Friday, 31 July 2009

The evil twins do Free*style?


[18:31] scrim Pinion: you two is done up like a couple cupcakes.

Mourna and I set ourselves a goal for this set of eeevil twin pictures (more of these are over here at my blog). "Let's try for an outfit of freebies," I suggested. We did pretty well -- the expensive items are the boots for 40L from House of Curios, but they're dirt cheap for a color-changing pair o' boots.

I admit that I was inspired for this post by the 0L Nyanotech hair from Curious Kitties. If you have the hud, the 0L hair is completely color-changing; I bought the 700L hud (35 colors!) and the four 0L hairs, and instantly had four hairs of 35 colors each for 700L, more or less. The hud works on the rest of the Nyanotech hair too, so it's well worth a splurge.

The green corset happened when I bugged Terry to tell me where I could find two cheap vaguely gothy dresses in different colors. "Oh -- Dilly Dolls," she said, and she was right. We poked about on XStreet for the skirt and shirt under that, and the fur coat was a happy find at Curio Obscura while I was picking up the hat. (Note: there are 'steampunk stockings' there too for free; turn your legs into an animatron's!) The skins don't match exactly, but they're from Frick and amazing for 0L / 5L each. Happy bargain hunting, and check out the beautiful Mourna at her blog over here.



On Mourna/Acha:
***skin ~ *~{Frick} Blue Fantasy Skin 1 (5L) / Frick Shamrock Skin (0L)
***hair ~ ( Curious Kitties ) Nyanotech 09-1A Hair - Niyab (0L, extra for the hud)
***eyes ~ Kunstkammer Hypnoeyes (XStreet) 1L
***shirt ~ edge grafica / 15 sleeveless-shirt set (XStreet) 1L
***corset ~ *Dilly Dolls* Gyrl B Nice Corset Blue / Gyrl B Naughty Corset Green - 0L
***fur jacket ~ Curio Obscura - Free Fun Fur Jacket - 0L
***skirt ~ edge grafica / 25 frill-skirt (XStreet) - 1L
***boots ~ HOC Apparel - Knee Boots Female - Plain colors - 40L
***gloves ~ *Dilly Dolls* Gyrl B Naughty Gloves - 0L
***hat ~ Curio Obscura Free Top Hat Black - 0L
= 45 L / 50 L for mourna's blue skin. :D

Caught me a Noob!



That is me, well not me, sort of me.


I've recently made myself a Store Alt. It was getting really hard to be in as many projects, have all my satellite shops, my advertising groups and my own store groups. All in all it left me with 3 groups for my personal use and one open, some of the time. Most times I'm just grouped right out. A few fellow designers told me to start up a store alt. I mean we all have alts, I have 2 others, so I cap out at 4 now, but this girl was just for the store. It's a lovely idea.

So here she is, trapped in a cage at Tuli. A good place for any new avatar. I was checking to see if Tuli had released her new Resident packs yet.

Now as a Free*Style Blogger, I couldn't get past the idea of doing a big ass under 30 days hunt, my list I use to have is so old, it no longer really applies, there was like 3 shops that still had things.

This made me think, let get the info out there.

So the Month of August I'm hopping around with my alt, making posts on the blog. What I also wanted to do was encourage designers to set something up for new residents. I haven't even got something out! even tho I had always wanted to and meant too. So I'm working on my package as we speak.

So here is what I'm doing:

I made a scripted vendor package, which has a few different styled vendors that are scripted to give a package to Avatars under 30 days. I'm going to b giving it to any Designer who wants one, just post in this post that you want the package(it comes with the scripted vendors, the info and instructions) or send me a notecard with your request(I'm Helena Stringer remember?) and you can try me in IM, I'm almost always on, but notecards are best. I'm giving this package free to any who want it.

I'm going to compile a list of stores which have a package for Avatars for under 30 days. I'm looking for the scripted ones, the True under 30 day gifties! and Vouchers, like Diversity has.

Any designer that has an item, please tell me on this post, or get to me the above way, and I'll send my new avi out to your store. I'd love to have you all on the list.

I'll be reposting the list every week from now on, so EVERYONE can send their new friends to find it. I know there are lists, but I've had a load of a time trying to find them, and all my own are so old, it's not funny. I'm feeling my sl years.

