Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sweet, Spicy, and Saucy.

Got some free and cheap goods for you! First up, Check out this dress from Edelweiss!! There are a TON of colors of this dress there for only 80L each. This is a very good deal. You can even get the cute brown flats for free :D And I couldn't resist pairing the look with the crazy wild hair from Bliss Couture.Dress: Edelweiss, 80L (will be 100L very soon)
Shoes: Edelweiss, free
Hair: Bliss Couture, free or 1L

Next we have a dress from Sn@tch on the Merry Christmas sim (I am having TP issues all of a sudden so I didn't get the direct slurl, but it is in the main area of the sim so it should not be hard to find.) There are more freebies under the Sn@tch tree too so have at it! And the lovely bags and scarves are freebies and dollarbies from Puddles. There are soooo many treats there in honor of the holidays, you really want to stop by! I am only showing four things right now but there are like a kabillion.Dress: Sn@tch at Winterstock, free
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, free ONE DAY ONLY LEFT
Brown Hair w/Head Phones: SyDS, lucky board
Blonde Bow Hair: SyDS, group only lucky board
Scarves and Bags: Puddles, free and 1L

The skin I am wearing is from Sn@tch. It is a group gift and I love it oh so much. The group has a join fee but there is almost always a gift in the notices so totally worth it :P The hair is a lucky board prize from SyDS and there are lots more in the boards too!Skin: Sn@tch, group gift (JOIN FEE)

P.S.- The Stiletto Moody shoes? Totally free. And remember how the group was closed? It's totally open. For one day :P ONE DAY.

P.P.S.- Don't forget about the rezday gift giver at Edelweiss! A Beautiful outfit on your rez day free. Also their gift cards are currently 20% off. Some people like gift cards for Christmas *coughs* so when ever they are on sale is a good time to buy them. For you friends. Or lover. Or a random blogger. *coughs*

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