Monday, 30 November 2009

Attack of the Holiday Spirit, Episode 2

Ah yes. More red and green for you my loves.I'm feeling the Christmas love. I used to be a total Grinch, but I think being a mom has made me appreciate the holidays much more. Seeing the little buddies all excited about the tree and the lights and the shiny wrapping paper just makes my heart melt. I might not look as awesome decorating the tree as my av does, and I certainly wouldn't be holding glass balls in my mouth (trying not to make dirty joke) but it's still fun anyway.
Aren't these shoes from Love Soul adorable?! I want some non-Christmas ones with like a cat-bat of doom clinging on instead of reindeer. CAT-BATS SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH.
This is my favorite tree I have seen in SL so far. Something about it is just kitschy classic. And the little tree skirt. Fabulous!
Hat w/Hair: Vanity Hair, see note*
Tree: A.D.D. Andel, lucky board prize
Skin: DPD, picks gift
Shoes: Love Soul, picks rewards
Mouth Ornament: Famish, lucky board prize (includes other colors as well)
Tree Dress: Stitch by Stitch, not free but super awesome!

*NOTE: The Vanity Hair hat with pigtails attached was sent to the subscriber as a gift and is not available for redelivery. However, the hat is available for 1L separately. Also, there is an in world group for Vanity Hair that has a 100L join fee. I assume they got this hair and it would be in the notices, though I am not a million percent sure since I am not in it.

P.S.- Please make some cat-bat related goods. :P

You Saw It Here First!

Before I am off to celebrate my aging, I managed to finish this sofa I was working on!
I laid out boxes outside my store for you all to get. These are discounted as shown in the poster!

Calia Italia vendor


Also a FREE tattoo I made for fun you can pick up at my location too! <3


TP now to get this [S.LOVES] Calia Italia Contemporary Sofa!!!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Christmas Mall gifts

Freebie outfit from Christmas Mall

Adorable Japanese Christmas sim ahoy! I got a notice yesterday from G Field that the store has two dollarbie scarves at a Japanese sim named Christmas Mall. I went, and lo, I found a whole slew of awesome free and cheap items, as well as some gorgeous not-free Christmas outfits from great designers.

The sim is built around a snowy mountain -- at the top, around the Christmas tree, are a number of special Christmas items from designers. The above outfit has free and cheap items from the sim; the below outfit has a 500L outfit from Edelweiss, one of three made especially for the season.

Not-free outfit from Christmas Mall

Free/cheap from the Christmas Mall sim:
***Hair: OH oh my christmas -- Christmas Mall dollarbie
***Coat: K_gs XMasParka -- Christmas Mall dollarbie
***Boots: Kurumi xmas boots & trenca set Christmas Mall cheap item
Not free:
***Skin: Mother Goose's dirty dolly skine_03.5
***Pants: Schadenfreude Stripey Patchmas Pants
***Lashes: Katat0nik 2-way prim lashes

Expensive from the Christmas Mall sim:
***Outfit (including boots and hairbow): Edelweiss Aimy Christmas Mall outfit
***Hair: Liriope 2009 X'masgift Christmas Mall item
Not free:
***Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Mardi Gras
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam Winter


PINKY*GALS lucky board
Dress - PINKY*GALS, Lucky Board Prize

Not Free
Hair - D!va
Skin - Vive9

DISMORPH. Party Flyer
Dismorph. opening party. 3PM slt. Don't miss the fun, 30% off sale and gift poses^-^

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Down the Chimney Hunt - Teaser!


This December-time hunt is shockingly not a Christmas hunt, it's the Down the Chimney Hunt. The cane and outfit are some of the items that will be in it, a preview of what's to come on December 6th - 20th.


Down the Chimney Hunt Items
***Cane: Moulin Rouge Down the Chimney Cane - Purple (comes with poses and an awesome outfit, not shown)
***Outfit & hat: Sangre Noir Down the Chimney hunt dress

Not Free but Worth Your Moneh:
***Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Aurora (large)
***Hair: Lamb Oh Sugar - Snickers
***Necklace: ~silentsparrow~ (raven) someplace to be flying 50L Friday item
***Shoes: Kookie Athena
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam Frex
***Shirt under the dress: Schadenfreude Strigoi Oxford Collar
***Poses: Ana_mations cane AO
***Gloves: Sprawl Shove Gloves
***Lip jewels: ellabella pretty pearls upon your lips


I'm bit late blogging on these, but you can still go get them! <3

Style Du Jour
Click here to enlarge!

