Saturday, 28 March 2009

Discord Inferno

When I'm bored in SL - madness, I know - I like to spend time stalking the lucky chairs at Discord. I prowl the bank of sixteen chairs, waiting to make a ninja-like leap into whichever one flashes a W the first. I've gotten all kinds of interesting items out of them, including a set of table and chairs. Today I discovered newness - YAY! The chairs weren't loving me though. Only one flashed up my initial in over two hours. It seemed all about the E tonight. And my usual companion with that name was offline, so I invited my friend Ersatz Charisma to show off the girly goodness.


This is the dE set in pink and purple on me, and I'm also wearing the chair prize Zo-Ri geta in Sakura. Or, as we Aussies would call them - pink thongs. The dE also came in a blue/green, brown, black and red/black. Luckily it was smart enough to offer me up the pink one on the one time it was forthcoming. Erstaz scored several different versions of the Jou-Den set, and here she is pimping the pink/yellow. The primwork and textures in both of these are exceptional, and both ensembles are lucky chair exclusives. We are both in Discord hair, not free but only 100l for two colours. And she's in their Shiu-Kei boots.

Ersatz also turned up in another lucky chair item, the Tattoo Skin from Nikita Fride. I couldn't resist getting a close up on this.


You need to be a group member to be able to get this, but it's open enrollment and there is a board that gives the group link right next to the chair. I might even pick it up myself soon. As soon as I'm done registering these 25 alts.


J.Dikes said...

LOl 25 alts. nice post, that skin lovely gj <3 :D

Daniele said...

I couldnt find the chairs, could you send me the SLURL to them, please?

Winter Jefferson said...

Okay, epic fail. Sorry, guys - used an old landmark. The slurl is And I've upgraded the ones embedded in the post.