Friday, 27 March 2009

A Night With The Bestie

So a night with my bestie usually consists of "Dood have you seen......?" "Dood you gots to check this out...." and "OMFG loook at that guy's collar" And so it was this evening. Bestie and I were at Aden, stocking up on hair, when this guy rezzed in. He had on the most amazing neko feets, but it was his collar that grabbed our attention. His name is Devilmaycare Oxbar, and we were mercilessly clicking on him to see what his collar would do. It changed before our eyes, from a simple collar, to rotating gears, to yet another collar with glowy gear symbols on it.


"ASK HIM WHERE HE GOT THAT SHIT FROM" I think I remember demanding at some point. So question asked, LM given and we were off to Cats Of A Feather. It's a store Devil and his partner Melancholia Lilliehook own. After the collar was purchased, we actually took a breather to look round!! Not only do they have the most incredible jewelery, but poses, neko parts and fecking awesome cyber bits. Shown here is the Kitty Lock Collar, which while isn't free is the best L you'll spend this year....srsly. The hawt outfits? Totes free from Kayliwulf Kingdom.


And because I'm not a total meany, the bone choker shown here is a freeb/dollarbie (forgive me I have buyers fever) :P You will find free eyes, a shape, poses and much more. The other chokers shown are amazing and totally reasonable (like 75L) so go buy em!!! Now if you'll excuse me, I haz to go cleek myself....lots :P Ash Out.

Other Stuff I'm Wearing
Hair (not free, but all hair is 50L atm)

Skin (not free)

Seerose Lucky Chair


J.Dikes said...

you look extemly 'Hwat dood' loving the hair gonna go stack up tnxs <3

Amethyst McMahon said...

can your pics get any better? lookin' good, kittykat! <3

Viper City said...

where is the bone choker from?

Ashia Tomsen said...

From Cats Of A Feather, as i stated in the post :)

LostGrayCat said...

The hair's good for Dude's as well as dudettes. An the price rox.