Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Whisper Wednesday : Look 2

Whisper Wednesday : Look 2

Is it Wednesday already? Dang... well I'm back again showing you more free stuffage!

Hair @ Alice Project : Shizuka - Mega Pack - (Mini Mania - Target 10!)

Skin @ (Mamboo Chic) : Yume.asian cute.freebie - (Lucky Board, 5 minutes!)

Eyes @ *Asineta* : Natural Eyes - (Lucky Board, 10 minutes!)

Shape @ Syrenz shapes : SNH/Dark - #46 - (Available for FREE until August 31st!)

Necklace @ [bellballs] : Stacked Necklace Rastafarian - (Subscription Gift!)

Tunic @ ::C'est la vie !:: : Lovin' Tunic chamois - (Must join group for FREE, gift at store!)

Skirt @ *ICING* : Gift: Pizzicato Poppies - (FREE!)

Heels @ +9 : Ribbon High Heels -black enamel - (FREE on marketplace!)

Swiss Miss


Free/Cheap (items available at the time of posting):
Skin--.ploom. Maia_Milk - BR/Frec - Eyeliner 2 (425L, half off sale, PLUS 10L Platinum Hunt item still available!)
Hair--D!va Hair "Mana" (Type B)(Onyx) (group gift in store)
Tattoo--::Para Designs:: Barbed Wire Dark (freebie in store)
Necklace--Gabriel ::GB::black bead necklace women (group gift in store)
Rings--REDMint (r)M ~ Silver Rings (group gift in store)
Tank top--Grixdale - Simply Vintage - Long Tank Top (50L, closing sale, ends Aug 31!)
Pose--!bang - Stand 127 (100L for a 10 pack, half off sale, ends Aug 31!)

Not free/disounted (check stores for other gifts):
Facial tattoo--M.O.C.K. Cosmetics
Lashes--[ glow ] Studio

Pose--Ploom Glitter

Posted by Abra Zelin

Meshy Mesh Mesh

OK so even though I can't use shadows...or proper lighting...or anything that a good picture really needs...in the V3 viewer I thought I would share some of these fabulous mesh gifts anyway!  I could have made these photos pretty in GIMP but I thought it would be nice to show these basically untouched, straight from SL shots (minus cropping, frame and a few smudges) so you could see how fabulous they are with even the most basic inworld settings!  I shot three poses of this dress because I wanted you to see how great mesh items look with any pose.  Nothing sticks through your body!!
These highly detailed glasses are from bitch. and come with four options for only 1L (limited time only!) How great is that!?  I have seen some of the stuff this creator is working on by following his Plurk account and the men and women have some great items coming soon!
These adorable little pumps are from Alice Project and you can snag them in the subscriber.  Yes, Alice Project does great shoes and more, not just wonderful hair! 
Remember you need a mesh compatible viewer to use these or all you'll see is a big blob.
Dress: Koko, group gift (limited time)
Glasses: bitch., 1L (limited time)
Shoes: Alice Project, subscriber gift
Skin: Mango, Mango!
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Poses: Hate Me and Eat Me
P.S.- Someone tell LL I hate them for messing up the lighting settings.  UGH.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Just for Fun Hunt!!

Just for Fun Hunt

There is a upcoming hunt called the "Just for Fun Hunt".  Lash Ware is excited to have its first hunt since re-opening in world, the upcoming Just For Fun hunt. Starting September 1st and running through to the 30th. With about 287 stores in the hunt there's bound to be something for everyone.

For more information on the hunt and the participating stores:  Click Here!!

I am wearing hunt gift from Lash Ware (shorts and two colored shirt), sounds like a fun hunt!!

Skin: Belleza - Jacob
Shape: mine
Hat: Airflow - Knitcap
Eyes: Sorry.Asia - No Regret Eyes Blue
Outfit: Lash Ware - Boardies and T shirt (Free for Hunt!!)
Shoes: Rerty - Superstar
Backpack - Action - Unisex Back Pack

Sonic Death Monkey - Going Out of Business Sale

Sonic Death Monkey - GOB

I got a note last night from the subscribo that Sonic Death Monkey is going out of business. It's sad but true (que Metallica song). I love SDM, and they always had great stuff out for hunts. From now until the Albero SIM closes, SDM has everything in its store for $49L. Here are a couple things I bought last night, but they have stuff for both guys and the lovely ladies of Secondlife.