I'm also going to make a plea

Things new residents need the most:

Skins-Specially Males
Shapes-Specially Males

and honestly anything Male specific or unisex. The men hardly ever get anything good, and I have found like 3 packs for them, only 3. I might just suck as a hunter, but for new people, they'd be even worse right?

Anyways that's from what I've seen and heard. Try to think of things that could work with many new styles. It's easier to wear black heels with anything then to wear pink ones. Easier to have the staple hair colours-Blacks, Browns, Reds, Blondes and Whites, then for a guy to try to work with Teal. It doesn't mean you can't throw those in, just think of the bigger picture when trying to make your new avatar pack.

Credits-The Avatar was made by Nylon Pinkney, it's called gamer girl and it's in your Inventory Library

So look forward to my alties noob adventures!

Love With All My Soul

I have been a long time fan of Love Soul. Basically whenever Love Soul comes out with a free gift I claim it to post a.s.a.p. even if I don't see it first; I know it will be awesome without having to see it. And I love buying things there because the prices are always affordable and the quality is some of the best in all of SL on every single piece. Plus they often have a lot of food related stuff so yay! :D

Anyway, Love Soul finally got their own sim and the grand opening is going on for the next couple of weeks. Every store on the sim is of the highest quality. I have a feeling it will end up being one of my go-to shopping areas.

Plus, every store has at least one item set at 0L or 1L. YAY! Except, don't go with an empty wallet because if you are anything like me you will see all the gorgeous, fairly priced clothing and will want to spend. (I am now the owner of only 4L. Sigh. Oh cute, cheap, clothes how you empty my wallet so!)

There are two stores that have not put out their gifts yet, but apparently they will be out within the next few days.

OH! And don't forget that Love Soul is one of the Creator's Stamp Rally vendors, so any purchase over 100L gives you a CSR card :D
I need a close-up of these shoes...yum!!!

And the hair I am wearing is the latest dollarbie from Vanity Hair. So cute!!
Note: All the items shown are available from various stores on the Love Soul sim. I am not going to give you individual slurls because I am mean and want to make you go explore the whole place >:D SO far the stores with gifts out are R2, Love Soul, SD Boutique, Parallel Love, Kiitos, Nala and Honey Soul.

Note 2: The Skin I am wearing is from Cupcakes and is a group gift. The group is 250L to join.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Color Fun

So I have been going to Cloe regularly since I blogged them the first time and I am happy I have done so because there is a new dress on the MM board! Actually, the MM board itself is new so yay! Haha. The dress is this slinky little thing with Archie comics printed on it. It's fun because the tight, short dress mixed with the silly comic is such a contradiction. I bought the dress in another print as well for 100L because I am just too in love with colorful things.

The hair is from the MM board at U-Neek. There are four colors included. It's so much fun, I feel like I am wearing gift packaging! Who wants to unwrap me? ;D The skin is a DSN gift from Enchanted3D. I had never been there before but it looks like they have some pretty fun skin styles. Love the eyeshadow! The cheeks on the skin are not so rosy, the pinkness actually comes from some prim blush you can get for free at [OH]. Yay! The shoes are an MM gift from the always fantastic WishBox. The MM board prize changes often and is always something cute.

OK..go make some colorful fun!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Journey's Black Rose

Prism Haute Couture has a new dollarbie available in the store. Journey McGlagen is such a sweet lady and offers a new dollarbie outfit quite frequently as well as gifts with purchases. The Black Rose outfit was just put out today and should be there for about a week. The outfit includes gloves and stockings (which I forgot to wear for the photo -- fail!) that match the floral design on the shirt and skirt which is exceptional detail for a dollarbie.
Also, Bishwear is retiring it's current hair styles for new textures and you can get most hairs, with the exception of the newest releases for 75 to 99 L. This will not last long so get down there quickly. Speaking of retiring, Frick is retiring many of it's current fantasy and retro skins and many are available for free or ridiculous prices like 5 L. That sale will end 7/1 so hurry on over there and snatch them up!

Style Credits
Dress: Prism Haute Couture: Black Rose 1 L
Shoes: Digit Darkes (not free)
Hair: BishWear: BabyKissMe: 99 L
Skin: Frick: Retro Skin: 5 L
Eyes: Tacky Star (not free but a great price on exceptional eyes)

One more thing, I spoke to someone earlier this week about a sale on hair at his shop. I've lost the LM, so if you are reading this please contact me again. Many apologies!

