Thursday, 26 June 2008

The sweet side of goth

This week I've had a penchent for mixing pretty girly dresses with gothy skins, I'm channelling Luella's gothic revival -(Fall 2008 dahhhlings). I love this look, it's a great way to release your inner goth.

This beautiful cherry dress is from a new store called Bingo (there is also a couple of other free items in store now YAY!). The unsual skin is a free gift from The Obscene (limited time freebie - hurry it might be gone soon).


Awwww, look at my little bear, this is the Grim Babies freebie which Ashia featured in her post. The hair is the free Aimee style at Maitreya and the cute pierced kitty ears are from Katat0nik at Axis Mundi 130L (includes 2 tails, pierced and unpierced ears -all twitchy animated)

These eyes are by Aralute, she makes stunning, unusual eyes and they really work well with this skin, you can get these at Aralute's for only 20L.

This hair is also free at The Obscene , the beautiful dress you can just see below is a prize on the Crimson Shadow lucky chair, you can see this is full on Adaire's post.


While I was working on this post, Elemiah Designs sent a note through about a new free dress in store, I rushed right on over there because I love Elemiah's clothes, and WOW check out this glorious creation, the Bonheur Pink Gown. This is available for 1 week.



My chummy Azia Lunasea IMd me yesterday about a good friend of hers, Tekelili Tantalus, who has an amazing store called Tekali-Li packed full of beautiful fantasy hair in many unique designs. This intricately detailed style is a little taster of what is on offer, it's only 1L and there is also 2 free tattoo's and earrings. The striking skin worn here is the Goth - Extreme Black/Green Makeup from Frick, 1L


Achariya called to me today about this wonderous tree hair, which a new freebie from Curious Kitties, I thought "it's fabulous but what the heck am I going to wear with it?"


But then, as if by magic, I receive these beautiful dresses from Katat0nik at Axis Mundi. It's like this hair was made for them, and this Ganguro skin 1L from Frick, sets it all off perfectly!

THE DRESSES (in 6 colour combinations)


The texture used in these skirts is one of Katat0nik's beautiful paintings, how amazing is that to be able to translate your own painting onto an avatar's clothing!


Also free in the Katat0nik at Axis Mundi store are these cute and chunky legwarmer boots and skirts (the skirts I think we have previously blogged, but they go perfect with these boots - so here they are again). These boots come in so many different colours.


Oh one more thing, I had to show you this eyecover also free from Curious Kitties, I found the perfect hair for it in my inventory, the dreads from Booperfunk at Savoir Hair (free or 1L, I really hope it is still there). The bracelets and skirt are also free at Curious Kitties.

Woops sorry, bewbies (at least you can't see my eyes)


Anonymous said...

whoa Creamy - you've been working overtime, girl! Wonderful pics - I've been loving that Obscene skin this week too! ;D

Ashia Tomsen said...

You look absoulutely breathtaking

olivia connaught said...

hottie mchotface! i am so loving all this gothity goth business.

Anonymous said...

Aww booperfunk hair isnt there no more. But plenty of other 1L hairs. Great find!

Anonymous said...

The awesome skin seems to have vanished from the Obscene store. *sob*