Monday, 30 March 2009

I'm not dead

When I've been in SL I've been so busy creating a new goody to raise money for RFL, I've been obsessively tweaking it that I've not had much time for blogging, shopping or socialising, but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

I managed to do some teeny weeny bunny hops today. Check out this swoonsome dress and hairband from MALT. The egg is huge and really easy to spot.


C'est la Vie's Bunny Hop gift is this pretty dress. Not so obvious to find. Hint: tweet tweet in the tree


Also C'est la Vie have a group gift in store, you will find this dress on the wall near the entrance, join the group and touch the sign.


SINdecade has some really cute new lingerie of striped deliciousness, this one is a group gift and you can find other colours to buy in store.


Ki2 as this huge crusty nugget ring in 7 colours available for 1 week for only 1L. The necklace is available to buy in the store.


Also worn:
Hair: Glitter (free in store)
Peep Toe Shoes in platinum and gold: SKG 5L each (weekly special offer)
Skin: Seduction - Cameo Cupcakes (group gift)

Poses: LBMDA, Tricolore


Abra Exonar said...

\o/ Creams!! <33

Rain said...

Excellent finds. I loved all of these and ran around and grabbed them and discovered a good store or two along the way. :)

olivia connaught said...