Skin: Belleza - Jacob
Skin: mine
Shirts: SDM - Left Shirt - Lithatic Layers
              Right Shirt - Ophsolate Layers
Hat: SDM - Hestiform Hat (texture color changing hat)
Eyes: Sorry.Asia - No Regret Eyes Blue
Nose Piercing: Francination - Zeb Nose Swirl
Lip Piercing: Pekka - Underlip Plugs
Glasses: Francination - Glasses Stripes Black
Tattoo: Pekka - Happy DJ
Poses: supPOSEdly - That

**If a mod or admin for ShopaholicsFeed see's this, I would love to have my blog added *Pixel Phasion 4 Men*

Your Granny is a Star

December has these AMAZING glasses for free as a group gift.  The glasses have color and opacity changes for the frames, lenses, jewels, etc.  They can be worn on the face or on top of the had.  They have bling/glow/shine/jewel on or off options.  They are basically customizable to the max.  And did I mention they are free?  Yes, free.  This is one of the best gifts I have seen in a while!  Thank you MandyMandy!
granny star_013
While the glasses can be worn with an opaque lenses for a rock star look, with colored frames and lenses for a trendy look and more, I thought it would be fun to wear them over sized with the brown frames and semi-opaque lenses for a sort of fabulous retro grandma look. xD  The free texture testers from Lamb had the prefect gray to compliment that style.  I'm not even sure if these texture testers are meant to be worn out but hey, they come in all colors, are an adorable bob, and are free.  So yay!  And what fancy grandma goes without lots of jewelry?  None that I know of!  So grab the free set from Donna Flora to fill that need.
Glasses: December, group gift in notices
Hair: Lamb, free in the texture testers pack on the shelf near the front door
Jewelry: Donna Flora, free in the jewelry room
Dress and Coat: Donna Flora, not free
Skin: Fashionably Dead, not free but was still 50L from Friday when I was there, though I am sure the price will be back to normal very soon as it's already Sunday
Eyes: Croire

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Random Weekend Freebies

This post is exactly what is says on the tin, lol. Here's some random freebs/ group gifts I wanted to share with you.

Top: Le Poppycock ~ Crush camisole top (August group gift, get it while you still can!),
Shorts: Sui Button (August group gift, also comes with leopard print tanktop, not shown),
Skin: Illusory (L$88 @ collaber88),
Hair: (love)- native (free in 'Please make this in SL' group, not sure if its still in archives),
Pose by .synt. (L$10 platinum hunt gift, available til 31st August).

Tube top: Le Poppycock ~ *Coral Bandeau* (lucky board item),
Pants: {birdy.}lace me solid pants (Weekend L$1, find the small {birdy} bag instore),
Skin: Filthy ~ Platinum (L$10 platinum hunt gift),
Pose by Purple Poses (free on table in store).

Finally, Beautiful Dirty Rich hit 9000 members this week, so Cameron Vasiliov has sent out a sexy giftie to her group members. This dress comes in red, black, white and pink.

Hair: Truth (L$88 @ collaber88),
Boots: WCI ~ Patch in Raisin (L$100 on marketplace here, but has a dollarbie version in brown).

Believe it or not I am wearing the same skin in this photo as I am in the second photo!

Happy stalking!!

Trini xx

Friday, 26 August 2011

Vaki Made Some Things!

Vaki Zenovka of the Insert Funny Name Here blog made some shapes based on the size of average female and male SL avatars.  She made them full perm for creators to use when making mesh clothing, in case they needed to see what an average size might be when fitting things.  Also of course they can be great help for new players or for anyone who just likes to change their shape every once in a while.
 To read more about how she figured the average sizes check HERE.  You can get the shapes HERE inside the RezIpsa Loc store.  I didn't take the picture, it's Vaki's ad for them, so don't kill me Vaki for using your photo. :P

Donna Flora

Here's the latest group gift from Donna Flora. Find it instore.

Group Gift Dress

Style Notes
Hair: Fri.day
Skin: Curio
Flower: Artilleri

OK, Let's See What We Can Do!

