Monday, 29 September 2008


I woke up at 4am today to take the wonderful father to the airport.
-Somehow I don't think he would do the same for me- but that's another story.

While sitting in the loading zone @ the airport in Sydney today, I noticed a young couple and wee lil baby, rugged up in stripey thermals and a cute lil striped hat.
So I was all technicolour today; thanks to the 3 month old baby with the cute botton nose!

The wonderful in world store PHLow has recently had a fantastic makeover and looks a treat, with a photo studio upstairs to boot! The wonderful Suri recently blogged their September group gift. If your quick, you can score it still.
This lil 'Stripper Rara' outfit is sure to get you all raver/candy girl/pop star/dance costume/cheer squad. I felt a RA RA RA pom pom moment, but sadly lacked the pompom, instead added the wonderful leopard print tights Suri has also blogged recently and these awesome, but not free pumps from Periquita at there store at my favie place, Lloyd Starlust. *Dahl hails shoes, Starlust and the Floyd/Lloyd sims*

Just hangin' out in the awesome PHLow store. There are some awesome clothes here, and atm there are some awesome sales- I got a cute shirt with skulls on it for half price! Woot!~

Items in this post:
RaRa Dress: $1L (possibly for a limited time) PHLow
Shoes: Fat Dollies- Periquita (Not free, but cheap, around $50l)
Hair: Scene Queen- Taffy/Pink- Deviant Kitties (not free)
Tights: Glamour- $1L
Skin: Miasofia (Prev. gift)


百恋芙蓉 said...

Just want to make a comment about the Deviant Kitties Scene Queen hairstyle~ that one is seriously in my opinion one of Hely's best works, along with Ember ^^ it looks so gorgeous on any shape =3

Dahlindah Destiny said...

I have both!
The Scene queen is gorgryfnskjdgbksagbjsa
I got the blacks and the Taffys.
And the EMber, I have in browns. I love her textures and the Honey colour. -melts-