Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I don't lie when I say that Baiastice is one of my favourite stores. I just, have this ultra-huge-inworld-crush on couture. It's bizzaare.
Anyway, The Baiastice group is lucky. Very lucky. Every month something perfectly stunning pops into your inventory. This month Baiastic have made a stunning Halloween witch costume that is full of yummy, scary and stunning textures, prims and options for all us painfully complicated dressers.

There are 3 witch hats in the pack. And yes, the dangly spiders are part of it. Freaky and ultra awesome, I say!
The glowing wand-thingo changes colour and made feel totally Harry Potter for some reason. The prim skirt comes in the short lil version, and the big peacock inspired skirt at the back is separate. Awesome!
Also comes with different stockings. Woo!~
My favourite part of the gift are these untra amazing shoes. Hot hot hot hot hot. Any shoe goddess must have. No joke. I squeeled in disbelief when I saw them!
Note; My s**t photo's do not do justice. Trust me.
My inworld friend Ice Mata TPed me too the Deadkitties mainstore for a lucky chair. The hair, PEnny, worn in these pics, is stunning! It's scripted and you can change the colour of the highlighted pieces (I used blood red) Awesome! Grab your friends and gooo! Chair changes quick, but if your unlucky, like Ice (who waited over 7 hours), take some time to check out the store! I got the msot awesome neko tail for under 200L, with built in movements, and a colour change script! Yummo! Get it now!!

Other items:
Skin- Crim(Unfortunatly unavailable anymore from Crimson Shadow, but our blogging buddy Ashia has some gorgy dollfaced, blood splatter, cracked, beated, bruised skins in her store,
Ashia Designs.)

Monday, 29 September 2008

Keepin it Classy (Betches!)

I've often used my posts on Free*Style to force myself out of my pretty princess dress comfort zone and try something new (and then complain about it in the actual post, lol). This time, however, I'm giving you straight up Adi style with the help of a few fabu designers.

The I Heart (we can't make that cute sign or the blog goes ape poopy) Starlust group is always spewing forth gifty goodness upon its group members. (Wow, that doesn't sound sexy...but given the sense of humor of the Starlust gals, I think they'd approve given the many interesting mental images "spew" can conjure.) This time it's Thimbles with a gloriously versatile basic gray sleeveless dress called "California (All the Way)." This is the kind of piece you would have in your RL wardrobe and pull it out time and time again, thanking the dress gods that they gave you something that can go from picnic to cocktail with a few accessory changes.

Speaking of accessories, I cannot help but show off one of Violet Voltaire's newest jewelry sets that are all inspired by Alice in Wonderland with this Thimbles dress. Yeah, everyone's gone gaga for Alice and it's so last month, but Violet's intricate, detailed, and fanciful jewelry sets are a STEAL at just $200L each. She has a Queen of Hearts set that I'm wearing here, plus a Queen Alice, Mad Hatter, and White Rabbit set you can find in her shop and read more about on her blog.

You can also pick up this necklace in the picture below as a part of a dollarbie "Diamond" necklace set from Violet Voltaire EXCLUSIVELY at the Free*Style Main Store. Head towards the stairs to snag it. Thanks Violet!!

This dress is from SD Wears as a part of a Treasure Quest Hunt that you can find out about here. Before you pelt me with IMs about how the heck the hunt works, I'm going to 'fess up to explain why I will know about as little as you. I stumbled into SD Wears hoping to figure out just that part of the hunt, and I got very lucky. [coughs]

Kunglers Design spoils us all rotten with a weekly freebie. This week it's a classy little top, and I paired it with these slacks that are available from the Kunglers Fashion Design update group. I am also wearing the very versatile Philotic Energy lucky chair exclusive Anila hairstyle in "Mochachino."

Other items included in this post...

Picture 1:
Poppy Bella Court Shoes ~ Fuel (previous $1L deal)
Orana Hair (Charcoal) ~ Philotic Energy
Erin "Light" Skin (Smoky Blood Red) ~ La Sylphide

Picture 2:
Model Hair 02 (Off Black) ~ ::69::
Gen 3 Light Skin (Seven) ~ [Aden] for Seven Ultra Lounge

Picture 3:
Erin "Light" Skin (Smoky Dark Pink) ~ La Sylphide
Heartwood Studded Thin Silver Bangle ~ EARTHTONES

Short and sweet

Luckily I have been able to get in a few posts after a few months of complete silence. It is great to be back but this one is gonna be straight to the point.

