Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Moar Slice of Summer


Elusyve gave us her sexxeh taste of watermelon, and here I am with some cute. These are four adorable widdle outfits garnered from the hunt so far (and I'm in no way done). To see a list of stores and start the hunt, head here.

White dress:
***Skin: Curious Kitties White Crnobog Ivy (not free)
***Paws: Little Britain New Rock Neko black leather boots (not free)
***Dress: Sleepy Cat slice of summer dress B, comes with legwarmers
***Hairbow: Adore & Abhor slice of summer pretty little watermelon bow
***Hair: Yuzukamiya aya milktea slice of summer gift
***Outfit: Little Britain Hells Angels M slice of summer gift
***Paw boots: Little Britain New Rock Neko black leather boots
***Hair: Yuzukamiya Tsuyoshi + Bordeaux slice of summer gift
***Hair: W&Y Hair Mauloa opening gift
***Geta: Sweetaholic geta with walk sound
***Yukata: Hal*Hina Yukata sunflower 01 - aqua slice of summer gift
Sweater set:
***Sweater, skirt, shoes: Tyranny Designs The Nerd F*cker slice of summer gift
***Hat: Risusipo slice of summer watermelon hat slice of summer gift
***Bag: Izumiya bag summer red slice of summer gift
***Hair: Uw.St Ewan - hair black (not free)

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Skye Donardson said...

*Sigh* I just wish I could find the melon at Little Britain. I'm tired of searching for it, and I bet it's right under my nose, and I'm just not seeing it. :o)