Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Ssal'z Gururu

OK. New to me store called Ssal'z Gururu that I heard about on Kiriko Nishi's awesome blog. Not only is the store new and fabulous, they also have three 0L/1L opportunities for you to taste their lovely skin. Ooh. That sounds dirty.

First up, you can win this cute skin from the lucky pad. When your letter is up just sit for 30 seconds and it is all yours!Skin: Ssal'z Gururu, lucky pad prize
Dress: Salire, 30L
Hair: Zero Style, past CSR gift

Next up, we have the good girl skin. This good girl is wearing a dress you can get by simply taking a one minute survey at the new Sweeter Than Candy location.Skin: Ssal'z Gururu, 1L
Dress: STC, survey gift

And finally, you can get this dress on STC's MM board! YAY! You can actually TP around to get matching shoes and skin from other stores (there will be LMs to lead you) but I have matched the dress with the bad girl skin from Ssal'z. Because I'm bad like that.

Skin: Ssal'z Gururu, 1L
Dress: STC, MM prize

OK...one more post to do and I think it shall wait until the morning because I am sleeeeeeepy. Lubs you!


Sally said...

hm. anybody got a SLURL for that STC place?

Eden Knoller said...

I'm pretty sure Sileny means the store Sweeter Than Candy. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Anders/150/61/26

Sileny said...

Oops! Sorry about the slurl! I was so tired when I posted that at like 4am >.<