Sunday, 26 July 2009

Everyone <3's Cupcakes

Hi all, it's Abra. It's been a while, ey? I never forget about you guys, I'm just usually blogging over at my blog. I came back to share with you some candy pinkness lovin'!

My onepiece is from Niniko, and is free. My skin is a VIP group gift from Atomic, in celebration of two whole years! Wewt, congrats Ivy! The skin is super cute and has frosting 'painted on it' as well as a cupcake that goes along. The group is $250L to join, but in the time I've spent in this group, I've found the gifts to be well, well worth it!

Love, Abra

Not Free: Hair/Tiny Bird; Tattoos/Smudge; Shoes/Italiano

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