So, as you likely know by now, "mesh" has arrived in SL. What does this mean for you? It means right now there are lots of free mesh gifts out. :P No, but for real if you have no idea what mesh is I would check HERE for more information. The person who wrote that post also happens to be the owner of SLink, where I got these lovely pants for free! Three colors and several sizes are included but you might still have to change your shape to fit into them, like I had to. Also, you need to be using the latest version of the official viewer or the latest version of the Kirsten's viewer to even see the mesh items properly. This sucks because the only viewer I can use shadows on is Firestorm, which doesn't have mesh ready yet, so you'll have to enjoy my "awesome" made-in-photoshop-instead-of-inworld shadows. xD
The hat I am holding is one of the subscriber gift hats from Croire. The hats are meant to be worn on your head (le duh) and you can see them worn that way HERE. I tinted the ribbon black to match my pants and I attached it to my hand instead of head because...well...there was some nipple action happening since this shirt from M*Motion is sheer. Some people, I am sure, do not want to open the feeds and see my booblies all over. Anyway, awesome pants in three colors that you need a special viewer to see, awesome hat in three colors that you can see on ANY viewer, and a cheap skin and shirt to support boobies and such!
Pants: SLink, free
Hat: Croire, subscriber gift
Shirt: M*Motion, free
Skin: Flithy, Platinum Hunt 10L item
Hair: Lamb
Eyes: Kmadd, part of the 1L Your Inner Bunny Hunt gift

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Beach

the Beach

I hope everyone is having a great week.  There are a ton of things going on in SL, sales, events, special events!  AOHARU is having a 50% off sale,  BULLWINKLE is have a huge sale on items that are about to be discontinued on September 1st, Coco is having a huge sale!  Lots of stuff to get before the fall clothes come out. OH OH, and Hogwarts is the new rage in Secondlife, and I'm on the bandwagon! lol

Today is about the free stuff!  I am wearing the new monthly gift from Vitamen, Marlly is wearing a bikini from Paper Doll (group gift), and the pose we are using is from the Midnight Mania board from Embody.  The pose is amazing, and the MM board locks early, so get there!
Here is my blog if you want to check it out *Pixel Phasion 4 Men*   (I would love to be added to the ShopaholicFeed!) 
Here is Marlly's blog *MarRee*    

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Naughty Potter

Oh Hogwarts, why do you have to have such strict uniform rules?
naughty potter_005
Hair: Alli&Ali on the Marketplace, free until September 10th
Suspenders: RezIpsa Loc @ the Hogwarts: Your Story market,  sim is only open for a limited time and only between the hours of 6pm-9am
Tie: Bother , comes with tied and untied options
Skirt and Grey Undershirt: Sn@tch, part of the 7Seas Fishing set that has a MILLION parts to it and creates various Harry Potter inspired outfits.  You need to purchase a 7Seas fishing rod and bait to fish.
Black Tee: Sn@tch, free as part of a hunt gift
Tights: Sn@tch, free on the desk at the entry
Wand: The Wandery, free HERE on the desk at Mood along with house badges
Skin: Mother Goose's, lucky board prize
Eyes: Croire
Eyelash Tattoo Layer: Cheap Makeup

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Whisper Wednesday : Look 1

Whisper Wednesday : Look 1

So... I was ganked by a crazy mob of freestyle bloggers who insisted that I come here and do some posts for you all.
I'll be back next Wednesday to make sure you get a good dose of random freebies from me. Mwhahaha!

Hair @ Analog Dog : Joy Black - (No longer free!)

Skin @ Nuuna's Skins : Halloween Black Skin - (FREE!)

Eyes @ A and S Visions : SNH/Dark - #84 - (Available for FREE until August 31st!)

Shape @ Phresh : DUW - #32 - (Available for FREE until August 30th!)

Horns @ A and S Visions : SNH/Dark - #84 - (Available for FREE until August 31st!)

Necklace @ Exquisite Jewellery : SNH/Dark - #78 - (Available for FREE until August 31st!)

Tongue @ SCRUB : DUW - #30 - (Available for FREE until August 30th!)

