in Sydney (and in sl, cos it's always sunny in Ash's world :P) Mini Ash is at pre school, I don't have to start work till a bit later, housework=done, washing=done, inv sorting kinda done?! Not bad for a Monday morning.


Even better than all the above, look at the amazing things I logged into today. First is today retiring dollarbie from Lemania. Tapika sent me an IM saying this is a must have, I 100% agree with her. Eggplant Elegance is the kinda dress you'd wear while dancing the night away with a significant other (without a hint of hooing!!) I needed a skin to go with it, to do the dress justice, and despite going through my 70895709785723563854057 collections of skins I was coming up empty. Till a group gift from the Cupcakes group landed in my inv! This is the new line "Seduction" and if you adore Lovespell, this skin is for you. It is just stunning. Rosemary and Mimi just get better and better with each release and this is my favorite so far. The lips are absolutely amazing, and this makeup features a gorgeous irridescent eyeshadow and liner. At this stage, there are 8 tones available, 10 makeups per tone, so get to demoing!


The super cute bikini shown here is part of the April gift from Voodoo Baby. There is a men's gift available too, as well as unisex flip flops (thongs to us Aussies!) Aren't these boots scrummy!!! They are free for a limited time from Wik's Wardrobe. I love the Burberry pattern, and the red soles are to die for, I have been cammed on my feet for ages, yes I'm strange I know!! The hair shown is not free, but there is a massive sale going on atm at Aden, so all hair is 50L. I think it's a closing sale. I sincerely hope not, because I love Aden's hair and skins and we really don't need to loose another awesome content creator. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Sedution By Cupcakes (group gift)
Hair (not free)
Necklace (not free)

Pic 2
Voodoo Baby
Wik's Wardrobe
Hair (not free)
Skin (not free)

Soft Touch Vips!

Hi everyone!
I know my posts are few, lol I think this is my second!


I have a great gift, that is going out to my Soft Touch VIPS, as we speak!

This includes everything but, the hair!

Skin, shape, shoes, pants, tops, & eyes!!!

There is a 200L fee to join, however, there are still a few gifts left in the notices!

This is a special thank you to all those, that have stood by me, as well, as to all you new folks that may join!!

All you need to do is go to search: look up, ~Soft Touch Skins~ , click join, (200L one time fee, unless you keep leaving lol), and then check the notices!

My mainstore is located here: Soft Touch Skins & Designs (LVS)
And my older releases are here, incase your looking for them! Norcott location.

I hope you all enjoy! (*waves to tilly*)


Not Free:

Hair: Aden: Madison (LightBrown)

Saturday, 28 March 2009

More Glitter!

The war of Unicorn lovers vs. haters continues, spreading beyond the Starlust sims to many parts of the grid.  The amazing Sanura Sakai of Sanu has proclaimed her love of unicorns and has created the most amazing unicorn set. It is not free (545L) but it includes 3 horns (so you can chose your bling level), 2 sets of creme puffs (bling or not), a choker, ears, a rockin' pair of hooves and a wonderful pony AO.  It comes in 9 different color options for your unicorn pleasure.    
On to the great bargains:

On Eden (the tall one):  
*Hair - Kitten with a Whip in Vampire Red - Clawtooth by Clawtooth(prounicorn) group   gift (yes another!).  At the new Harold location you can pick up a matching hair accessory made by Split Pea darling Melatonin Hax for 50 L.  
* Skin - Cupcakes Lucky Chair (the chair overfloweth with yumminess) - Lovespell - Eternity - Fairy
* Thong - part of the April dollarbie (Crazy Rainbow bikini) at SWIM.  A very cute store with Midnight Mania, Lucky Chair and subscriber.  Also free bunny ears. 

On Ashia (the short one):
* Skin: Nikita Fride Bunny Hop hunt skin
* Undies: Luna's Boutique group gift
Ashia and I are obviously pro-corn and had a great time prancing around as full bling, happy unicorns.  Get your pony on and start prancing! 

Not Free:
Eden : Tat - top - The Hunger - Forever Tattoo
            Tat - bottom - Catnip - Down the Rabbit Hole

Ashia : Hair - ETD - It's open again! 

