Friday, 27 March 2009

Doll Domination

As some of you may have noticed I've been a little MIA from the blog & it is because ... sometimes it is difficult to find freebies that haven't already been blogged or that i am interested in really doing. I've also been trying to think of new things to make, I'm kind of blocked; like writers block you know. I've also been thinking of names to my MAYBE soon to be store but i will not share a lot because idk if it will happen or not :] --- just wanted to give you guys a little reason slash excuse slip to my minor absence, i hope no one missed me (which means i hope someone did -.-) lol

Soooo here i go, again with the Dominions newest freebie boots in which also includes a sexy leather couch, its 'Hawt' Like Ashia says xD These boots are once again fierce & fabulous, the grass will even be scared to be stepped on lol. the bottom sole is red & the stiletto heel is silver/platinum now tell me that is it not fierce or what? The couch has TWO poses (no ugly pose balls!),the one shown bellow, & on the back of the sofa... the two cushions are actually one sculpted prim so they could only put one pose in there. If you click the back of the sofa there is a reclining pose on the left. Almost forgot to mention it has a really cool shadow underneath.

You can see theses boots are like so 'hawt' & fierce to me, i honestly didn't want to wear anything (or really had anything ha), so for the 1st time in the public eye i wore nothing but lingerie lol smexi right? The lingerie is from [CoL], it was a group gift but ugh idk when & where it was given to/from , maybe group subscribo? My inventory is nuts amongst all of the shopaholics. Anyway, any how you should check out the shop, they apparently make good stuff -- the way the bra & undie looks, it is well made, to me it looks realistic, & looks nothing like plainly drawn.

The jewelry i am proud to be showing off is by my best Asia Kutanaga, she has no shop atm but you can find her items on (that is direct url to her items) I am wearing her latest creations Long earrings, Long Necklace, & Circle Of Trust Ring. The earrings & necklace originally come in black but because all(most) her jewelry is - mod. copy. & no trans, you can pretty much edit them & change its color yourself. & only for 30L bargain baby! "Stock up mamita" as i told a friend today .. well yesterday from now (it is late here in NY) lol

Woooo what pretty eyes! Don't I Look like a doll, a pretty little doll! These bright green eyes named 'Daydream Eyes - Springtime' can be found on 1L for a limited time only includes small, medium, & large size. Even in Prim eyes!(don't know when no longer be available.)

Lets take one last look at the boots & couch before i close this off now shall we

Lovely poses are by our very own Suri Cristen (click her name for more info on poses shown in this photo!) there are also few freebies in her shope you must not miss out, because when the time comes for a cute pic & you don't have that pose, what are you going to do? of course pay more! Instinct pose #3 - Not shown - marked 1L until Monday Get it now before she changes her mind lol. <3

Ohhhh hair worn in all photos , duh because its the same one, is W&Y freebie hair #4 go & get it! it comes in other colors as well, choco, moca, & i THINK golden. There are also more freebie hairs you can snatch up. Did i mention 30L for all/most single hair hair? Some even 10L, & amazingly cute?! Yes, yes now RUN over there! lol
ill be on my way to bed now it is now 4:30am & I'm trying to format & write this blog pretty haha T_T

Skin By Gala - Not free
Bangle Bracelet By me - Not available


Jack said...

lolz. CoL was a scribo gift. Fab, though, right?

J.Dikes said...

ha ha yeah i figured xD. yah it is fab! <3 thanks for reading my post i feel special now ;P

JustAFriend said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashia Tomsen said...

Just a Friend, well hello again, welcome back to our comments. FYI we DO NOT AND NEVER HAVE DELETED COMMENTS.In fact I seem to remember we stopped anon commenting because of oooh let me think now. Oh! Thats was you. And here we go again, whats the problem this time? Don't see a mean nasty comment you made? Don't see something you said trying yet again to stir up more trouble. That's a shame. I think perhaps you're getting the blogs you troll a wee bit mixed up. Ne'er mind, tends to happen when you spend too much time on the interwebz :)

JustAFriend said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J.Dikes said...

seriously, i feel like i held my tounge too long to rude ppl like YOU. frist & for most no one was saying that all the dam freebies in sl were already/have been blogged. quit taken things out of content. 2nd i want to be a little different & post items I find & not that has been posted 102937 times on THIS blog, ill just be adding another number. i think itll get boring if i did. thats just me. + idk what anyother blog besides Suris is posting anyway. 3rd why are you pointing out everything I do, since this isnt the first time! do you feel important that youre a 'disigner', like you higher power? well guess what you DONT. what you need to do is focus on your shit being blogged & not wtf i am writting or doing in my post(s). dose your buinessess need help? since youre so upset i didnt & dont want to repeat shit. if its my post, i do what I want, not what YOU want & or think. if youre going to leave nasty/rude comments dont its pointless & useless, you dont even know me to be acting that way. lastly, if your supposedly comment has been deleted dont wonder why.

Suri Christen said...

OMFG what the hell happened?
Stop pestering J, 'JustAFriend'.

We blog what we like, things we come across and things we find could make a good post; to say just because another 999999999998 blogs have mentioned some stuff so we won't blog is unfair to say! True, not everyone reads EVERY blog, so what?!?!

Most important of all, I cannot stress this enough, blogging ISN'T a job, we are doing this for fun and have NO obligation to HAVE to blog everythin', just sayin'.

I love you, J!
Brilliant post and you are as cute as ever...lovin' that necklace!!!!


Bunnie said...

This is why I stopped logging into SL and reading most of my blogs. What is in the water lately? Too many pissy people. Last time I checked, no one is obligated to do jack shit. If you don't like it, don't look :D

Ladiejj said...

Can anyone tell me at what exact store at Dominion those boots can be found .. thanks

J.Dikes said...

hey ladijj, its actually not in a store. it is found outside in the center - or at least almost - of the simie. the slurl should land you infront but if your having a hard time finding them let me know & ill take you directly ^^ <3

JustAFriend said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashia Tomsen said...

"what else sucks is when you delete the comments that designers leave. Guess it doesn't matter what designers think. We aren't allowed to have an opinion or express them, right? Makes me never want to design another freebie and really makes me not want to send items for review to this blog. I will be sure to express these thoughts to fellow designers.
Thank You. Go Ahead and delete again!"
That comment was neither objective or nice. Quite frankly it sounds like you were trying to threaten us. If your intent is not to be mean, perhaps watch how you phrase things eh. I for one won't be bullied into blogging anything, not matter how many people you "share your thoughts with"

JustAFriend said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Creamy Cooljoke said...

OK I only just caught up on this.

JustAFriend I just want to let you know every comment which is left on this blog regardless of whether it has been deleted goes to my email first - and I did not see your first comment, so possibly it was a problem with blogger.

We rarely delete comments on this blog, only if they are spam, extreme personal insults or non-constructive.

I do understand what Jorden meant by not wanting to blog the same items that have been seen a million times over - especially when we get accused of 'copying' for doing so -we just can't win either way really, so basically we do just blog what we like and what is our style.

It's just so great when we introduce people to something unique and new, that hasn't been seen a million times already. It doesn't happen much these days :/

Have you contacted any of us in game yet to let us know about your freebies? I'm not able to blog much lately but I do try to help as much as I can if people send me info.