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Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year!!

ok, I know I'm a couple days late, but RL has been pretty crazy for me the past few days. The kids are getting bored and argumentative- thank goodness they go back to school on Monday!! Anyway, here's a few winter goodies that are hopefully still available...

The bracelets I'm wearing are a new subscriber gift from DV8, which, I'm excited to say has very recently returned!!! Simply head over to their new inworld location and hit up the subscribo to get these!

skin: glam affair ~ moktana ~ America (holiday group gift; L$30 join fee),
eyes: ikon ~ perspective eyes ~ oxidation (prev group gift),
hair: alice project ~ namie ~ frosted (Advent Calender gift 12.14.2013),

dress: coldlogic ~ seasons greatings (subscriber gift),
tights: [meisu] deer tights (previously blogged here),
boots: n-core ~ winter boots (group gift),
kitty ears: callie cline ~ diamond kitty ears (Kittycats advent calender gift- still available as at time of posting),
headband: tea.s ~ 2014 headband (subscriber gift),
bracelets: DV8 ~ crushed palais bracelets (subscribo gift - colour change via hud),
nails: A:S:S ~ Festivus (L$10 festive nails, worn with Slink nail enhancement hud),

also worn (but not shown very clearly);
make-up: A&A ~ VIP Christmas make-up, and; A&A ~ Whisker Liner - smokey (Kittycats advent calender gift).

Here's to a good and prosperous 2014 for all of you!

Trini xx

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Alt Time

  So my alt always finds the best gifts.  My main can't really be in many store groups because I own a store and blog and those things take up almost all of my group slots. Sad face.  Also, my main has a giant inventory that lags me everywhere and my alt has a tiny one so it's easier to do hunts and stuff.  For some reason though I always forget to check my alt.  Not today!!  I am having a hard time taking pics because my computer is dying but I think I got it good enough to share.  So, anyway, enough babble!  Check the pic and details below. :D
dressing up my alt
Hair: Emo-tions, Advent calendar gift, day 16.  All past gifts are still available.
Skin: Al Vulo, group gift (previously blogged)
Dress: 1mg, group gift
Eyelashes: Iren, past group gift, still available
Boots: p-a-b @ Sannomiya, hunt gift.  You must find the Santa guys that pop up in random places throughout the shopping area.  When you see one stand close and say "Merry Christmas" in chat.  You will get a random prize from one of the vendors and then the Santa will disappear.  Keep trying until you get all the prizes. :D

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

fifty seven!


hair - alice project, day 25 of advent calendar, here.
skins - my ugly dorothy, 1L special skins, here. | 4 skins available for 1L i don't know till when!
dress - g*field, subscribo gift, here. | also a red version included!
dress w/ suit - coco, new group gift / free to join, here. | 3 sizes included!

non free
poses - marukin, Valencia Southard.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Favorite Holiday "Stuff"

Most of my blogging time is spent on wearable items.  But without all the amazing "stuff" in SL, it would be as boring at the platform where I spend most of my SL time.  Lots of awesome creators of home items, animations and other things that make SL fun have jumped on the holiday bandwagon by either participating in hunts, advent calendars, 12 days of Christmas, and other ways and I wanted to take the time to feature some of my favorites.  This is in no way an exhaustive list but a few I found worth the trips around the grid.
I would be completely remiss if I didn't start with FD Decor.  My friend, Fallacy DeCuir, has her entire sim decked out with holiday goodies.  I swear it has more stuff than Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan, which is a place my grandparents lived near when I was a child and once caused my then 5 year old son to have his first anxiety attack, which he remembers to this day as "chest".  If any of you know Fallacy, she tries to make off as if she is some scary mean girl but I think she is a doll and anyone that makes little flowers with happy faces definitely has a bark worse than her bite.  You have to go there if only to see her sim.  When you get over the shock and find the main store, you will find several lucky chairs and lucky presents with awesome prizes.  She also has a log cabin in the Midnight Mania as well as participating in several hunts.
Next is C&D Designs.  Lovely Cherelle Capra, sister of Helena Stringer, fellow Free*Styler and maker of wild hair (we miss her terribly), has been creating for as long as I can remember.  Cher frequently sends out gifts to her subscriber groups (supposedly a big one is coming as soon as tomorrow).  She also has some spectacular items out in hunts right now.  The two builds in the collage are hunt items.  She also is participating in Royal Living's Snowman Hunt, which ends on the 15th.  Those items cost 45 L each but are huge gifts worth hundreds more.  I apologize for forgetting to take a photo.  Cher also has an advent calendar at her store for members of her inworld group.  The cost of each of those items is 1 - 10 L.  The group is free to join now until 12/24.  The group will have a fee after that and an extra special gift is planned for December 25 so get in now if you have the space.
Lots of bloggers have been showing items for the With Love Hunt.  It is one of my favorite hunts right now and I will easily shell out 10 L for such high quality items.  This includes a sample of some of the non-avatar items, though I did want to also mention Adorkable and Status, who have really nice pose packs in the hunt.
Page Eames from LaFlat gave me permission to use her and Plurabelle Laszlo of Bliensen&MaiTai's ad texture for their 12 days of Christmas event which began today.  The two designers will provide free gifts for the next 12 days at their adjoining shops.  I adore these two women and highly recommend the visit.
A new place to me, Dirty Little Secret, has a in-store hunt going on through the 25th with 10 prizes to find.  I am showing one, the tree stump lounger, but there are others from furniture to cuffs/collars.  They are hidden in the store and enclosed area as well as the skybox store.

