Sunday, 28 September 2008

Fashion Doppelgänger

When it comes to my inventory, I have to admit it's a little schitzo. On the one hand, I have all my pretty princess dresses that I love and buy up obsessively. On the other, I have a lot of glammy grunge gawthness that I like to pull out when I want to pretend I get the "emo" thing. [laughs]

This post definitely reflects that by showing a little of both. The first find is a group gift from one of my favorite pretty princess dress shops, Evie's Closet. Evie released this beautiful white, flowing gown called "Aria" that group members can snag at her shop. I'll be pulling this one out often when I have a little time to do some SL photography for sure. It moves beautifully and can be worn so many different ways.
My Ms. Hyde-esque side loves the Sn@tch, and I was skipping around Ivey Deschanel's store when I discovered she had restocked her lucky chair with some luscious items. Below are a few of them you can score if the lucky chair gods favor you.
The "Deathgrip" dress that features creepy skelly hands hugging the torso with bright bloodspatters on the little flirty skirt.
OMG, I'm sporting one of Olivia's favorite items - tata tape! This is called "Lolly" and comes with several different leggings colors. I also have on the "5 Dolla Lap Dance" shoes that are in the lucky chair and have color-change-with-a-click gems for the T strap.

You may ask why we are featuring so many lucky chair items recently. The short of it is that we received a lot of feedback about how we didn't show them enough, and wanting to do the right thing and give you the juice on the goods, we're showing ya some of the bestest. (Well for me, some of the bestest that actually have "A's" or "?'s" come up.) Please continue to give us comments - it helps us improve the bloggage and feature what you'd like to see. Enjoi!

Other items used in this post...
Picture 1:
Soda Skin (Violet) ~ SINdecade (free)
Kalee Hair (Rebel) ~ Philotic Energy for Black Swan

Picture 2:
Wild Woman Hair ~ Mia Sofia (lucky chair exclusive)
Magdalena Skin ~ Nomine for Black Swan
Cruel Collar ~ Sn@tch
Crystal Dangle Earrings ~ Sn@tch
PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops ~ Urban Bomb Unit

Picture 3:
Cani Hair ~ Gritty Kitty

Used Throughout:
Poses ~ Sn@tch


Anonymous said...

Where did you get those sneakers that you're wearing in the pic with the Sn@tch Deathgrip outfit? I just have to get those!

Shanessa Vendetta said...

They are PornStar xtra hightops yohsking and are uber sexy. My friend got me addicted to them. Here is the slurl <3