Monday, 29 September 2008

Keepin it Classy (Betches!)

I've often used my posts on Free*Style to force myself out of my pretty princess dress comfort zone and try something new (and then complain about it in the actual post, lol). This time, however, I'm giving you straight up Adi style with the help of a few fabu designers.

The I Heart (we can't make that cute sign or the blog goes ape poopy) Starlust group is always spewing forth gifty goodness upon its group members. (Wow, that doesn't sound sexy...but given the sense of humor of the Starlust gals, I think they'd approve given the many interesting mental images "spew" can conjure.) This time it's Thimbles with a gloriously versatile basic gray sleeveless dress called "California (All the Way)." This is the kind of piece you would have in your RL wardrobe and pull it out time and time again, thanking the dress gods that they gave you something that can go from picnic to cocktail with a few accessory changes.

Speaking of accessories, I cannot help but show off one of Violet Voltaire's newest jewelry sets that are all inspired by Alice in Wonderland with this Thimbles dress. Yeah, everyone's gone gaga for Alice and it's so last month, but Violet's intricate, detailed, and fanciful jewelry sets are a STEAL at just $200L each. She has a Queen of Hearts set that I'm wearing here, plus a Queen Alice, Mad Hatter, and White Rabbit set you can find in her shop and read more about on her blog.

You can also pick up this necklace in the picture below as a part of a dollarbie "Diamond" necklace set from Violet Voltaire EXCLUSIVELY at the Free*Style Main Store. Head towards the stairs to snag it. Thanks Violet!!

This dress is from SD Wears as a part of a Treasure Quest Hunt that you can find out about here. Before you pelt me with IMs about how the heck the hunt works, I'm going to 'fess up to explain why I will know about as little as you. I stumbled into SD Wears hoping to figure out just that part of the hunt, and I got very lucky. [coughs]

Kunglers Design spoils us all rotten with a weekly freebie. This week it's a classy little top, and I paired it with these slacks that are available from the Kunglers Fashion Design update group. I am also wearing the very versatile Philotic Energy lucky chair exclusive Anila hairstyle in "Mochachino."

Other items included in this post...

Picture 1:
Poppy Bella Court Shoes ~ Fuel (previous $1L deal)
Orana Hair (Charcoal) ~ Philotic Energy
Erin "Light" Skin (Smoky Blood Red) ~ La Sylphide

Picture 2:
Model Hair 02 (Off Black) ~ ::69::
Gen 3 Light Skin (Seven) ~ [Aden] for Seven Ultra Lounge

Picture 3:
Erin "Light" Skin (Smoky Dark Pink) ~ La Sylphide
Heartwood Studded Thin Silver Bangle ~ EARTHTONES

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Amethyst McMahon said...

Pic2 ist just sooo glam! Lurve da look! <3