This "Technologic" T is a dollarbie from EBT. Too often stores plaster their logo on freebies and last time I checked I wasn't billboard so this is a refreshing find.

Zoobong has 2 dollarbie boxes full of shirts and a couple pairs of jeans to be had. Check em out.

Like I said.. short and sweet. Enjoi

Lady Luck

Oh happy day! I logged in to a million and 5 messages this morn, and one of them was this amazing group gift from Katatonik. Edit: As also blogged by the awesometastic Ach hurr



Textures=impeccable, style=original, everything you would expect from the uber talented kat. Fankyoo missy, this dress is wicked!


Then I got a "psst" IM, from my luffley Sasy. Digit Darkes now has lucky chairs, woot!! There are 3 outfits to be had, including the corset I've shown, which is a lucky chair only exclusive.


This dress isn't free, but it's beyond amazing. Time and time again, when I have a big event, I come back to my Digit Darkes folder. There are so many pieces I love, this dress is a new love, the Reflection dress.The place is packed atm, so the chairs should move quickly, go now gorgeous ones!!

Pics 1&2
Katatonik Group Gift

Pic 3
Digit Darkes Lucky Chair

Pants (not free)
Digit Darkes

Pic 4
Dress (not free)
Digit Darkes

Worn Throughout
Tousled Group Gift

Boots (not free)
Lazy Places

My Jackets

2 lovely outerwear came my way! Which look suits you? Who cares, grab them all?

My jackets

Bingo at Haco Mainstore - Flower Brooch Cardigan Yellow, $1L

Milly shirt

This Milly shirt is also from Bingo, not free, but ever so cute!

My jackets

I have had this for a few days now just never got round to find something to wear with it! This is a prim fur coat, so you can wear ALL your clothing layer beneath it! Bring on the shirts and tatts! ha ha!

[CRAP] - Fur Coat, $1L!!!!
Bracelet: iGems - Emerald Quartz Bracelet, not free
Ring: Muse - Catherine Cocktail Ring, not free

We bake Cupcakes 2

The top is from this gathered dress I have previously blogged with Tae Baxton, with dresses from Cupcakes! Go down to the basement you will find old discounted items for $20L. Cupcakes = girly girls most stock dresses, as shown by Adaire in Fashion Doppelgänger!!

The Fairy Touch!

2 New Gifts at Parashurama!!
The clothing is very girly, their signature trademark is to deisgn clothes with a 'fairy touch'!

I am with the creator, Fujacca, who is so kind and take the pictures with me!

Fairy Touch

Here we are, wearing the new gifts at her store!
Don't expect a store with walls and a ceiling though, the store has a more open feel...lots of bright colors, you cannot miss it! :)

On Fujacca: Star Giallo, $1L
On Suri: Fata Verde, $1L

Of course we are wearing the gorgeous hair from +*DEJAVU*+ group. If you still don't have it, what are you waiting for??? We are both sporting the different versions in this pic.

Fairy Touch

Time for some non freebies. I chose to wear this "Glamour Bianco" Dress, it is avaliable in various colors; I love how it lets me show off my tummy. As for Fujacca, she is wearing the "Dancing Rosa".

Fairy Touch

Here is the long skirt version! :)


Lovely ballgowns and dresses for nights you want to dance away.....

Gowns gowns gowns!

Casual chic? Go to Herby Loire for this one shoulder dress! I really like the big colorful skirt and the slashed shoulder top!

HL Design - Monica, $0L

Gowns gowns gowns!

This white gown with halter top is also from Herby Loire! They are selling this for $295L at the moment, but to those lucky Vainers at Vain Inc, this was a previous gift!

Gowns gowns gowns!

The outfit includes this gorgeous hat! I love how it sit on the side of my head with a cutesy feather! Watch for the big hoop earrings included too!

HL Design - Diana, not free (previous Vain Inc group gift)

Gowns gowns gowns!

Finally, something new you can find in Sweeter Than Candy! This black buckle belt gown is not too over exposing, are you brave enough to wear it?


