Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Alt Time

  So my alt always finds the best gifts.  My main can't really be in many store groups because I own a store and blog and those things take up almost all of my group slots. Sad face.  Also, my main has a giant inventory that lags me everywhere and my alt has a tiny one so it's easier to do hunts and stuff.  For some reason though I always forget to check my alt.  Not today!!  I am having a hard time taking pics because my computer is dying but I think I got it good enough to share.  So, anyway, enough babble!  Check the pic and details below. :D
dressing up my alt
Hair: Emo-tions, Advent calendar gift, day 16.  All past gifts are still available.
Skin: Al Vulo, group gift (previously blogged)
Dress: 1mg, group gift
Eyelashes: Iren, past group gift, still available
Boots: p-a-b @ Sannomiya, hunt gift.  You must find the Santa guys that pop up in random places throughout the shopping area.  When you see one stand close and say "Merry Christmas" in chat.  You will get a random prize from one of the vendors and then the Santa will disappear.  Keep trying until you get all the prizes. :D