Vinyl Cafe

Calling all fans of socks! Cute stocking and panties from Vinyl Cafe!
Limited time only like usual, this one is too cute to pass up!

Vinyl Cafe. Gems & Kisses

Vinyl Cafe. Gems & Kisses

Socks + underpant: Vinyl Cafe: Skull And Crossbone Undies and Stockings, $0L
Top: *Thimbles* I saw this on the Internet Tank White/Red, $50L (sale)
Shoes from Urban Bomb Unit, not free

Don't forget the Gems & Kisses Earrings Hunt still on! I am wearing Gems& Kisses Big - Fucsia Earrings:
Vinyl Cafe. Gems & Kisses


Hair Worn throughout: Giselle from Truth, not free
Photos taken using Reek - Phemie's 80's Skating Rink (Rez Faux), $1L

Dark and Creepy and Stuff

I Love 13 is just an extremely awesome store. The clothes are always interesting and fun, with great textures and affordable prices. And to make everything more awesome they also give out frequent gifties to their group members. Right now they have an official crap ton of gifts out for the squeeing delight of all group members. This skin is my fave. Xonx has been wearing it for at least a week straight now and me being in any skin longer than one day at a time is a pretty big deal. The cuddly and slightly creepy should bear is a gift on the Elliot sim from the always fantastic Lurvebite. And the sexy latex bikini is from a brand spanking new fetish shop located inside of Reasonable Desires and is only 1L for three colors! Skin: I Love 13, group gift
Hair: I Love 13, group gift (previously blogged but still available)
Bear: Lurvebite, Elliot gift
Bikini: ReFlex, 1L
Shoes: Dilly Dolls, not free

Next, some mouth goodies for you enjoyment! You all know how much I love foods, so the tea bag made me smile. And the bat? Well, when wearing the bat if you click the ground you spew a wonderful puddle of blood. ROFL. Nice to impress the boy or girl on a first date I say.Mouth Oddities: I Love 13, group gifts

And finally, the grand finale of creepy. The CreepHead. Look at it...doesn't it make you want to cry just a little bit? Oh, how I love you CreepHead. I need to mod some big doll hair to fit over it and put on one of my floofy dresses. The joy that will be had! Send me all your CreepHead photos, I love this thing!
Creephead: I Love 13, group gift

Imma Posh little Cupcake :)

Hey there SL :)

Got some cuteeee goodies for ya tonight! Some fantabulous new group goodies from the ALWAYS generous <3 Cupcakes group (which has a 100L join fee, but is obviously MORE than worth it)! A super cute pink and white striped dress and also a gift from their new Enchanted skin line! The skin is amazing, as all their skins are, and of course the dress is very well textured!

Also a must have is this free hair from Posh! There are a ton of new hairstyles to check out and to celebrate we were gifted with this hair "Mya Makes Bank" in 4 different colors! Thanks SO much Jeanine!



The pants I'm wearing are not free but are a staple in my wardrobe. They are the Dickies pants from Hell Bop Clothing. 125L and SO awesome, just look at the cuffs on them <3!

Happy Hump Day!

also not free
piercing - Cyanide
necklace - Twisted & Spoiled

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Prim Toes

My first Free*Style post! It's mostly guy stuff, but a lot can be unisex too. My favorite part are the sandals which is a free group gift from +grasp+. I at first was skeptical about prim toes, but these made me love them. And they almost match my skin color!

Free on Francois:

Glasses: Shade Throne group gift
Necklace: Drowsy
Bracelet: +grasp+ group gift
Hand Tattoo: The Habitat
Sandals: +grasp+ group gift

Moar Slice of Summer


Elusyve gave us her sexxeh taste of watermelon, and here I am with some cute. These are four adorable widdle outfits garnered from the hunt so far (and I'm in no way done). To see a list of stores and start the hunt, head here.

