Friday, 26 August 2011

OK, Let's See What We Can Do!

So, as you likely know by now, "mesh" has arrived in SL. What does this mean for you? It means right now there are lots of free mesh gifts out. :P No, but for real if you have no idea what mesh is I would check HERE for more information. The person who wrote that post also happens to be the owner of SLink, where I got these lovely pants for free! Three colors and several sizes are included but you might still have to change your shape to fit into them, like I had to. Also, you need to be using the latest version of the official viewer or the latest version of the Kirsten's viewer to even see the mesh items properly. This sucks because the only viewer I can use shadows on is Firestorm, which doesn't have mesh ready yet, so you'll have to enjoy my "awesome" made-in-photoshop-instead-of-inworld shadows. xD
The hat I am holding is one of the subscriber gift hats from Croire. The hats are meant to be worn on your head (le duh) and you can see them worn that way HERE. I tinted the ribbon black to match my pants and I attached it to my hand instead of head because...well...there was some nipple action happening since this shirt from M*Motion is sheer. Some people, I am sure, do not want to open the feeds and see my booblies all over. Anyway, awesome pants in three colors that you need a special viewer to see, awesome hat in three colors that you can see on ANY viewer, and a cheap skin and shirt to support boobies and such!
Pants: SLink, free
Hat: Croire, subscriber gift
Shirt: M*Motion, free
Skin: Flithy, Platinum Hunt 10L item
Hair: Lamb
Eyes: Kmadd, part of the 1L Your Inner Bunny Hunt gift