Tattoo @ Endless Pain Tattoos : DUW - #19 - (Available for FREE until August 30th!)

Shirt @ SAKIDE : DUW - #13 - (Available for FREE until August 30th!)

Shorts @ Trapt : DUW - #23 - (Available for FREE until August 30th!)

Faun Legs @ A and S Visions : SNH/Dark - #84 - (Available for FREE until August 31st!)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Shiki Gift at Mimi's Choice

Shiki Gift at Mimi's Choice

Ms. Mimi over at Mimi's Choice has added Shiki to her stores. As a exclusive gift for Mimi's Choice, Shiki made this suit. The suit is stylish with the Shiki flare to it. Head over to Mimi's Choice and grab the gift. While your there take a look around at all the clothes!

If you want to check out my not so free blog, head over to Pixel Phasion 4 Men
Skin: Belleza - Shawn
Shape: Mine
Hair: Uw - AJ
Eyes: Sorry.Asia -  No Regrets Eyes Blue
Outfit: Shiki - Pine (exclusive to Mimi's Choice)
Shoes: FIR&MNA - The Delaney Shoes Brown

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wait, Look Where?

I was trying to get my av's eyes to look straight ahead for this pose but then I realized that this side look was kind of fun because it made the picture seem like my av is going "Uh, wait, my hands this way right?  Wait look where?  And then what?  huh?" or something. xD The shiny eyes, sparkly clothing and glamorous jewelry make for a fun photo shoot!  If you want to step it up a notch you can wear the skirt part of the Khush outfit to make it a dress.  What can I say, I have a thing for bodysuits!
Clothing: Khush, (it's actually a dress) 10L in the Platinum Hunt
Jewelry: Glow Studio, 10L in the Platinum Hunt
Hair: Dura, 1L in the Your Inner Bunny Hunt
Skin: Filthy, 1L in the Your Inner Bunny Hunt
Eyeliner Tattoo: The Golden Cat @ Marketplace, 35L
Eyes: Poetic Colors, free

Bullwinkle End of Season Sale

Bullwinkle Pekka blog

Ok, are you looking for some great clothes at a great price? Head over to Bullwinkle, they are having a end of season sale, and a lot of items are marked at $10L. When the sale ends on the 30th the items will be discontinued.

I grabbed pocket white shirt and the blue cuffed jeans out of the guys section. If you have a girl in your life, TP them along because they have a ton of stuff on sale also!

The tattoo on my neck is a new one from Pekka, if your looking for new and original tattoos, you need to get there!

Skin: Belleza - Jacob (exclusive for Mens 24, only 100 made)
Shape: mine
Hair: Uw - AJ
Eyes: Sorry.Asia - No Regrets (Blue)
Shirt: Bullwinkle - Pocket White Shirt
Pants: Bullwinkle - Cuffed Jeans Blue
Arm Tattoo: Ink Candy Tattoo - Simplistic
Neck Tattoo: Pekka - Code Fuck You Bitch
Feet: Step Ahead - Sculpted Feet

Friday, 19 August 2011


Here's a couple dark and sexy finds.

Dollarbie Lace Top & LeatherPants

Grab this black lacey half top and leather pants for just 1 linden at the Halloween Bootique.

Dollarbie Lace Top & LeatherPants

It's always the right time of year for black, right?

Dollarbie Lace Bodysuit

And this lace bodysuit is the new dollarbie at Dominion Fetish. Go get 'em ladies!

Style Notes Photo One
Hair: Kik
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Bracelets & Nails: Mandala
Shoes: Purrfect 10
Hat: Edge Grafica

Style Notes Photo Two
Hair: W & Y
Skin: Tres Blah
Gloves: Davinel
Earrings: Glow Studio
Shoes: M Style

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dark Dame

Just a random LOTD with some extremely sexy goods!  I know I just posted Nomine but, hey, it's great!
dark dame_009
Dress: Nomine, lucky chair prize (there are tons of prizes on rotation, so bring some friends!)
Skin: Mother Goose's, lucky board prize
Eye Makeup Tattoos: Lolapop!, gacha prize that's not out yet but should be out in the next day and they will be priced at only 5L the first day and 25L a try after that
Hair: Alice Project
Pose: Hate Me and Eat Me
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Cat: KittyCats, it's a breedable pet so don't but one if you can't afford regular feeding and upkeep!

