Monday, 29 September 2008

Lady Luck

Oh happy day! I logged in to a million and 5 messages this morn, and one of them was this amazing group gift from Katatonik. Edit: As also blogged by the awesometastic Ach hurr



Textures=impeccable, style=original, everything you would expect from the uber talented kat. Fankyoo missy, this dress is wicked!


Then I got a "psst" IM, from my luffley Sasy. Digit Darkes now has lucky chairs, woot!! There are 3 outfits to be had, including the corset I've shown, which is a lucky chair only exclusive.


This dress isn't free, but it's beyond amazing. Time and time again, when I have a big event, I come back to my Digit Darkes folder. There are so many pieces I love, this dress is a new love, the Reflection dress.The place is packed atm, so the chairs should move quickly, go now gorgeous ones!!

Pics 1&2
Katatonik Group Gift

Pic 3
Digit Darkes Lucky Chair

Pants (not free)
Digit Darkes

Pic 4
Dress (not free)
Digit Darkes

Worn Throughout
Tousled Group Gift

Boots (not free)
Lazy Places


Barboura Munster said...

Sadness, I can't find the group gift or a group for Katatonik. Anyone wanna help a chica? :)

Anonymous said...

Me too I could not find anything for Katatonik Group Gift I looked everwere and could not find it under group.

百恋芙蓉 said...

You need to spend L250 or more in the shop to join the *katatonik* gift group.
It's NOT the Axis Mundi Explorers group.
Just making it clear for everyone.

Ashia Tomsen said...

whatever would we do without you to clarify for us "Rose"? I don't seem to remember putting the Axis Mundi group in my post.....yup def didn't.