Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Illustrated Woman

One of the neatest things that G and I have been doing recently is kicking back on the couch and renting movies within SL. It's like "date night" when we can't physically go out on a date. We recently rented "Blades of Glory" that has Will Ferrell in it, an actor who never fails to get me to laugh. He plays this...erm...intense machismo oddball ice skater named Chazz Michael Michaels, and there's this scene where he's showing off these goofy tattoos and he says, "Some people call me the Illustrated Man." You can't help but be inspired by Will Ferrell.

Yep, I've finally done it. I had to show a little ass, but these delicious booty shorts from Vitamin Ci plus these bootifulz (thanks Flippa Stella for more lolcat-ese!) Cherry Bomb tats made me do it! The power of freebies compelled me! The Vitamin Ci outfit is available for $5L, which is a little higher than I normally show freebie-wise, but it was just too darn kyoot not too. It's also worth noting that there is a 50% off sale going on too. I finally got this "Gaby" dress I've been stalking that is mucho cute. The Chinese Fire Dragon tattoo is free at Cherry Bomb's SL5B exhibit.
This Cherry Bomb Leopard tattoo is also free. Be sure to check out Callie Cline's exhibit across the street. It's extremely creative and there are neat little giveaways. Be sure to grab a dream stick and wear it! [cackles]
Here's the outfit from the front. It was a challenge for me to rock the Sporty Spice-esque chic, but Philotic Energy's Phoebie hair ($199L) helped get me there along with my trusty PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops from Urban Bomb Unit ($595L). It's hard to see, but I have a little septum ring thing going on, yet another freebie at Cherry Bomb's exhibit.
Another exhibit worth checking out is iZa boutique's setup at SL5B. I picked up this free "Green Frost" skin along with six other freebies there. Woot! And another sale worth checking out is Dutch Touch's 50% store card sale located at the separates store. The Dutch Touch top was sent out free today through the subscribe-o-matic, and I picked up the "Iris" outfit for half price with a gift card which includes the skirt and socks you see here. The boots and necklace are from SiniStyle (not free).
And now for something completely different than sporty spiciness and whatnot is the June group gift from Kouse's Sanctum. This gorgeous red dress has a beautifully laced up back and a red bow that is just right with the gloriously poofy skirt. Be sure to grab it before it disappears out of the group's messages! The earrings were free in a past hunt at Kouse's Sanctum and are no longer available for free, but this group is worth staying in forevah, because Kouse is often generous with freebies and hunts. I'm also wearing an EarthStones group gift "Nature's Beauty" ring. The ETD "Hermia" hair is available for $175L.

Ok, I'm done procrastinating. This time. Must...not...overpack...but...need clothes...but...too heavy...but... MEEP!


Anonymous said...

Aww damn I'm in love with that Vit C outfit ! I love the blog and I love the words and pictures like, but i really do wish you guys would show less of those fab expensive stuff. Now I have those orange high ups stuck in my head and my poor heart cries for it ! There I go spending money again *ka-ching* Now I wish I could get them in RL too :P great post btw <3

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Hey sexy butt, brill outfits and i need those Vit Ci shorties.

I loooove all Will Ferrel movies. I wound marry him even tho he is fugly LOL, he makes me laugh so much.

We'll miss ya while you are away, have a great trip Adaire, it's a fantastic opportunity to study'll love it!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

oh and i know what you know what you mean about those UBU hi tops anon - I'm obsessed with them, like I need any more shoes!!