Saturday, 25 July 2009

Gnubie's Got New Stuff!

Often, once you've been around SL for awhile you tend to forget about the places where new players go, or in the case of The Gnubie Store, the first place they should go after they get their AO from LAP. I didn't find out about Gnubie until I was many months old and could have saved a lot of the agony of wearing full perm clothes and system shoes because I didn't know any better. When a member of Lucky Chair Stalkers mentioned there were new items at Gnubie I said to myself, "sure there are" and went about my business but curiosity got the best of me and I was so pleasantly surprised. The outfits I am showing are just a very few of the items that are from top SL designers that you can get either for free or a few lindens.
Antonia Marat from Artilleri has completely replenished her line at Gnubie and there are six new outfits. The Jen outfit is classic Artilleri with rockabilly style. The cute high-waist jeans have prim cuffs and there is even a little cherry pin to accent the top.
Other Credits:
Skin: Tuli: Hope Star: Group Gift (250 L to join group)
Hair: Artilleri (not free)
Hyasynth Tiramisu, Silent Sparrow goddess, has 2 newer outfits. Ember, that I am showing, is unisex. It is a combination of Sweeny, Cygne, and Dominion and the texture on the coat is reminiscent of Toxine, which is one of my all time favorite works of hers. I contacted Hya because I was surprised when I touched the board and got the items, as I assumed they were duplicates of the new player gifts she also has in her store. Hya, lovely as always, assured me they were indeed available for anyone to enjoy. This is a wonderful opportunity for predominantly new players to get a sample of her incredible workmanship. I know I was hooked from my first outfit. Today is Hyasynth's 4th rez day as well, so I am sending you my best, Hya!
Other Credits:
Skin: Curio: Beach - Osprey: (not free - available only at The Harajukubox Skin Faire)
Hair: Calico Ingmann: Fossarius (not free)
Sand Shack Surf Co. has about a gazillion outfits to chose from. I was drawn to Urban October for the cute pedal pushers with lovely button accents. I added the bra from Kenzie and Co.'s great selection of tops.
Other Credits:
Skins: Cupcakes: Enchanted Limited Edition (not free - but only 300 for a great sample of their new skin line)
Hair: Argrace: Fedora Hat (not free)
Last but not least, Truth has a great display that includes items for both men and women. There are great men's shoes there (have you ever tried to find decent men's shoes for new players before?). All the shoes have resize scripts so both men and women's feet can wear them. The Shanghai Baby dress is particularly special as the best is scripted for color change. The Bootielicious shoes are a perfect accent for the dress.
Other Credits:
Skin: Cupcakes: Enchanted Limited Edition
Hair: Truth: Twiggy (not free)

This is a meager drop in the bucket of all the great things you can find at The Gnubie Store. Also new to me were Barneswoth Anubis starter homes, Scarlett Creative's Designer Building, tons of new plants from Teizus Miles, and lots of great outfits for both men and women. Thank you so much for the awesome generosity of all the participating designers.


Sileny said...

WOW! I didn't realize so many new things had been added! Thanks for sharing this Eden. Your pics are awesome too <3

Eden Knoller said...

Thanks Ms. Noel :D