Kenzie & CO. - Dolce Vita Mini - Olive (subcscribo gift)

Other stuff worn (not free):
!lamb. Bang Bang - Resturant Ketchup

Kalnins Shoes - Dragoness

indecent underwear
Click here to enlarge!

Dominion Fetish Undie Set (only grey "indecent" version shown - also avaliable in black)

Other stuff worn (not free):
Hair: Truth - Stacie
Milk Motion - My huge necklace in red

Style Du Jour
Click here to enlarge!

Pig - Ambrosia Silver lingerie
*YS & YS* Illetes Bag - DarkFlower (back bag) ***November group gift***

Other stuff (not free):
*G Field* Ribbon Slingback Shoes in silver
*YS & YS* Illetes Bag - Night Life (front bag)
Hair from Pr!tty

Suri, xoxo

Feeling the Spirit

Well, Thanksgiving has passed here in the U.S. which means shopping, shopping, and Christmas themed stuff. Thankfully green and red are my two fave colors so this, to me, is a win.

And now for the close-up! There is also a rideable advent wreath at Whonose for 10L :D
Dress: Moxie Polano, lucky chair prize
Hair: Donna Flora, 1L
Advent Wreath For Head: WhoNose
Skin: Shape It Up! /Mango, Mango!, MM board prize (also a shape included, not shown)

Friday, 27 November 2009


Some pretties for you.

Sweater: Atomic, group gift (250L join fee)
Skin: Free Speerit, group gift (1L join fee)
Hair: JetDoll, MM board prize (not sure if it is still this hair, it was yesterday though)

Thursday, 26 November 2009

and from me too...

To everyone who is celebrating today HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I live in Scotland and some of our American neighbours must have been having a party, and they were letting off fireworks which woke up my 7 year old. She asked why are they celebrating and I said it's because it's Thanksgiving day, she replied "ooh is Thanksgiving because Obama saved a turkey?" (she saw on the UK news earlier Obama with a turkey, haha so cute!)

Now onto the goodies...

My friend Itny has a really cute top freebie in her store FreshTrash (CORRECTED LM - SORRY EVERYONE!) , this is available for a limited time, but I don't know how long exactly, so hurry just in case. It works perfectly with these gorgee socks which are a free gift from Pididdle - available for 1 more week


I made my first ever pair of shorts which you can get at Free*Style at Slaughter City. The crotch area drove me crazy and they are not as perfect as I would have liked, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere and they are only 1L - just don't open your legs k?

The bright and zingy shoes are a group gift from M&M and also come in purple, you wear the group tag and click the sign in store.

Also today, I was lucky to get a peak at Brutus of Pididdle 50L Friday outfit for tomorrow, check out this sexyness (it's the leotard and gloves). I'm going to go nuts at 50L friday tomorrow, I want everything I have seen so far.


As usual I go all crazy on the vignetting because I have no imagination when it comes to photo editing LOL


Pic 1
Puffy Tank Top FreshTrash (CORRECTED LM) (0L)
PIDIDDLE - Scrunchy Wool Socks - gift in store
Strao Flat Shoes M+M (group gift)

Pic 2
Kill or Be Killed Leotard & Gloves Pididdle 50L Black Friday
Cutebutt White Shorts - Free*Style at Slaughter City (1L) or pay what you wanna
Aviators HOC (40L)

CUPCAKES - Daydream - Lace - Raspberry group gift (250L join fee)
Boon DKX456 hair platinum (not free)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


A Couple of mini dresses for you to wear on Thanksgiving to give your significant other another reason to say thank you, hehe. First up, the MM board prize from Aqua. Tight, low cut, short skirt. Hubba hubba! There is also a floofier prim skirt included. It should be noted that there is a pink version for sale at only 50L. Purchasing the 50L dress gets you into a raffle to win any four outfits from the store of your choice. Woot!