Baby Monkey's 12 days of Christmas begins tomorrow with this gift.  Yeah, this stuff is wearable but this is always a very popular event and includes shoes and accessories.  It is free to everyone.  The group is currently closed to new members as there is a big celebration but make sure to check out the numerous lucky boards, the midnight mania as well as super-cheap (like 10 L) cute shoes during your visit.  You can find the item hidden in one of the ornaments on the tree.  Pixieplumb Flanagan has told me she will keep each gift up for a few days in order to give more people a chance to get them.  A new gift will be added daily.

Other places I've really enjoyed this holiday season have been the Advent Calendar at KittyCats, which Sileny mentioned in a previous post.  All items are free and I was able to get past gifts which I had missed, which was a really nice feature.   Also, Sway's, as in previous years has a fantastic advent calendar.  Her's are a bit challenging because you have to go find the hints but it has definitely been worth it.  Zacca and nonino have joined in this year and made it really special.  Adorkable has also been giving out a free pose every day during the holiday season and there are still several more to pick up.  She is also participating in the With Love and POE hunts so she is offering an insane amount of free poses right now.

All these designers have put in countless hours at little to no compensation to provide us with wonderful gifts.  When I think about where to spend my lindens, I feel it's important to support folks like the people I've written about above.  Give back if you can!

FD Decor Collage: (clockwise from flowers): Candy Cane Hunt, POE Hunt, Lucky Chair Prize, Traditional Christmas Hunt, Lucky Chair, Lucky Chair, Lucky Chair.

C&D Designs: (clockwise from fishing shack): POE Hunt, H&G Traditional Christmas Hunt, Subscriber gift (today), packaging (sometimes I love this as much as the gift! Am I alone out there in this?)

With Love Hunt: (clockwise from Lamp Post): each item 10 L
Lost Angel: Winter Street Lamp: multipose
Awesome Blossom: Madison Loft Skybox
Artilleri: Bixleta Toaster Fatpack
Intrigue Co.: Unicorn Carosel (w/ and w/o rainbow - but why wouldn't you?)
oOo Studio: Cozy: multipose
Hanaya: Canadian Cedar Greenhouse (winter)
Adorkable Poses (not pictured)
Status Poses (not pictured) sim seems to be down!  Look up Gidge Uriza's profile, leave her random IM's and find the store location in her picks.

LaFlat/Bliensen & MaiTai 12 days/12 gifts

Dirty Little Secret: 2011 Holiday Hunt

Baby Monkey 12 Days of Christmas - begins TOMORROW

Monday, 5 December 2011

Ivalde's Advent Hunt

I have about a million reasons why I adore Nefaria Abel from Ivalde.  Not only is she an extremely skilled clothing maker, but she is tops on my list as one of the most generous on the grid.  I am thrilled to see some new interest in her work from the Vintage Fair; she has been in SL for as long as I can remember and her primary pursuit has always been period pieces.  I adored her work under the L'Abel brand but that is a highly saturated market.  Anyway, she has always consistently given a monthly gift to Ivalde group members, had lucky chairs and in-store hunts, participates in the occasional grid-wide hunt (she is in POE right now, which is organized by one of her trusted representatives, Sequoia Nightfire, designer in her own right with Aurora Borealis), and an advent tree every year.  I am overjoyed that this year, instead of killing herself making new pieces for an advent tree (and how many Christmas shirts do we need) she is handpicking an item from her collection to be free every day until Christmas.  Anyone can buy the gift; but only group members can pick up a daily hint which really cuts down on hunting time.  The items I'm showing above are some of the past daily items so they aren't free anymore.  And the item isn't always red or green.  Today's item is black.  I don't hit all the advent events on the grid these days but this is one I would hate to miss, mostly because it provides me with a chance to get excited about Ivalde all over again.

