Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Hiya folks!
Sunday, I posted a new wicked group gift for you all, in my VIPs.
~Soft Touch Skins~

I mentioned that there were other gifts still avail!

Here is a picture!

Included: LVS Bag (With loot inside from Soft Touch Skins for men and women),
3 skins, One: Kimber - Glitz, and Savannah - Midnight (last chance to get Midnight)..
Mary - Witchy, One top (previously posted), also a couple new things going in today (i will add them after I post this).

Savannah - Midnight (discontinuing)

Mary - Witchy

The group IS 200L to join (if you stay in, then this is only a one time fee).

Also shown but, not free:

Hair: ETD Juliana - Chestnut
Jeans:!_Ce_Cubic effect Long length Jeans

Jewelery: Diamond Choker/Studs in Silver
(this is not free however, was an amazing gift given to me by: Karl5 Hogarth
of Hogarth Designs


Emerald Wynn said...

It's been like Christmas in the Soft Touch group this week!

**jumps up and down with glee**

Not to mention the fact that the skins are SO DAMN awesome.


Thank you!

Morgana Hilra said...

Aww, ty Em! *hugs*

Megan A said...

Thank you for sharing the info. I just wish there wasn't a group joining fee. I joined the Tuli group for 250 before when I saw the skin gift advertised on this and other blogs, but overall it wasn't worth it compared to other skin groups that give out gifts for free. Tuli very rarely seems to give out anything in comparison to my other groups. I don't think I'll ever pay more than 20L to join another group due to that experience.

The skins do look pretty though. I'm glad you like them. And, again, I appreciate you taking the trouble to display them.