Next we have the Happy Thanksgiving gift from Exclusiva. The Halloween gift dress was so nice and now this shimmering mini? Totally spoiled we are. Fear my glittering boobs of might! :D

The pose chair I am sitting on is not free but totally rocks and is from Glitterati. There are lots of poses in it and it's cute, I recommend going down to the store and seeing it for yourself.

Free or 1L:
Blue Dress: Aqua MM board prize
Black and Red Dress: Exclusiva, Thanksgiving gift in store

Not Free:
Skin: Idiosyncrasy
Hair: Sixty-Nine
Chair: Glitterati

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We do not really celebrate thanksgiving in the UK but I will not say no to gifts! It's like Christmas; for my brothers & sisters, it's all about the presents!

Style Du Jour
Click here to enlarge!

PR!TTY : PeekABoo :Boxed: Group Gift

Other stuff worn:
Mustache { Ashley } Licorice (not free)

ANEXX_LaceupBoots_Brown/Female (not free)

Style Du Jour
Click here to enlarge!

[ Cynful ] - Dance-a-licious Jumper - Thanksgiving Special $1L

Other stuff worn:
Hair: Truth - Mckenzie (not free)

Maitreya Gold - Shanti Snow Leopard (limited edition)
Get from Footwear Expo!!! I crashed 5 times but I got it in the end...thank you, shoe God!!!

Suri, xoxo

Mix and Match Skins Gift!

If you join the Mix and Match update group you will be happy. Very happy. It is 100L to join...but right now there are NINE free, high quality skins for the group :O

The latest set is the Bonita line. The glossiness and rosy cheeks are up to par with some of the best skin makers around (not to mention much more affordable :P) The group skins have a lovely gem headband painted onto the skin, as you can see in the photos.

The other six skins are from the recently released Sorriso line, which I previewed a while back around Halloween time. One set has the pretty gem headband....

...The other set has adorable bandages on the nose! These skins, as you can see, have teeth painted right on them and won't fit every mouth shape, but thankfully Manis gives her mouth shape stats out for those who don't look right in them.
Skins: Mix and Match, group gift (100L join fee)
Lingerie: So-Fabulouso, DSN subscriber gift
Hair: Curio, not free
Poses: Torridwear, not free

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bingo Is back

Just a quick one now that I am on a roll :P
Bingo is back! With a new group gift and some new dresses too. Fancy playing cheerleader, anyone?

The Cheerleader
(Click here to enlarge!)

Bingo Cheerleader Outfit (group gift)

You can get these pom poms free @ Bimbo Toys:

Suri, xoxo


Just a few funny tees today! Visit [AVOID] mainstore to get these from their lucky boards ;P

PS Cardboard box is new group gift from [AVOID] , go to mainstore and join group, look into history to find it!

(Click picture to enlarge!)

[AVOID] - Cardboard House & POWER RANGERS TEE

Living my cardboard house dream:
(Click picture to enlarge!)

[AVOID] - Cardboard House & I LOVE SPONGEBOB TEE

Other Stuff Worn:
* Hair - - Kate - Cranky Brown (not free)
* [Miseria] Bitter Jeans - Twilight (not free)
* ANEXX_LaceupBoots_Brown/Female
* *Linc* Finger Tapes ($1L) DOLLARBIE
* [AVOID] - Leather Choker ($75L)

Suri, xoxo

Toastyville Bake Sale!

Toastyville invited merchants from on and off the Lesten sim to put out a few items 10L and under for their bake sale. Fortunately, many great stores responded! Here I am serving some pies with the A.D.D. Andel pie pose items. (There are also cupcake and cake pose items :D)
Top and Skirt: Sick With Lust
Pie Pose Items: A.D.D. Andel
Skin: Mango, Mango!
Chair, Table, and Lemonade Pitcher: Shine Designs

Here I am sitting inside a giant to-go cupcake box. Fitting, isn't it? I looooove the little toasts on the Tazzmania winter set. Adorable!Ice Cream Sweater Vest Top: Swears
Mittens and Scarf w/Toast Details: Tazzmania
Cupcake To-Go Box Pose Set: Sugar Mama's
Skin: Mango, Mango!

All items on the stand should be 0L-10L. Go check it out there are lots more things there! Toastyville is HERE.

