Wednesday, 25 November 2009


A Couple of mini dresses for you to wear on Thanksgiving to give your significant other another reason to say thank you, hehe. First up, the MM board prize from Aqua. Tight, low cut, short skirt. Hubba hubba! There is also a floofier prim skirt included. It should be noted that there is a pink version for sale at only 50L. Purchasing the 50L dress gets you into a raffle to win any four outfits from the store of your choice. Woot!

Next we have the Happy Thanksgiving gift from Exclusiva. The Halloween gift dress was so nice and now this shimmering mini? Totally spoiled we are. Fear my glittering boobs of might! :D

The pose chair I am sitting on is not free but totally rocks and is from Glitterati. There are lots of poses in it and it's cute, I recommend going down to the store and seeing it for yourself.

Free or 1L:
Blue Dress: Aqua MM board prize
Black and Red Dress: Exclusiva, Thanksgiving gift in store

Not Free:
Skin: Idiosyncrasy
Hair: Sixty-Nine
Chair: Glitterati

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