Couple Of Builds You Need!

Just wanted to show two builds you can get for 10L each in the Platinum Hunt real quick.  I LOVE these!!  I rarely blog non-clothing items because I kind of suck at photographing them but I HAD TO show you these ones because they are adorable and small enough to fit on my land. xD  First this adorable little house from Awesome Blossom with the perfectly weather-worn textures:
platinum awesome blossom
Then we have this little place from Funky Junk that I can imagine fitting perfectly in front of a tropical-themed pool or on some Mediterranean style island.
platinum funky junk
Once again, both are 10L each as part of the Platinum Hunt.  You can find Awesome Blossom HERE and Funky Junk HERE.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Platinum Polka Dot


Free/Cheap (items available at the time of posting):
Hair--::Exile:: Buffy:Roots-Marone (10L, Platinum Hunt 2 item)
Eyes--MADesigns EYES_ATTENTION ~ lasting (10L, Platinum Hunt 2 item)
Facial tattoo--M.O.C.K. Cosmetics [mock] Ginger Snaps Makeover {eye/lip} (M.O.C.K Cosmetics, one of many group gifts in notices, 250L join fee)
Body tattoo--::Para Designs:: Gothic Kiss ~ Squares Reflected (limited time freebie in store)
Piercings--[-iPoke-] Morta (10L, Platinum Hunt 2 item)
Tank top--[Atomic] Dotty Tank - White (10L, Platinum Hunt 2 item)
Pants--*TuttiFrutti* Platinum Plus Unisex Low Jeans (10L, Platinum Hunt 2 item)

Not free/disounted (check stores for other gifts):
Skin--Ploom Maia (a version of this skin is available in Platinum Hunt 2)
Under shirt--Kyoot
Lashes--[ glow ] Studio


Posted by Abra Zelin

Next Stop Pottersville!

Hopefully y'all are checkin' the Free*Style group Notices on a regular, since you'll find some real gems in there. Case in point: our own Sileny tipping everybody off about the free Harry Potter wand at Mood (complete with a free set of 4 Hogwarts badges).
Here's how to assemble your own Hogwarts fan-person look on the cheap (check the Styling Credits below for deets):

1. Wear your fave jacket resembling something school uniform-y.
2. Add your free school crest of choice (I abdicated my true Gryffindor colors today + went with my secret Slytherin tendencies instead).
[2.5. Optional: If choosing Slytherin, or finding oneself in an evil/gloomy/cranky or similarly brooding mood, slip into the $1L runny mascara skin by The Body Boutique that I'm wearing here].
3. Add a striped tie or scarf (preferably in your Hogswarts school color; I envisioned Slyth's to be green, 'natch).
4. Add a schoolbag or backpack (if you don't have one, the $25L backpack at the massive 75% off sale at Coco's will do nicely; you'll find it upstairs, along with the other way marked down stuffs).
5. Grab a magical animal of some kind to accessorize (you can usually snag one for free at the Stray Pig lucky boards; these rabbits here are my cousin's, that I renamed Licorice and Morticia).
6. Wear your free wand + assume appropriate hoity-toity spell-casting pose.
7. Hey Presto, you're Hogswarts-ian!

(I will also take this opportunity to mention that perverted, made-up spells like Panties Vanishus! will not work, as vigorously attempted on yours truly, once upon a Halloween).

Next stop Pottersville love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's tres jelly of anybody who got into Pottermore early)


*NOTE: For more information on The Platinum Hunt, check the official website here. For more information on Your Inner Bunny Hunt, check the official website here.