Other Worn (not free or on sale)
-Hair: Junwave
Boots and Fishnets: SDWears

*Remember to click the pictures so they get bigger and you can see the details better!

Tough Girl

"Hey Kid...Gimme Yer Lunch Money!""I gotta get a Christmas gift for my kid sister. All you got is a dollar fifty!? Get outta here kid. Pfft."

"Hmm. Now I gotta get dressed all classy-like. This look should do."
Pics 1 and 2:
Pants: Ingenue, MM board prize
Belt" *CoCo*, group gift
Skin: &Bean, not free
Hat: Sway's Creations, not free
Shirt: The Plastik, 99L on sale
Cig and Smoking AO: FreeStyle HQ, free

Pic 3:
Hair w/Hat: Black Maria, subscribo gift
Mini Skirt: The Plastik, group gift
Tiger Sweater: The Plastik, lucky board prize
Boots: Vinyl Cafe, free
Leggings: Khush, not free

Thank you Batty Denja for posing with me!!!

Batty is Wearing:
Outfit from Sweetest Goodbye
Hair from Here Comes Trouble
Skin from Curio

Black and Blue

I've been feeling the blues lately so I found it only appropriate to show a few outfits that mirror my dark mood.  Cold weather is setting in my world and November is always a hard month for me.  But enough whining because it's picture time! 
I've fallen in love with Zeery's very reasonably priced scarves and accessories.  Zeerya Pyrithea has created a new poncho and as is her routine she always sets one out for a ridiculous price for a period of time.  The poncho comes in 3 versions and has been well sculpted.  Simone's snakeskin pants are not free but they are exceptionally made.  She has had a daily sale on a different color in both her stores, Style Starts Here and Simone.  Today is White and Wine so I will be down there to pick these up in new colors today. 
Poncho: Zeery: Poncho in Cloudy: 5 L
Earrings: Zeery: Fat Pack of Poncho Matching Earrings: Cloudy: Group Gift
Pants: Style Starts Here: Snakeskin Pants Black: not free
Hair: Tiny Bird: Precious Things: not free
Skin: Cupcakes: Lovespell Honey Gift 13: you can win in the lucky chair (shown in all photos


I think Rarurick Ragu of WhoNose is an exceptional designer.   Her range of skill has become so broad and if everyone could make that little prim on tight skirts and dresses as well as she does I would be one happy camper!  I fear those things, I swear.  Try as I might I usually cannot get one of the sides to fit right.  Rarurick, goddess, also includes a resize script in it but for once I could wear it and go.  The Sanna ice outfit includes everything shown here (well except me, my hair and stuff) for only 10 L!  Look about her store for more great deals and admire her work.  You will not see just one or two styles.
Outfit: WhoNose: Sanna Ice Outfit: 10 L includes boots
Hair: Clawtooth: Mrs. Mittens: not free
Earrings: Deco: Memories

Ilaya has the cute Darlen outfit as a dollarbie until this Sunday.  It includes a nicely textured tank top in baby blue and cuffed hip pants in a blue tiger texture.  My sweet friend, Shiva999 Zymurgy, TPed me for the lucky chair at Syds for the cool Amelie hair that includes the headphones that emit little musical notes.  I paired it with the free XGreed purse from Wanda's on XStreet to show her protest for LL's new listing costs on XStreet.  Buy now because many venders won't be there soon! The shoes are from the Sad Color Flats fat pack at [glow] Studio for 1 L.
Outfit: Ilaya: Darlen: 1 L
Jewelry: ellabella: The Proverbial Pearl Necklace: not free but nothing says screwed like it

Shoes: [glow] Studio: Sad Color Flats - Grey: 1 L for fat pack

Purse: Wanda's: XGreed purse on Xstreet: free
Hair: Syds: Amelie: lucky board

Monday, 23 November 2009


Gosh it's been so long since I last blogged, you know how you get out of the habit of things and then can never find time to do it? That's me and SL and blogging right now.

I had to jump in and show you this beautiful Dollheart White Goth dress which is a lucky board gift from Blue Blood. It has 3 skirt options as shown and a shirt with or without the heart and includes the sexy panties and suspenders. You are spoiled for choice!