White dress:
***Skin: Curious Kitties White Crnobog Ivy (not free)
***Paws: Little Britain New Rock Neko black leather boots (not free)
***Dress: Sleepy Cat slice of summer dress B, comes with legwarmers
***Hairbow: Adore & Abhor slice of summer pretty little watermelon bow
***Hair: Yuzukamiya aya milktea slice of summer gift
***Outfit: Little Britain Hells Angels M slice of summer gift
***Paw boots: Little Britain New Rock Neko black leather boots
***Hair: Yuzukamiya Tsuyoshi + Bordeaux slice of summer gift
***Hair: W&Y Hair Mauloa opening gift
***Geta: Sweetaholic geta with walk sound
***Yukata: Hal*Hina Yukata sunflower 01 - aqua slice of summer gift
Sweater set:
***Sweater, skirt, shoes: Tyranny Designs The Nerd F*cker slice of summer gift
***Hat: Risusipo slice of summer watermelon hat slice of summer gift
***Bag: Izumiya bag summer red slice of summer gift
***Hair: Uw.St Ewan - hair black (not free)

Gowns* Jewels*

I have been enjoy taking a back seat and join the rest of the girls to be a loyal blog reader! Enough is enough, I am itching to write a blog post! Here's what I gathered together for today:

Here I am wearing Mashooka's new Bathing suit Nisha, comes with a sarong option (not shown), the creme color compliments the jewels well!
Mashooka Jewels

Bikini - :Mashooka: Bathing suit Nisha {creme}, not free
Jewels: :Mashooka: Shell jewels [green], group gift for Mashooka members!

This stunning "Kara" dress is out as a group gift for Ivalde members, you can get this by wearing your group tag and touch the vendor in store! This dress is avaliable until the end of the month, is not avaliable to buy; so don't miss out!

Ivalde Kara Dress

Dress - Ivalde: Kara Dress, group gift
Necklace: Gems & Kisses - Grape - Ivory necklace, not free
Earrings: Gems & Kisses - Yellow Hoops, part of the "Earrings Hunt" in store right now!!

NOTE: 24 gems will be hidden in the shop... find them and buy them for 10L$ to get the prizes!! Come check us out, we have an item for everyone! Posters below shows the prizes!!



Bliss Couture appreciation gift

Lastly we have the Bliss Couture 10,000 Members Appreciation gift! It is actually 1 of 2 gifts you can get from the new *mainstore*, also there is a sale going on right up until 1st August. Everything will be on 70%+ Off, All gowns will be under 199L and Dresses under 99L. The pink gown is very very nice, don't miss out!

*Bliss Couture* Members Appreciation Gift, $1L wear group tag to buy
Earrings: Gems & Kisses - Grape - Ivory earrings, not free

Hair worn throughout is Zoe from Maitreya, not free

All Up In Your Face...

...with another post. I'm sorry dudes, there are just too many awesome things to post and so little time!

I know some of the Avenue goodies have been blogged before (such as the Blacklace gifty) but I haven't seen anyone show this awesome ensemble yet! This beautiful dress is from Chankare and will cost you a whopping 0L. I had never heard of Chankare before but now I will have to investigate further!

Also included in the box are four tones of this beautiful skin from SkinTight. The makeup is really fun and odd while still being feminine and sweet.Dress and Skin: Chankare & SkinTight gift box, free at Avenue
Hair: Laqroki, past gift no longer free
Jewelry: Artistry by ~E~, not free but you can win a gift card in the MM board!
Shape: Shape It Up!, not free but currently 50% off

OK...will try not to post for a while so you can breathe, haha. *Mwah!*

Beetle Bones Creeping Up on Chu~

I'm taking a lil break from my hiatus to post in free*style ^^ *waves* hi hi~~
Suetabulous Yootz has been working hand in hand with me on content creation this whole month and she's been far more efficient than I can ever be. She finally opened this morning and I'm so darn proud of her *smooshes* So I decided I shall pimp out some of her stuff for you guys to check out!

Beetle Bones has just arrived in Creators Pavilion, her small selection of adorable casual wear including tank tops with amusing captions such as "shake my money tree" and cute little feminine dresses. She has 2 dresses up for freebie grabs and it's really versatile! I tried to show it in two different styles to show off it's versatility. The dress comes in a yellow and brown option which I styled with less add ons to show you how the dress looks, and there's a black and red one which I paired with Pink Outfitters cute Eva Turtleneck for a more elegant look.