Hunty Goodness

I have to admit, the thought of hunting at 300 stores scared me a little, also the strain of my already ridonculous inv had me fearing sim crashes and all sorts of other madness on Ash. So with that in mind, the only choice is to do it as Q. Also, my personal plan of attack is to go to my favie stores first, then have some exploring time, going to stores I've never heard of before.


This first outfit is the hunt gift from Little Heaven. The ears are made of total win, all floppy and pierced!! You even get 2 types of hair with this gift, but I had a hell of a time trying to get them to look right so I haven't shown them.


An amazing gift from Wretched Dollies shown with shoes from Nonko. You get a choice of aprons to wear with this outfit, I chose the ones with bunnehs on it of course!! The gorgy skin is the gift from Chaos By Design. The pack also has mens skins too, yay for the boys!


And lastly on today's hunt agenda is the outfit from Bare Rose. Shown with the TOTALLY NOT FREE NEW HAIR FROM ETD. Can't wait till the stores properly up and running, oh Elika how I've missed thee!! Look at my adorables shoes!!! These are the new gift from the Dilly Dolls midnight mania board. I'd get in early if I were you, the board has no problems filling up as soon as it's opened again!! No wonder, these are colour scripted so you get 790856078540 options.


And as a break from the hunt, check out this amazing jacket from the Lunas Boutique group. I totally love it, and am so stoked to have such a versatile piece. Shown with undies also from the same group. They were sent out last week, so get in quick. I'm telling you, this is one group to keep in your 25, not just for the gifts, but for news of the new releases too! Ash Out

Pic 1
Hunt Gift #2-Little Heaven
Hair (not free)
The Stringer Mausoleum
Skin (not free

Pic 2
Hunt Gift #246- Wretched Dollies
Hunt Gift #288-Chaos By Design
Hunt Gift #27 -Nonko
Hair (not free)

Pic 3
Hunt Gift #1-Bare Rose
Dilly Dolls MM Board
Skin (not free)
Hair (not free)

Pic 4
Lunas Boutique Group Gift
Skin (not free)
Hair (not free)

Discord Inferno

When I'm bored in SL - madness, I know - I like to spend time stalking the lucky chairs at Discord. I prowl the bank of sixteen chairs, waiting to make a ninja-like leap into whichever one flashes a W the first. I've gotten all kinds of interesting items out of them, including a set of table and chairs. Today I discovered newness - YAY! The chairs weren't loving me though. Only one flashed up my initial in over two hours. It seemed all about the E tonight. And my usual companion with that name was offline, so I invited my friend Ersatz Charisma to show off the girly goodness.


This is the dE set in pink and purple on me, and I'm also wearing the chair prize Zo-Ri geta in Sakura. Or, as we Aussies would call them - pink thongs. The dE also came in a blue/green, brown, black and red/black. Luckily it was smart enough to offer me up the pink one on the one time it was forthcoming. Erstaz scored several different versions of the Jou-Den set, and here she is pimping the pink/yellow. The primwork and textures in both of these are exceptional, and both ensembles are lucky chair exclusives. We are both in Discord hair, not free but only 100l for two colours. And she's in their Shiu-Kei boots.

Ersatz also turned up in another lucky chair item, the Tattoo Skin from Nikita Fride. I couldn't resist getting a close up on this.


You need to be a group member to be able to get this, but it's open enrollment and there is a board that gives the group link right next to the chair. I might even pick it up myself soon. As soon as I'm done registering these 25 alts.

Second Life has no spilled juice


Rainy Spring morning and my daughter's already peed her bed, coated herself in pancake, and spilled an enormous glass of juice. Now she's playing Candy Land completely in the buff. Ah, Saturday mornings.

In other news, I'm still Bunny Hopping. Not sure what it is about Easter that brings out the cuteness, but I've been extremely happy with the hunt items I've gathered so far. Especially awesome, this outfit from Umi Usagi, the skins from Rockberry, earrings from Violet Voltaire, and bubble pipe from Scribble. The pipe spits out big lovely colorful bubbles every now and again (and it's hidden in an eeeevil place; I actually had to bust out my Japanese knowledge to read someone's hint before I could find it.) SLURLS to their stores are below!