Here is a closer shot of the teal version of this dress, the texturing is beautiful and all hand drawn, she's a talented lady, our Ghanima. This dress is not free, it comes with all the same options as the one above.


While I'm here I will also show you some stuff for guys. My boi alt was delighted to get out and stretch his virtual legs a bit, he doesn't get out much..poor guy!

This awesome shirt is from Whippet & Buck and this particular colour is FREE! Worn here with free slacks from Miw at Gnubie store, (top floor). So if you know any noobs about who need a makeover, take them to get these - they will look stylish in no time.


The Ewan skin is a group gift from Belleza, this group has got a 250L join fee but is well worth it for all the quality gifts regularly given out.


Pic 1
White Dollheart dress: Blue Blood lucky board

Pic 2
Teal Dollheart dress: Blue Blood (not free)
***Chaisuki*** gina twilight-rose peach skin (not free)
.:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Kissy Kissy - Stein Silver (not free)
Poses: in the Free*Style box of poses at Winterstock (free)

Pic 3 & 4
Shay Contrast Stripe Shirt:Whippet & Buck (free in this colour only)
Pants: Miw at Gnubie Store (3rd floor)
Ewan Skin: Belleza Group Gift (250L join fee)
Glasses: Free*Style at Slaughter City (1L or pay what you wish)
Male Hair: I got this in the Truth sale, but I can't find it now - sowwy!

Photo studio's in the male pics were group gifts from Lithium - not sure if still available but you can use them at Free*Style

Sunday, 22 November 2009

*Looking my Feet. Sitting on it*

Hi! So, I'm so busy these days but I really can't wait to post those free things! Well, my legs looking really cute don't you think?And how, wanna talk of this splendid ottoman? Comes in 3 different color, all 3 free... and has a lot of sitting pose and I needed it for make my empty room look a little more like a ... mh.. well.. a room XD

that's it.

*free* n.7

shoes: **DP**yumyum Shoes ---------- sabot(GIFT) ---> touch for change colors!
socks: **MIS** Baggy Socks - November Group Gift
ottoman: ottoman from urban dollhouse

Loving you*

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sweet, Spicy, and Saucy.

Got some free and cheap goods for you! First up, Check out this dress from Edelweiss!! There are a TON of colors of this dress there for only 80L each. This is a very good deal. You can even get the cute brown flats for free :D And I couldn't resist pairing the look with the crazy wild hair from Bliss Couture.Dress: Edelweiss, 80L (will be 100L very soon)
Shoes: Edelweiss, free
Hair: Bliss Couture, free or 1L

Next we have a dress from Sn@tch on the Merry Christmas sim (I am having TP issues all of a sudden so I didn't get the direct slurl, but it is in the main area of the sim so it should not be hard to find.) There are more freebies under the Sn@tch tree too so have at it! And the lovely bags and scarves are freebies and dollarbies from Puddles. There are soooo many treats there in honor of the holidays, you really want to stop by! I am only showing four things right now but there are like a kabillion.Dress: Sn@tch at Winterstock, free
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, free ONE DAY ONLY LEFT
Brown Hair w/Head Phones: SyDS, lucky board
Blonde Bow Hair: SyDS, group only lucky board
Scarves and Bags: Puddles, free and 1L

The skin I am wearing is from Sn@tch. It is a group gift and I love it oh so much. The group has a join fee but there is almost always a gift in the notices so totally worth it :P The hair is a lucky board prize from SyDS and there are lots more in the boards too!Skin: Sn@tch, group gift (JOIN FEE)

P.S.- The Stiletto Moody shoes? Totally free. And remember how the group was closed? It's totally open. For one day :P ONE DAY.

P.P.S.- Don't forget about the rezday gift giver at Edelweiss! A Beautiful outfit on your rez day free. Also their gift cards are currently 20% off. Some people like gift cards for Christmas *coughs* so when ever they are on sale is a good time to buy them. For you friends. Or lover. Or a random blogger. *coughs*

Friday, 20 November 2009

Iren So Far I Got a Cramp

Skin: Iren, group gift
Hair: Iren, MM board gift
Socks: E!, 1L for a limited time
Lingerie: 5th and Oxford, not free