Sunday, 28 August 2011

Your Granny is a Star

December has these AMAZING glasses for free as a group gift.  The glasses have color and opacity changes for the frames, lenses, jewels, etc.  They can be worn on the face or on top of the had.  They have bling/glow/shine/jewel on or off options.  They are basically customizable to the max.  And did I mention they are free?  Yes, free.  This is one of the best gifts I have seen in a while!  Thank you MandyMandy!
granny star_013
While the glasses can be worn with an opaque lenses for a rock star look, with colored frames and lenses for a trendy look and more, I thought it would be fun to wear them over sized with the brown frames and semi-opaque lenses for a sort of fabulous retro grandma look. xD  The free texture testers from Lamb had the prefect gray to compliment that style.  I'm not even sure if these texture testers are meant to be worn out but hey, they come in all colors, are an adorable bob, and are free.  So yay!  And what fancy grandma goes without lots of jewelry?  None that I know of!  So grab the free set from Donna Flora to fill that need.
Glasses: December, group gift in notices
Hair: Lamb, free in the texture testers pack on the shelf near the front door
Jewelry: Donna Flora, free in the jewelry room
Dress and Coat: Donna Flora, not free
Skin: Fashionably Dead, not free but was still 50L from Friday when I was there, though I am sure the price will be back to normal very soon as it's already Sunday
Eyes: Croire