Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Mix and Match Skins Gift!

If you join the Mix and Match update group you will be happy. Very happy. It is 100L to join...but right now there are NINE free, high quality skins for the group :O

The latest set is the Bonita line. The glossiness and rosy cheeks are up to par with some of the best skin makers around (not to mention much more affordable :P) The group skins have a lovely gem headband painted onto the skin, as you can see in the photos.

The other six skins are from the recently released Sorriso line, which I previewed a while back around Halloween time. One set has the pretty gem headband....

...The other set has adorable bandages on the nose! These skins, as you can see, have teeth painted right on them and won't fit every mouth shape, but thankfully Manis gives her mouth shape stats out for those who don't look right in them.
Skins: Mix and Match, group gift (100L join fee)
Lingerie: So-Fabulouso, DSN subscriber gift
Hair: Curio, not free
Poses: Torridwear, not free

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