I woke up at 4am today to take the wonderful father to the airport.
-Somehow I don't think he would do the same for me- but that's another story.

While sitting in the loading zone @ the airport in Sydney today, I noticed a young couple and wee lil baby, rugged up in stripey thermals and a cute lil striped hat.
So I was all technicolour today; thanks to the 3 month old baby with the cute botton nose!

The wonderful in world store PHLow has recently had a fantastic makeover and looks a treat, with a photo studio upstairs to boot! The wonderful Suri recently blogged their September group gift. If your quick, you can score it still.
This lil 'Stripper Rara' outfit is sure to get you all raver/candy girl/pop star/dance costume/cheer squad. I felt a RA RA RA pom pom moment, but sadly lacked the pompom, instead added the wonderful leopard print tights Suri has also blogged recently and these awesome, but not free pumps from Periquita at there store at my favie place, Lloyd Starlust. *Dahl hails shoes, Starlust and the Floyd/Lloyd sims*

Just hangin' out in the awesome PHLow store. There are some awesome clothes here, and atm there are some awesome sales- I got a cute shirt with skulls on it for half price! Woot!~

Items in this post:
RaRa Dress: $1L (possibly for a limited time) PHLow
Shoes: Fat Dollies- Periquita (Not free, but cheap, around $50l)
Hair: Scene Queen- Taffy/Pink- Deviant Kitties (not free)
Tights: Glamour- $1L
Skin: Miasofia (Prev. gift)

Death Warmed Up

This skin looks exactly how I feel! Drank waaay too much wine with my roomie while we freaked out over the Dexter finale......best TV show eva!


Go down to Cyber Rapunzel now to get this creeptastic offering from the lucky board!! It's cracked, bloody and an awesome shade of zombie!


How beautiful is this dress? Yummy textures and the hat is divine.



Perfect witchypoo outfit! Get this and more from Grim Bros. They have all sortsa stuff, from boots to furniture, and loads of freebies around the store. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna flush my head down the toilet........ Berocca, I hear you calling my name!

Grim Bros

Cyber Rapunzel


Sunday, 28 September 2008

Philotic Energy's Lucky Chair Exclusive Hair Color!

Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy has created a brand new hair color for her new and quite popular "Anila" hairstyle as an exclusive lucky chair gift! It's called "Mochachino" and it's scrumptious and shiny. I went flying towards my computer to blog it as soon as she let me know it was available.

Who is that short chick next to that tall, smexy Aussie anyway?! [grins] No telling how long it's going to stay in the chair, so bring your friends and start a lucky chair fiesta to snag this cute half ponytail style for free.

Lady and the wolves; Wild hair and sultry poses.

*Puts on her Sir David Attenburough narrator's voice*
'Here, we find ourselves in the heart of the wild. The environment is dense with untouched foliage, and it is here our search begins for the elusive Woman and the Wolves. We have searched for days in this vast, wild wilderness with no such luck in spotting the rare species. Her charactersistics are hard to narrow down. Like a chameleon, she morphs and changes, and from our once rare glimpse and past records and discoveries, she is wild, raw and sexually alluring....'

At last! A spotting. Keep very quiet- for we do not know the outcome if we scare the wolf and the beat that is, The Lady of the Land....

Her hair, a fruity, flirty pink tint; stay back men, for she is on the prowl. A mere $1L. And A variety of shades included.

A calm shade of pastel- the female is sedated after a hard day of shopping with her cave-woman pals. Also $1L and a selection of shades.

A shade of pale- The female change hair caught in a silver/cream phase- an unusual occurrence of someone so young. Also $1L

Long purple curls contrast her luscious surroundings. $1L.

<3 hair!!
The female returns to a practical, sophisticated style. $1L

'This concludes our vision of the Lady and the Wolves; We hope you enjoyed this amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience and we do ask you call again. I'm Sir Dahlindah Destiny, Goodnight'

Note: Sorry for lame-ass/childishness of a post.!!!!
Gotta keep having fun, I say!

