Monday, 30 November 2009

Attack of the Holiday Spirit, Episode 2

Ah yes. More red and green for you my loves.I'm feeling the Christmas love. I used to be a total Grinch, but I think being a mom has made me appreciate the holidays much more. Seeing the little buddies all excited about the tree and the lights and the shiny wrapping paper just makes my heart melt. I might not look as awesome decorating the tree as my av does, and I certainly wouldn't be holding glass balls in my mouth (trying not to make dirty joke) but it's still fun anyway.
Aren't these shoes from Love Soul adorable?! I want some non-Christmas ones with like a cat-bat of doom clinging on instead of reindeer. CAT-BATS SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH.
This is my favorite tree I have seen in SL so far. Something about it is just kitschy classic. And the little tree skirt. Fabulous!
Hat w/Hair: Vanity Hair, see note*
Tree: A.D.D. Andel, lucky board prize
Skin: DPD, picks gift
Shoes: Love Soul, picks rewards
Mouth Ornament: Famish, lucky board prize (includes other colors as well)
Tree Dress: Stitch by Stitch, not free but super awesome!

*NOTE: The Vanity Hair hat with pigtails attached was sent to the subscriber as a gift and is not available for redelivery. However, the hat is available for 1L separately. Also, there is an in world group for Vanity Hair that has a 100L join fee. I assume they got this hair and it would be in the notices, though I am not a million percent sure since I am not in it.

P.S.- Please make some cat-bat related goods. :P

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