Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Beetle Bones Creeping Up on Chu~

I'm taking a lil break from my hiatus to post in free*style ^^ *waves* hi hi~~
Suetabulous Yootz has been working hand in hand with me on content creation this whole month and she's been far more efficient than I can ever be. She finally opened this morning and I'm so darn proud of her *smooshes* So I decided I shall pimp out some of her stuff for you guys to check out!

Beetle Bones has just arrived in Creators Pavilion, her small selection of adorable casual wear including tank tops with amusing captions such as "shake my money tree" and cute little feminine dresses. She has 2 dresses up for freebie grabs and it's really versatile! I tried to show it in two different styles to show off it's versatility. The dress comes in a yellow and brown option which I styled with less add ons to show you how the dress looks, and there's a black and red one which I paired with Pink Outfitters cute Eva Turtleneck for a more elegant look.

Free Style LOOK no. 14

Although those two dresses above are the freebies in her store, Suetabulous' creations are all under 200L and I think very worthy of blogging in free*style for those looking for a good bargain! For example, this babydoll dress called "Puffie Wolfie" (80L) can be worn in so many ways but I decided to go for simple chic with Periquita's chicky chic pumps and Donna Flora's gorgeous Cris Necklace.

Free Style LOOK no. 15

Finally, the tank tops I was speaking about comes at a low price of 45L and Sue currently has 2 different prints. "Money Tree" comes in 2 colors and the "Seahorse Tanktop" comes in 3 colors, I'm sporting my favorite in coral! Her high waisted pants are by far my huge love from Beetle Bones, this comes in 4 different colors and are such gorgeous staples!

Free Style LOOK no. 16

I hope you guys enjoyed these styling from Suetabulous' new Beetle Bones store, there's a few more items in there I missed and she even carries adorable handbags at 175L which is such a steal! Hope you guys visit and like what she has to offer! ^^

Credits & Details

Picture #1 Left
Skin: "Anya M 07" from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: "Black Onyx " from MJ+DADA Cabbage
Eyelashes: "Twiggy" from REDGRAVE
Hair: "Jenny Takes over the Business in Umber" from POSH
Dress: "Freebie Dress in Brown" from Beetle Bones
Stocking: "Stocking 5095 in Gray" from Tsukasa Stockings
Necklace: "Long Pearl Necklace Double" from Atelier*AM
Earrings: "Drop Earrings" from Allep Jeans
Shoes: "Ankle Booty in Brown" from Doux Petit Dahl

Picture #1 Right
Skin: "Anya M 07" from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: "Mermaid" from Bodyline
Eyelashes: "Twiggy" from REDGRAVE
Hair: "Lily in Peach" from AY Line
Dress: "Freebie Dress in Cherry Red" from Beetle Bones
Stocking: "Eve 001 stocking in Black" from J.J Poodle
Underlayer: "Eva Turtleneck in Cream" from Pink Outfitters
Shoe: "Amour Heels in Black" from ATOMIC

Picture #2
Skin: "Special Skin Anya" from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: "Mermaid" from Bodyline
Eyelashes: "Moulin Rouge" from REDGRAVE
Hair: "Emmy in LBrown" from JUNWAVE
Dress: "Puffie Wolfie Dress" from Beetle Bones
Necklace: "Cris Necklace in pearl" from Donna Flora
Shoes: "Chicky Chic Pumps In Black" from Periquita

Picture #3
Skin: "Special Skin Anya" from UGLYDOROTHY
Eyes: "Amber" from Bodyline
Eyelashes: "Twiggy" from REDGRAVE
Hair: "Anais in Caramel Brown & Chocolate Brown" from FUEL
Tank Top: "Money Tree Tanktop & Seahorse Tanktop" from Beetle Bones
Pants: "Jasmine High Waisted Pants in Cream & Gray" from Beetle Bones
Necklace: "Layered Necklace in Gold" from Atelier*AM: ""


Suri Alex said...

Great Post Anya, Love it!

Sileny said...

:O :O :O

WOW! Those items are so cute! I made need to pack up my pocketbook and run over. Darn you for making me spend money!

Abra Exonar said...

anya, we've missed youuuu!!! the dresses your friend made are GREAT! I'll be sure to stop in! Hope your creative ventures are going well, (I can't wait to see what you're cooking up :D) Hope to see you blogging again soon<3333Abra

Achariya Rezak said...

love your look here anya !!

redlake2 said...

wow, thanks for the description. I didn't even realise that there were such fashion trends in second life. I am still stuck in real life. Are there any jewelry stores in second life? I tend to like Pearl Drop Earrings myself. Thanks Anya.