The above hairstyles are only a select few of hidden 'Secret' sale hairstyles at HoH (House of Heart). Gorgeous packs, worth $190L, only $1L. I'm sure this is only limited!
I suggest you leave plenty of time. It isnt like a normal hunt. The hair styles are as normal. You have to find the styles and colours that are $1L. It took me over an hour!
Also, HoH have reduced the price of lots of other colours and styles. You will find theres start about 50L. They're also hidden in there normal spots!
Please note: HoH owner, Shelterd Heart, has kindly asked that you don't put together cheat sheets/lists for this hunt. As quoted:
"Feel free to shout out to your fellow shoppers when you find the L$1 packs but please do not make lists and distribute them to groups or blogs. Most importantly Have Fun!"
There are 16 $1L packs! So get hunting!

Other items in this wonderful post of mine (j/k):
All hair: House of Heart All $1L for packs.

Skin: Bazy- Adrianna $1L
Bikini: Pixel Dolls (Previous Group Gift)

living with wolves
living with wolves 2.


More Sweetness for Sunday!

I think I've been on a roll recently with the blogging, but it's entirely 100% due to procrastination. Alas. At least I am helping fellow fashionistas find great deals, right? [/me continues to rationalize in her head]

That being said, let me show you a few things I noticed in my inventory that I haven't blogged yet. One of them is a very smexy outfit from Ema's, appropriately named "Dirty." The details on the attached belt are amazing, like the "Dum Dum" lollypops. I loved those things as a kid! They were often my only consolation for going to the doctor, and choosing a flavor out of a bowl was always a major debate that I had to work out in my head (much to the chagrin of my parents).

I paired it with Tousled's subscribe-o-matic group gift hairstyle for October, "Elle." It comes in SIX colors with some very fall themed color combinations. This one is "Black/Wheat" and I love the face-framing pieces with angled sides and a stacked back.

You can check out the cute freebie heart necklace from Juicy in both pictures. The full-priced one has a hud-driven color changing feature that was too awesome to pass up, but you can get 4 colors in Gogo's freebie pack like the red and silver shown here.

Another great deal is DP yumyum's halter chiffon dress for $1L that is available in-store. It comes with three different length skirts and is floaty flirty without looking preggo (my#1 complaint about most babydoll-style dresses!).

Those cute as heck shoes are just $1L from Fluky. They're called "Nahm" shoes as they have a candy corn printon 'em! I love it. You *must* check out her candy corn costume next to the shoes - it's RAD.

The long, pulled back hair is also just $1L from Exxcess Designs and comes in multiple colors. This was a new shop for me, but I had heard about it after seeing the designer's work at Passions of Black Swan and I love the edgyness of it.

I may have one or two posts left in me, but I will be banging away at a law journal article until mid-November. I hope to find a moment or two to continue to post, though. I can't help it. I luffs you guyz.

Other items in this post:

Picture 1:
Ultralight Vamp Blood Red Skin ~ Nomine
To a Friend Tattoo ~ Emotional Blackmail
Cruel Cuff (Studs version/color-change) ~ Sn@tch
Calvary Boots ~ Manticorp

Picture 2:
Erin Light (Smoky Pale) ~ La Sylphide
Chunky Bangle (Orange) ~ Chez Geo ($1L for Fatpack)

[LAP] poses used throughout.


when my latest Favorite SLperson of This or Any Other Times, stein shilova, told me that she was marking her sexy hotbox wares down to 1L for the weekend, i decided to graciously set aside my meh-ness about premade shapes in order to scoop them all up on the cheap. if you've ever had the misfortune of running into this crazy-talented bish you know that she's got ~*divafashionistastyle*~, and that sassy ass personality shines through in her badass shapes. unfortunately, for SOME reason i became unable to attach anything or change or well, much of anything early in my shoot, so i decided to post the one pic that came out in the interest of expedience.

these shapes are different. they're flawed. a little gangly in places, maybe knock-kneed with a little steatopygia or potbellied and faintly asymmetrical in the face... but they're FUN, dammit, and all imbued with a little of the cynical quirkiness of their new york city neighborhood namesakes.

greenwich village shape - hotbox (all shapes marked down to 1L through the end of today)

insanely cheap:
dress - 20L at the <3 cupcakes bargain basement sale at popfuzz

not free:
hair - truth
skin - redgrave

Fashion Doppelgänger

When it comes to my inventory, I have to admit it's a little schitzo. On the one hand, I have all my pretty princess dresses that I love and buy up obsessively. On the other, I have a lot of glammy grunge gawthness that I like to pull out when I want to pretend I get the "emo" thing. [laughs]

