Saturday, 25 July 2009

Rez Day Gifts For All!

So are you afraid that when your rezday comes around you won't get any gifts and end therefore end up feeling like total lame-o? Because that happened to me for my first rezday. Granted, I am a bit of a lame-o but still. It was the sad. This last rez day people showed me some sweet love, coming to dance with me and wearing pineapple hats and all. But I am still bummed because I didn't know about these awesome rezday specials until after my rezday. Sigh. Luckily I have an alt that had a rez day recently so YAY! I got to get these gifts to show you. Weeeeee! (Keep paying attention because there are some gifts about to be shown for those who do not have a rezday coming up too!)

The dress and head piece below are a rezday gift from Edelweiss. As you can see there are two dress options and both are equally cute. If I had more money I would buy everything in Edelweiss. Fantastic stuff.Dress: Edelweiss, rezday gift. Join group and touch board in store on rezday to receive.
Shoes: Dilly Dolls, not free

I wanted to show a quick close-up of the hair as well. It is the special dollarbie at the monet in Vanity Hair. You need to go get these dollarbies fast if you want them because they change quick!
Hair: Vanity Hair, 1L
Skin: Romi, not free

Next, for you lovers of sexier goods, head over to Haven designs and grab this amazingly textured gift. There are actually four options to choose from, two sets of female silks, a male set, and a 250L gift card. You can only get one! And the catch is, you can't send it to yourself, you need someone else to do it. But, then again, you can do like I did and tell someone else to send it hehe. The textures, colors, and prims on all her works are just beautiful and even if you don't go for the rezday gifts you should go with your wallet and buy lots.
Silks: Haven Designs, rezday gift
Hair: Umi Usagi, past gift no longer free

Next rezday gift is for you foodies out there! ...Spoonful of Sugar, Wee Nip 'O Spice is one of my go-to food stores. And now she has a rezday gift giver! This cake is just hilarious. It gives out slices that animate your face, one slice for each hand of course! There are three other options to choose from, like a full on cake costume for example. It is the same deal as the Haven silks with you needing somone else to send it.Cake: ...Spoonful of Sugar, rezday gift
Pants: The Plastik, past gift, no longer free

Now! Onto some stuff everyone can get! Since we just showed some food I will stick with that for a second. Candy Nail has this great watermelon bracelet in the lucky board, along with some watermelon prim nails that I tried, and failed, to win. BUT I did get these awesome picks rewards nails, which are zebra print AND color change, two of my fave things! And if that weren't enough they have these cute white prim nails with gems and hearts as a group gift. AND there is a slic of summer hunt gift (which I couldn't find :P) Woo! Lots of love from Candy Nail. Please excuse the small peek of vajayjay in the picture. Heh.Watermelon Bracelet: Candy Nail, lucky board prize
Color-Change Zebra Nails: Candy Nail, picks rewards
White Nails W/Gems and Hearts: Candy Nail, group gift

And finally, once you have all these lovely goodies, you can join The Plastik update group and get this mini skirt. It is probably the cutest denim mini in all of SL. I need to go back and buy one for my main av. So hot!!!!!Super Hot Denim Mini: The Plasik, group gift

Note: I took all these pictures at the FreeStyle eveil lair on Horst. The photo balls are free for anyone to use if you need a place to take pictures!!
Note 2: ...Spoonful of Sugar also has a box of doughnuts in the group notices, or at least they did last I checked!


Kimberleyy Gossipgirl said...

i don't really get how the rexday gift works

mine is on the 4/7/08.. so do ihave to wait until next year to get it?

Eden Knoller said...

Yup - or make an alt ;)

Sileny said...

yes you do Kimberleyy :(

And it does not work with an alt Miss naughty Eden, as you are not able to get it the first day you rez :P