Hair: Truth - Juliana Streaked - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Earrings: Mood - ::MOOD:: Endless Glam
*mwuahs Jori Walter*
Tie: BOTHER - House Ties (Green) (new!) *mwuahs Synthos Graves*
Wand: CW&S @ Mood - The Wandery :: Basic Wand (14") :: Oak Wood / Fairy's Wing Core - buy wand on desk near entryway for
$0L - free
Badges: CW&S @ Mood - CW&S :: Hogwarts Badges - CW&S :: Slytherin House Crest (all 4 house badges included) - buy white box on desk near entryway for
$0L - free
Dress: Malt for the Platinum Hunt - .:MALT:. Platinum Hunt Dress 2011 - find/buy blue gift box -
Shoes: Nardcotix for the Platinum Hunt - Iceli Spiked Stiletto Black - find/buy little blue gift box - $10L
Socks: 'MICO' - Lace Socks - free
Skin: The Body Boutique for Your Inner Bunny Hunt - YIBH #8 MOJO - find/buy carrot -
Stockings Izzie's - Tights large dot (new!)
So Many Styles - {SMS}Another Vintage Jacket Red

Monday, 15 August 2011

She's Lost Control Again

So one of the first stores I truly fell in love with in SL was Nomine.  Well, as you can guess, when they have free items out I squee!  This ensemble is available in the MM board.  The board only allows 40 hits a day so get there early!
My skin is from Cupcakes and they are having a sale on the Charm skin line, 100L a piece or only 799L for the fat pack.  Since Cupcakes skins regularly are priced at up to 800L-1000L this is a dang good deal!!  As usual, check the store and courtyard for additional deals, MM board, etc.  The eye makeup matches perfectly and is one of a set of liners for only 10L in the Platinum hunt from Rozena.
Outfit: Nomine, MM board prize
Skin: Cupcakes, 100L in the Charm line sale
Eye Makeup: Rozena, 10L in the Platinum Hunt
Hair: Vaughan's House of Curiosities
Electric Chair: Was part of a bake sale from Nomine in the past, not sure if it is still for sale
Eyes: Banana Banshee (these aren't free to my knowledge but the owner is very generous with gifts to her group when she has new releases)

Free*Style Anniversary Event

Hello!  Free*Style is hosting an event from October 1st-14th to celebrate our blog turning 4 years old!  The group has been around much longer but the blog is still an SL ancient at 4 years.

The event will take place on the Lloyd sim thanks to the wonderful and, may I say lovely, Apatia Hammerer.  We are inviting designers of all types of products to place an item for sale at 4L, 44L or 444L, depending on what would best cover costs and what the designer feels is fair pricing.  The items will exclusive to the event during the two weeks it takes place but after that designers may sell the items in their stores as they please.

We have already sent out invitations to many designers we adore but it's so hard to miss the rest of the ones we love!! If you are a designer of HIGH QUALITY and ORIGINAL merchandise (meaning no BIAB, no unaltered templates, no resale, no stolen content, no major IP or copyright infringements, etc.) and we somehow missed you in the invitation process then please feel free to send an application to Sileny Noel or Eden Knoller with the following information:

-Your name
-Your store name
-Your store LM and/or Marketplace link
-Your store blog or flickr link, if you have one of course

Obviously we can't accept everyone due to prim limitations and quality control but we will try very hard!  Also, if you would like an invitation to the Free*Style group as a designer you may contact one of us as well.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope you enjoy the event when it comes around!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ballerina's Day Off

I feel like it's time I did a girly post!  If you want ultra girly, well, this Sn@tch dress is for you!!  There are several colors in the set for a whopping 10L.  I like that it feels sexy but still innocent. Also keep in mind that Sn@tch is currently having their 50%-75% off sale through Monday!
ballerina's day off_005
Got another 10L?  Check out this hair from ElikaTira.  It's one of those styles that goes with just about anything.  This includes several additional colors *and* the band is color change.  The collar is from KittyCats and come with matching bracelet and even a matching collar for KittyCats (if you have them, of course.)  The skin is 69L from Mango, Mango! at the little mini event space for The Highlands sim and comes with 4 brow options, 3 cleavage options, and freckle options.  Also one with blue eye makeup if you have another 69L to spare.  (And yes Mango, Mango! is my own store.  Pimpin' ain't easy. LOL!)
 ballerina's day off_013
Dress and Stockings: Sn@tch, Platinum Hunt item (10L)
Hair: Elikatira, Platinum Hunt item (10L)
Collar Set: KittyCats, Platinum Hunt item (10L)
Skin: Mango, Mango! @ The Highlands Sale, 69L (limited time)
Eyes: Croire
Poses: Madeline

All about the 80's!