Not free but possibly one of my favorite hairs ever, the OMFG by House of Munster. You know those different colored bits? I bought the pack where they're all scripted to color change independently of each other...Hours of color-changing play! (Okay, perhaps I'm easily amused.) At any rate, great hair for sale at the Harold location (SLURL below).



Bunny Hop items:
***Outfit: Umi Usagi Bunny Hop outfit
***Skin: RockBerry Megan Bunny Hop Hunt Light
***Pipe: Scribble Bubble Pipe (rainbow)
***Earrings: Violet Voltaire Cherub Wings Earrings: Black/Violet
Not free items:
***Hair: House of Munster OMFG Platinum + tips (and -Hiccup's Nerd Swept with the earrings)
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Saturday Flats - black

Bunny Fever And Sparkly, Magical Unicorns

I think I must have had a glitter overdose, cos if I haven't been running round the grid dressed as a magical unicorn, I've been hopping round decked out like a bunneh!! Just like Ach, my daughter thoroughly approved of my attire today, although she did ask at one point for moar pink.. ahem.


The other day, I got a notice from Prism Haute Couture and off I went to check out the new releases. I was also lucky enough to get this dollarbie while I was there, shoes included. It's the perfect spring outfit, can be mixed with anything else you may have in your inv already!


This is the not free new release, but it's so gorgeous and fun I had to show it. Journey McLaglen told me that she had a great time putting this together, and personally I think it shows. I didn't even have to fiddle with the prims, can't get better than that seeing as prims and I = fail!!


This cutey is from Apple May Designs and is 10l till the end of the weekend. Shown with amazing boots from Bax Cohen, not free but look how gorgeous they are! Plus you have a million ways to customize them to make the look your own, a nifty ankle fixer and all sorts of other things that make em worthy of the L's.


Yes there is a war being waged, but because we are an equal opportunities blog, I thought it only fair to show both sides :P Above is the Anti-corn, with a yummy blood covered skin from Imagen, grab yours at the Harold playground, along with loads of other great dollarbies. The shorts are part of a Twisted Hunt gift from Loulou & Co.


Could I be any moar glittery??! With my unicorn parts, Starlight hoofies from Lazy Places, rainbow skin from Imagen and the yummy outfit from Deviance (blogged beautifully by Sai), I'm all ready to spread magic and love across the grid :P Grab you pro unicorn stuff here! Ash Out.

Not Free But Completely Ossum
The Stringer Mausoleum

Skins not mentioned in the post

Gold Shoes

Friday, 27 March 2009

A different kind of free hare


Welcome to the grid-wide bunny hop! Shown above is Schadenfreude's rabbit head, a gorgeous frock from (elate!), and a little shoulder pig-bunneh from Pink Fuel (close-up on those below, the hare-head has a colorchanging hat!). Along with the Pink Fuel shoulder bunny is a complete avatar, the sad bunny (below). Pick up a starter egg and start hoppin'. Or something. (SLURLs to shops below.)



***head: Schadenfreude rabbit head (SLURL HERE) -- the skin is free from Wingless Emoto.
***dress: (elate!) eve bunny hop gift
***Piggy and avatar: Pink Fuel shoulder pig and avatar

A Night With The Bestie

So a night with my bestie usually consists of "Dood have you seen......?" "Dood you gots to check this out...." and "OMFG loook at that guy's collar" And so it was this evening. Bestie and I were at Aden, stocking up on hair, when this guy rezzed in. He had on the most amazing neko feets, but it was his collar that grabbed our attention. His name is Devilmaycare Oxbar, and we were mercilessly clicking on him to see what his collar would do. It changed before our eyes, from a simple collar, to rotating gears, to yet another collar with glowy gear symbols on it.