Free Style LOOK no. 14

Although those two dresses above are the freebies in her store, Suetabulous' creations are all under 200L and I think very worthy of blogging in free*style for those looking for a good bargain! For example, this babydoll dress called "Puffie Wolfie" (80L) can be worn in so many ways but I decided to go for simple chic with Periquita's chicky chic pumps and Donna Flora's gorgeous Cris Necklace.

Free Style LOOK no. 15

Finally, the tank tops I was speaking about comes at a low price of 45L and Sue currently has 2 different prints. "Money Tree" comes in 2 colors and the "Seahorse Tanktop" comes in 3 colors, I'm sporting my favorite in coral! Her high waisted pants are by far my huge love from Beetle Bones, this comes in 4 different colors and are such gorgeous staples!

Free Style LOOK no. 16

I hope you guys enjoyed these styling from Suetabulous' new Beetle Bones store, there's a few more items in there I missed and she even carries adorable handbags at 175L which is such a steal! Hope you guys visit and like what she has to offer! ^^

Credits & Details

Picture #1 Left
Skin: "Anya M 07" from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: "Black Onyx " from MJ+DADA Cabbage
Eyelashes: "Twiggy" from REDGRAVE
Hair: "Jenny Takes over the Business in Umber" from POSH
Dress: "Freebie Dress in Brown" from Beetle Bones
Stocking: "Stocking 5095 in Gray" from Tsukasa Stockings
Necklace: "Long Pearl Necklace Double" from Atelier*AM
Earrings: "Drop Earrings" from Allep Jeans
Shoes: "Ankle Booty in Brown" from Doux Petit Dahl

Picture #1 Right
Skin: "Anya M 07" from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: "Mermaid" from Bodyline
Eyelashes: "Twiggy" from REDGRAVE
Hair: "Lily in Peach" from AY Line
Dress: "Freebie Dress in Cherry Red" from Beetle Bones
Stocking: "Eve 001 stocking in Black" from J.J Poodle
Underlayer: "Eva Turtleneck in Cream" from Pink Outfitters
Shoe: "Amour Heels in Black" from ATOMIC

Picture #2
Skin: "Special Skin Anya" from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: "Mermaid" from Bodyline
Eyelashes: "Moulin Rouge" from REDGRAVE
Hair: "Emmy in LBrown" from JUNWAVE
Dress: "Puffie Wolfie Dress" from Beetle Bones
Necklace: "Cris Necklace in pearl" from Donna Flora
Shoes: "Chicky Chic Pumps In Black" from Periquita

Picture #3
Skin: "Special Skin Anya" from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: "Amber" from Bodyline
Eyelashes: "Twiggy" from REDGRAVE
Hair: "Anais in Caramel Brown & Chocolate Brown" from FUEL
Tank Top: "Money Tree Tanktop & Seahorse Tanktop" from Beetle Bones
Pants: "Jasmine High Waisted Pants in Cream & Gray" from Beetle Bones
Necklace: "Layered Necklace in Gold" from Atelier*AM: ""

Ssal'z Gururu

OK. New to me store called Ssal'z Gururu that I heard about on Kiriko Nishi's awesome blog. Not only is the store new and fabulous, they also have three 0L/1L opportunities for you to taste their lovely skin. Ooh. That sounds dirty.

First up, you can win this cute skin from the lucky pad. When your letter is up just sit for 30 seconds and it is all yours!Skin: Ssal'z Gururu, lucky pad prize
Dress: Salire, 30L
Hair: Zero Style, past CSR gift

Next up, we have the good girl skin. This good girl is wearing a dress you can get by simply taking a one minute survey at the new Sweeter Than Candy location.Skin: Ssal'z Gururu, 1L
Dress: STC, survey gift

And finally, you can get this dress on STC's MM board! YAY! You can actually TP around to get matching shoes and skin from other stores (there will be LMs to lead you) but I have matched the dress with the bad girl skin from Ssal'z. Because I'm bad like that.

Skin: Ssal'z Gururu, 1L
Dress: STC, MM prize more post to do and I think it shall wait until the morning because I am sleeeeeeepy. Lubs you!