Is another fun little hunt with 80's themed gifties to be had. Here's a few things I picked up.

Tattoo: V Tattoo ~ Amnesia (All about the 80s hunt gift, only available til August 15th!! Hunt blog here),
Pacman dress: AstonishD (All about the 80s hunt gift),
Fishnets: 20.FIVE (OXH hunt gift, available to hunt group til August 21st!)
Sneakers: Bedlam (All about the 80s hunt gift),
Hair: lamb ~ Mess - My Little Pony (This weeks FLF),
Glasses: ChiChickie (free gift on counter in store, previously blogged here),
Skin: Verve - Noori Doll (Group gift instore, group tag needed).

This gorgeous skin I'm wearing is the free group gift from Verve. It comes in 3 tones, I'm wearing the pale tone. In case you don't already know, atomicsparkle skytower of atomicbambi, evoke and swansong has merged all three stores under one new brand, Verve, and for the next week or so group enrollment is FREE, so grab it while you can! There is also a male skin gift available to the Verve group (not shown). Here's a close-up without the glasses to give you a better idea of how pretty this is.

Good luck!!

Trini xx

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Platinum Hunt

If you haven't heard The Platinum Hunt started yesterday. There are some fantastic gifts.

Platinum Hunt Outfit

This stylish dress is from JustB. This hunt is a bit different as all of the items are 10 lindens each. I think its great that the creators get a little something for these high quality items! There are over 100 stores and it really is worth the time. Happy hunting!

Style Notes
Hair: Lelutka (new!)
Skin: Tres Blah
Bracelets: Mandala

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hippie Goth? *Chin Scratch*

I have some wonderiffic items for you today, all red and black and in the key of free! xD  Actually, the hair from (love) is actually  fat pack, with two bang options in each color, with color change feather attachment.  The head band and hair ties attached are also color change.  ¡Oh Dios mío! How is one supposed to handle the excitement??  More information on the other goodies shown below. 
red and black_005
Hair: (love), join the group "Please Make This in SL" and check notices for the fat pack
Skin: Nuuna's, free (many of her past freebies and cheapies are out again to celebrate the store move.)
Neck Corset: Lolapop!
Dress: Chandelle, group gift (25L join fee.  Also comes with a red bow belt.)
Lip Piercing: Ni.Ju 60L
Belt: Sn@tch

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Deal Me In

There is an insanely easy hunt over at LeeZu for group members.  The group is free to join and the hunt took me at the most an enjoyable hour to find 12 playing cards.  The details on how to do the hunt are in group notices but essentially you collect the cards from different areas of the store and then turn them in to redeem one of 4 fantastic prizes.  You can chose from the Miriam or Virage dress, Robin Jeans or like I did, the Margo jacket shown above.  I've been drooling over this jacket since it was released and it is impeccable.  LeeZu took the time to add really special details such as the shadowing effect on the chest straps which makes it especially realistic.  I am beyond impressed by this piece.  At the end of the hunt one lucky winner will also receive a Grand Prize of 5000 Ls and 2 items from the NOIR collection.

I was also wowed by the latest group gift from LeLutka.  The Hadley skin comes in 5 tones with a wonderfully subtle makeup.  I really like the minimalist effect of this makeup and am getting ready to throw some lala's their way after this lovely sample.
Thank you to both LeeZu and LeLutka for these amazing, high quality gifts.

Jacket: LeeZu Baxter: Margo - Silver: Selected prize from Deal Me In Hunt
Shorts: League: Crochet Shorts - Dark Mint
Tat: Regalo: Bird Loves Roses: I honestly don't remember if I got this in a hunt or bought it!
Ring: Rozoregalia: Carpe Diem
Skin: LeLutka: Hadley: Group Gift
Hair: lamb: Bedhead - Blur Roots

In The Pink

Here's the latest group gift for Vinyl Cafe Addicts.

Group Gift Sequin Dress

Find this pretty pink sequin dress here.