"ASK HIM WHERE HE GOT THAT SHIT FROM" I think I remember demanding at some point. So question asked, LM given and we were off to Cats Of A Feather. It's a store Devil and his partner Melancholia Lilliehook own. After the collar was purchased, we actually took a breather to look round!! Not only do they have the most incredible jewelery, but poses, neko parts and fecking awesome cyber bits. Shown here is the Kitty Lock Collar, which while isn't free is the best L you'll spend this year....srsly. The hawt outfits? Totes free from Kayliwulf Kingdom.


And because I'm not a total meany, the bone choker shown here is a freeb/dollarbie (forgive me I have buyers fever) :P You will find free eyes, a shape, poses and much more. The other chokers shown are amazing and totally reasonable (like 75L) so go buy em!!! Now if you'll excuse me, I haz to go cleek myself....lots :P Ash Out.

Other Stuff I'm Wearing
Hair (not free, but all hair is 50L atm)

Skin (not free)

Seerose Lucky Chair

Doll Domination

As some of you may have noticed I've been a little MIA from the blog & it is because ... sometimes it is difficult to find freebies that haven't already been blogged or that i am interested in really doing. I've also been trying to think of new things to make, I'm kind of blocked; like writers block you know. I've also been thinking of names to my MAYBE soon to be store but i will not share a lot because idk if it will happen or not :] --- just wanted to give you guys a little reason slash excuse slip to my minor absence, i hope no one missed me (which means i hope someone did -.-) lol

Soooo here i go, again with the Dominions newest freebie boots in which also includes a sexy leather couch, its 'Hawt' Like Ashia says xD These boots are once again fierce & fabulous, the grass will even be scared to be stepped on lol. the bottom sole is red & the stiletto heel is silver/platinum now tell me that is it not fierce or what? The couch has TWO poses (no ugly pose balls!),the one shown bellow, & on the back of the sofa... the two cushions are actually one sculpted prim so they could only put one pose in there. If you click the back of the sofa there is a reclining pose on the left. Almost forgot to mention it has a really cool shadow underneath.

You can see theses boots are like so 'hawt' & fierce to me, i honestly didn't want to wear anything (or really had anything ha), so for the 1st time in the public eye i wore nothing but lingerie lol smexi right? The lingerie is from [CoL], it was a group gift but ugh idk when & where it was given to/from , maybe group subscribo? My inventory is nuts amongst all of the shopaholics. Anyway, any how you should check out the shop, they apparently make good stuff -- the way the bra & undie looks, it is well made, to me it looks realistic, & looks nothing like plainly drawn.

The jewelry i am proud to be showing off is by my best Asia Kutanaga, she has no shop atm but you can find her items on xtreetsl.com (that is direct url to her items) I am wearing her latest creations Long earrings, Long Necklace, & Circle Of Trust Ring. The earrings & necklace originally come in black but because all(most) her jewelry is - mod. copy. & no trans, you can pretty much edit them & change its color yourself. & only for 30L bargain baby! "Stock up mamita" as i told a friend today .. well yesterday from now (it is late here in NY) lol

Woooo what pretty eyes! Don't I Look like a doll, a pretty little doll! These bright green eyes named 'Daydream Eyes - Springtime' can be found on xtreetsl.com 1L for a limited time only includes small, medium, & large size. Even in Prim eyes!(don't know when no longer be available.)

Lets take one last look at the boots & couch before i close this off now shall we

Lovely poses are by our very own Suri Cristen (click her name for more info on poses shown in this photo!) there are also few freebies in her shope you must not miss out, because when the time comes for a cute pic & you don't have that pose, what are you going to do? of course pay more! Instinct pose #3 - Not shown - marked 1L until Monday Get it now before she changes her mind lol. <3

Ohhhh hair worn in all photos , duh because its the same one, is W&Y freebie hair #4 go & get it! it comes in other colors as well, choco, moca, & i THINK golden. There are also more freebie hairs you can snatch up. Did i mention 30L for all/most single hair hair? Some even 10L, & amazingly cute?! Yes, yes now RUN over there! lol
ill be on my way to bed now it is now 4:30am & I'm trying to format & write this blog pretty haha T_T

Skin By Gala - Not free
Bangle Bracelet By me - Not available