Cyber Skin

OK...I have three short posts for you so beware the wrath of Sileny's feed clogging powers. Mwa ha ha! MWA HA HA I SAY!!! >:O

Ahem. This skin is in the board at Cyber Rapunzel and it brings me mucho joy. It's just very different from many skins around and it feels fresh and fun. There is also a tiny pink box that costs 20L and contains donuts and a white tee shirt. I didn't show them here because I will probably end up showing them on a different blog of mine at some point :PSkin: Cyber Rapunzel, lucky board prize (20 minute timer)
Shirt: SugarCube, free
Hair: Dilly Dolls, not free

There are lots of other fun gifties in this shopping area, like a massive freebie wall from TigerClaw. Go check it out and say yaaaaaay!

Monday, 27 July 2009

The Good and the Bad

The good news is I have some good things to show you. The bad news is I may not have the correct slurls to the places due to not being able to log onto SL. D: A sad day indeed. Anyway enough of me jibber jabber, on to the goods!

There is an awesome new sale going on today involving many stores. Most of the places have put items on sale for 50% off for TODAY ONLY. There are lots of stores involved and I am too broke to buy something from all of them in order to show you each store :P There is a notecard giver in each store with all the slurls, so you can go to one and get all the links.
Each store is required to have at least one major item at 50% off or more but many stores have the entire store on sale. All stores are supposed to have the sale up for 24 hours, but many stores will have their sales up longer. Take this chance to grab things from your fave designers at a discounted price!

Style Notes:
Skin: Exodi, build your own fatpacks are 50% off for 24 hours
Hair: Hair Solutions, 1L (whole wall of 1L hair!!)
Shape: Shape It Up!, all shape 50% off or more (male shapes too!)
Dress: {Boutique}, 50% off the store!
Purse: Concrete Flowers, 1L
Piercings: Kosh, 1L
Shoes: Concrete Flowers, not free or on sale but only 111L

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Everyone <3's Cupcakes

Hi all, it's Abra. It's been a while, ey? I never forget about you guys, I'm just usually blogging over at my blog. I came back to share with you some candy pinkness lovin'!

My onepiece is from Niniko, and is free. My skin is a VIP group gift from Atomic, in celebration of two whole years! Wewt, congrats Ivy! The skin is super cute and has frosting 'painted on it' as well as a cupcake that goes along. The group is $250L to join, but in the time I've spent in this group, I've found the gifts to be well, well worth it!

Love, Abra

Not Free: Hair/Tiny Bird; Tattoos/Smudge; Shoes/Italiano

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Gnubie's Got New Stuff!

Often, once you've been around SL for awhile you tend to forget about the places where new players go, or in the case of The Gnubie Store, the first place they should go after they get their AO from LAP. I didn't find out about Gnubie until I was many months old and could have saved a lot of the agony of wearing full perm clothes and system shoes because I didn't know any better. When a member of Lucky Chair Stalkers mentioned there were new items at Gnubie I said to myself, "sure there are" and went about my business but curiosity got the best of me and I was so pleasantly surprised. The outfits I am showing are just a very few of the items that are from top SL designers that you can get either for free or a few lindens.
Antonia Marat from Artilleri has completely replenished her line at Gnubie and there are six new outfits. The Jen outfit is classic Artilleri with rockabilly style. The cute high-waist jeans have prim cuffs and there is even a little cherry pin to accent the top.
Other Credits:
Skin: Tuli: Hope Star: Group Gift (250 L to join group)
Hair: Artilleri (not free)
Hyasynth Tiramisu, Silent Sparrow goddess, has 2 newer outfits. Ember, that I am showing, is unisex. It is a combination of Sweeny, Cygne, and Dominion and the texture on the coat is reminiscent of Toxine, which is one of my all time favorite works of hers. I contacted Hya because I was surprised when I touched the board and got the items, as I assumed they were duplicates of the new player gifts she also has in her store. Hya, lovely as always, assured me they were indeed available for anyone to enjoy. This is a wonderful opportunity for predominantly new players to get a sample of her incredible workmanship. I know I was hooked from my first outfit. Today is Hyasynth's 4th rez day as well, so I am sending you my best, Hya!
Other Credits:
Skin: Curio: Beach - Osprey: (not free - available only at The Harajukubox Skin Faire)
Hair: Calico Ingmann: Fossarius (not free)
Sand Shack Surf Co. has about a gazillion outfits to chose from. I was drawn to Urban October for the cute pedal pushers with lovely button accents. I added the bra from Kenzie and Co.'s great selection of tops.
Other Credits:
Skins: Cupcakes: Enchanted Limited Edition (not free - but only 300 for a great sample of their new skin line)
Hair: Argrace: Fedora Hat (not free)
Last but not least, Truth has a great display that includes items for both men and women. There are great men's shoes there (have you ever tried to find decent men's shoes for new players before?). All the shoes have resize scripts so both men and women's feet can wear them. The Shanghai Baby dress is particularly special as the best is scripted for color change. The Bootielicious shoes are a perfect accent for the dress.
Other Credits:
Skin: Cupcakes: Enchanted Limited Edition
Hair: Truth: Twiggy (not free)