Style Notes
Hair: Elikatira for Collabor88 (Just 88 L..have you been? Great deals!)
Skin: Curio
Bracelet: Morantique

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Nurse Should Not Be the One To Put Salt In Your Wounds

Little Heaven is closing and they have a couple gifts out as a good bye.  I am only showing a tiny part of the offerings, the entire outfits include things like dresses, armor, high heels, boots, stockings, umbrella stab wounds (eep!) and much more.  To add to the gloom and doom effect I am wearing one of the M.O.C.K. Cosmetics group gift eyeliner tattoos with drippy makeup as well as a blood red-lipsticked skin in the lucky chair at The Obscene. 

A free bullet bracelet from A.M.K.R. matches well with my not free creepy fantastic AK-47 from Bother.  (It's a fully working SL weapon, so be careful!)  A not free new release skirt from the new store Petticoat Lane adds a bit of femininity to what is quite the macabre look.

Nurse Hat, Hair, Bloody Top: Little Heaven, free
Bullet Bracelet: A.M.K.R., free
Leaky Eyeshadow Tattoo: M.O.C.K., group gift (Group is NOT free to join!)
Skin: The Obscene, lucky chair prize
Black Eyeshadow Tattoo, Chest Stitches, Glove Layer Hand Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer
AK-47: Bother
Skirt: Petticoat Lane
Eyes: Croire
Stockings: Sn@tch
Pose: [LAP]

Friday, 5 August 2011

Diva Behaviour

Check out the latest subscribo gift from ADiva.

Subscribo Gift

This cute outfit includes the jewellery and bag as well. A great gift!

Style Notes
Hair: Paper Couture
Skin: YS & YS
Shoes: MStyle

Thursday, 4 August 2011

OX Hunt Poses

OH Hunt Poses

OK....so the last of my posts (hopefully), of stuff from the OX Hunt. This was a fun hunt, lots of great stuff, and here are six summer poses that are at many of the great vendors from the hunt.

I'm not gonna let you cheat and put slurls to the stores, but here is the link to the OX HUNT page.  Join the group, have fun hunting!!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Trip To The Sea

The Sea Hole is part of a new project called Collabor88. To celebrate the kick off they are giving away a fantastic fatpack of sequin dresses! Just hit the Collabor88 sign at the shop and grab your gift!

Group Gift Dress Fatpack

Don't miss these gorgeous dresses!

Style Notes
Hair: [elikatira]
Skin: YS&YS for The Dressing Room
Earrings: AM Atelier
Ring: Paper Couture
Nails: Mandala (have the new Mandala nails yet? You NEED them!)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

.... and more OX Hunt

more OX Hunt

...and some more OX Hunt items. The hoodie is from Nowhere, and the jeans are from Faces Studios, part of a complete outfit and avi you get from Faces Studios. Enjoy the hunting and more to come!

Skin: Belleza - Shawn
Hoodie: Nowhere - (OX Hunt Item)
Pants: Faces Studios (part of a complete avitar with clothes)

more OX Hunt!


Here is another great outfit from the OX Hunt! The outfit is called Intruder (Unisex) and is from SAD.

The skin I'm wearing is from SZD and from a midnight mania board I hit yesterday. The MM boards do fill up, so head on over.

Skin: SZD - MM board (free)
Shape: Maverick Designs
Outfit: SAD - Intruder (OX hunt and is unisex)

OX Hunt Blog!!

Lots of Stuff!!

OX Hunt SZD Filthy Pekka others

I hope everyone is having a great week! There is a lot of cool stuff going on in Secondlife right now, and lot's of free stuff to be had from some great vendors.

Most of today's outfit consists of stuff from the Ocio Xtreme Hunt. Here is a link to the OX Hunt blog. You have to join the group, and there are about 50 vendors. The pants, shirt, jacket are a OX Hunt item from SZD, the skin is from Filthy Skins and it's their August group gift.

More blog posts to come, I have a ton of stuff to blog from the OX Hunt!!

Skin: Filthy Skins (August Group Gift)
Shape: Calaveras y Diablitos (OX Hunt)
Ear Plugs: Pekka (OX Hunt)
Outfit: SZD - Deathlesss (OX Hunt)
Shoes: Gabriel - Leather Bootie Black (group gift)
Eye Liner: sorry. asia
Eyes: sorry.asia - No Regret Eyes blue
Hair: Uw - AJ