This post definitely reflects that by showing a little of both. The first find is a group gift from one of my favorite pretty princess dress shops, Evie's Closet. Evie released this beautiful white, flowing gown called "Aria" that group members can snag at her shop. I'll be pulling this one out often when I have a little time to do some SL photography for sure. It moves beautifully and can be worn so many different ways.
My Ms. Hyde-esque side loves the Sn@tch, and I was skipping around Ivey Deschanel's store when I discovered she had restocked her lucky chair with some luscious items. Below are a few of them you can score if the lucky chair gods favor you.
The "Deathgrip" dress that features creepy skelly hands hugging the torso with bright bloodspatters on the little flirty skirt.
OMG, I'm sporting one of Olivia's favorite items - tata tape! This is called "Lolly" and comes with several different leggings colors. I also have on the "5 Dolla Lap Dance" shoes that are in the lucky chair and have color-change-with-a-click gems for the T strap.

You may ask why we are featuring so many lucky chair items recently. The short of it is that we received a lot of feedback about how we didn't show them enough, and wanting to do the right thing and give you the juice on the goods, we're showing ya some of the bestest. (Well for me, some of the bestest that actually have "A's" or "?'s" come up.) Please continue to give us comments - it helps us improve the bloggage and feature what you'd like to see. Enjoi!

Other items used in this post...
Picture 1:
Soda Skin (Violet) ~ SINdecade (free)
Kalee Hair (Rebel) ~ Philotic Energy for Black Swan

Picture 2:
Wild Woman Hair ~ Mia Sofia (lucky chair exclusive)
Magdalena Skin ~ Nomine for Black Swan
Cruel Collar ~ Sn@tch
Crystal Dangle Earrings ~ Sn@tch
PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops ~ Urban Bomb Unit

Picture 3:
Cani Hair ~ Gritty Kitty

Used Throughout:
Poses ~ Sn@tch

Wind In The Air

New gifts from Rahz, and they look absolutely gorgeous!


Rahz - Coly Brown jacket (group gift)


wearing the fab aviator sunglasses from Laqroki given out at the Hair Fair!

I adore you

Rahz - Lylaa Dress (group gift)
Pose is the new freebie from CnS! Of course, that's Vent on his knees. I think he saw a spider and got a bit scared..

Saturday, 27 September 2008

free*style favorite miasofia's got a wee glowing blue room up at sintetika aaaaand, lucky us, there's the entire cordon outfit giftie waiting. corset? cardigan? corduroy? fuck yeah.


did i mention delicate branches (veins? whatevs) adorning your boobs? and BOWS. normally i don't need an excuse for an ass shot, but... my bows. let me show you them:


hair - miasofia lucky chair

not free:
skin - miasofia
shoes - yabusaka

Black And White?

I've been feeling a bit lack lustre about Phil's Place of late, mostly due to alot of pressure RL. However, that pressure should be eased as I have a brand new room mate moving in this afternoon, yay! He's fabulous and from London originally, like me. More importantly, mini me seems to like him as much as she likes the cat (which is ALOT!)


What better to lift me from my funk than a stunning skirt? Made by none other than our multi talented Creams! She made it using the nifty prim skirt builder by Vint. I was saying the other day, all we need now is a shoe maker to join the blog and we have all bases covered! I paired it with this gorgy top from DP Yumyum, goes perfectly. And looky, NEW HOOVES!!! Soo not free, but worth every cent I spent on the fat pack. I have hooves for every occasions, in all colours *sighs happily*




These beautiful dresses are from Brain Restriction, a new to me store. The clothes are stunning, and you'll find a more than generous freebie/cheapie section.


And in keeping with the black and white theme, this super cute group gift from Sn@tch. You won't be able to miss this on the wall, it's the only white vendor XD! And now I'm off to get new headphones, my fourth pair...I suspect they make em crappy so you have to keep replacing them!!

Pic 1
DP Yumyum

Made By Creams (might be coming to the Free*style store?)

Pics 2-4
Brain Restriction

Pic 5

Non Freebs

Lazy Places