This is a meager drop in the bucket of all the great things you can find at The Gnubie Store. Also new to me were Barneswoth Anubis starter homes, Scarlett Creative's Designer Building, tons of new plants from Teizus Miles, and lots of great outfits for both men and women. Thank you so much for the awesome generosity of all the participating designers.

Rez Day Gifts For All!

So are you afraid that when your rezday comes around you won't get any gifts and end therefore end up feeling like total lame-o? Because that happened to me for my first rezday. Granted, I am a bit of a lame-o but still. It was the sad. This last rez day people showed me some sweet love, coming to dance with me and wearing pineapple hats and all. But I am still bummed because I didn't know about these awesome rezday specials until after my rezday. Sigh. Luckily I have an alt that had a rez day recently so YAY! I got to get these gifts to show you. Weeeeee! (Keep paying attention because there are some gifts about to be shown for those who do not have a rezday coming up too!)

The dress and head piece below are a rezday gift from Edelweiss. As you can see there are two dress options and both are equally cute. If I had more money I would buy everything in Edelweiss. Fantastic stuff.Dress: Edelweiss, rezday gift. Join group and touch board in store on rezday to receive.
Shoes: Dilly Dolls, not free

I wanted to show a quick close-up of the hair as well. It is the special dollarbie at the monet in Vanity Hair. You need to go get these dollarbies fast if you want them because they change quick!
Hair: Vanity Hair, 1L
Skin: Romi, not free

Next, for you lovers of sexier goods, head over to Haven designs and grab this amazingly textured gift. There are actually four options to choose from, two sets of female silks, a male set, and a 250L gift card. You can only get one! And the catch is, you can't send it to yourself, you need someone else to do it. But, then again, you can do like I did and tell someone else to send it hehe. The textures, colors, and prims on all her works are just beautiful and even if you don't go for the rezday gifts you should go with your wallet and buy lots.
Silks: Haven Designs, rezday gift
Hair: Umi Usagi, past gift no longer free

Next rezday gift is for you foodies out there! ...Spoonful of Sugar, Wee Nip 'O Spice is one of my go-to food stores. And now she has a rezday gift giver! This cake is just hilarious. It gives out slices that animate your face, one slice for each hand of course! There are three other options to choose from, like a full on cake costume for example. It is the same deal as the Haven silks with you needing somone else to send it.Cake: ...Spoonful of Sugar, rezday gift
Pants: The Plastik, past gift, no longer free

Now! Onto some stuff everyone can get! Since we just showed some food I will stick with that for a second. Candy Nail has this great watermelon bracelet in the lucky board, along with some watermelon prim nails that I tried, and failed, to win. BUT I did get these awesome picks rewards nails, which are zebra print AND color change, two of my fave things! And if that weren't enough they have these cute white prim nails with gems and hearts as a group gift. AND there is a slic of summer hunt gift (which I couldn't find :P) Woo! Lots of love from Candy Nail. Please excuse the small peek of vajayjay in the picture. Heh.Watermelon Bracelet: Candy Nail, lucky board prize
Color-Change Zebra Nails: Candy Nail, picks rewards
White Nails W/Gems and Hearts: Candy Nail, group gift

And finally, once you have all these lovely goodies, you can join The Plastik update group and get this mini skirt. It is probably the cutest denim mini in all of SL. I need to go back and buy one for my main av. So hot!!!!!Super Hot Denim Mini: The Plasik, group gift

Note: I took all these pictures at the FreeStyle eveil lair on Horst. The photo balls are free for anyone to use if you need a place to take pictures!!
Note 2: ...Spoonful of Sugar also has a box of doughnuts in the group notices, or at least they did last I checked!