dresses: Ivalde: Advent Hunt 2011 past gifts
shoes: Dilly Dolls: Cura Pumps - one of my favorite ever purchases from Vintage Fair and hopefully, now in store.
hairs: brown: ploom: Mimi: from Vintage fair and now in store
         blonde: LOQ: Redwine: from Vintage Fair and should be in store now
skin: Boho Beauty: Sloan Vintage: from Vintage Fair and should be in store now
necklaces: 1: Bliensen & MaiTai: Beware of Wolves: also available super cheap at the FTLO Black Market in a transferable version!
                 2: Caroline's: Pearls & Cameo Necklace: from Vintage Fair and should be in store now

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Bird On A Wire

It's Christmas eve here, it's always a reflective day for me. This day 4 years ago, I brought my daughter home from the hospital. My flatmate was in Ireland and when my gf's left, there I was alone in a huge house with this teeny person. I remember looking at her for ages, it finally sinking in that she was here, and all mines! Course, this morn when she woke me up at 5am screaming because Santa hadn't been yet, I was like "yup, she's all mine!"


Remember Little Bird? There's newness in the Lucky Chair to celebrate the new store! (wow that was alot of "news" in one sentence!) Above we have "Lady" oh god it's so pretty!!


Above is "Baby" It comes with the "Lady" in the same pack, as well as brows, shapes and eyes.


And this is the special Christmas makeup, you can choose from painted on lashes or a no lash version. Thankyou so much Mio for making me and the ladies so prettiful!

Seeing as the Advent is nearly over, I thought I'd show some more from the Damiani calender

I'm loving the green hotpants (ya any excuse!)

So the last gift will go out tomorrow sl time, and you can still grab the old ones, get in there quick! And some moar eargasms for you. My boys, a year ago. What a difference a year makes, Caleb looks so fresh and young!! I would have played the official vid, but it's so over stylised it made me blush for them a wee bit! Merry Christmas peoples, be safe, eat too much and get drunk xoxox Ash out.

Hair (not free)

Monday, 8 December 2008

Ash's Second Crush

I got so excited telling you about my first crush the other day, I completely forgot about my second! Never fear, it's waiting for you in all it's glory at the end of the post.


First up this beautiful group gift from Evie's Closet. The group is now closed, but if you are a group member and mebbe haven't received your group notices (not that that *ever* happens in SL) you'll find this hidden somewhere in store. Wear you tag when you find it. It's just too gorgeous not to post it. The stunning necklace and earrings are a POE gift from Essentia. I wish I could have got a better close up for you, but the grid just wasn't rezzing stuff right for me again.


Then we have another A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Pair of boots from Eva. As with the Dalmation pair, posted by myself and Ach, these are fully scripted, so you can turn stuff off and on (poses, sounds and such). Shown here with one of the advent gifts from Damiani, all of which are transfer btw, how cool is that!


The shoes!! Sweeter Than Candy sent these out today, via the subscribo, can you say yum! Another of the Damiani advent outfits, and Denier Cri's POE gift skin.


There's a reason I love Yohan from Strayer, he totes understands my need for showing off my ass/boobs!! These teeny tiny hotpants are available for a limited time. Shown with some super cute boots from the Brain Restriction group. They were sent out very early this morning, so you have awhile to grab them. Also shown is the POE gift skin from Rockberry, so gorgeous! Ah, and now onto my crush. Kings Of Leon, Caleb especially, I wanna take him home, sober him up and swoon all over him!! So damaged and so talented......enjoi, Ash out.

Sex On Fire

Shtuff (No slurls today, search is your friend ;)
hair (not free)

Lionskins -Limited Time Freebie (no longer available)
Rockberry- POE Hunt
Dernier Cri- POE Hunt

Essentia POE Gift

Damiani- Advent Gift
Strayer- Xmas Gift
Evie's Closet- Group Gift

Eva- Xmas Gift
Brain Restriction- Group Gift