Saturday, 31 July 2010

Double Rainbow All The Way

One thing about that is fun is meeting people you never would have met in world. I met a lady name Redwood Rhiadra who had a cute 1L top in her store and I am all RAINBOWS FTW!
I decided that being blonde would be great for my rainbow top since we all know that when two rainbows cross they create a unicorn and unicorns love blondes. True facts. If you don't like being blonde this free hair pack also comes with a bright red shade, which attracts dragons.
The shoes are a new lucky board prize from the store I recently blogged Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Twice when I was wearing these today someone stopped and asked me where they could get them! Other colors will be available soon for 10L each but right now there is a similar style already out for 10L each :)
The shape I am wearing is called Bettie and is only 75L modifiable right now at Shape It Up! Lots of other shapes there for free and cheap at the moment as well, all mixed together.

Shirt: Redwood Rhiadra Designs, 1L
Skirt: Yozoh, 40L gacha prize @ Albero
Shoes: KKBB, lucky board prize
Hair: DrLife, subscriber welcome gift
Shape: Shape It Up!, 75L
Necklace: *Boom*, 25L gacha prize @ Albero
Poses: Glitterati
Skin: Lara Skin, past gift no longer free

Friday, 30 July 2010

Not Just Cheap Coffee

Vinyl Cafe has a boutique tucked in the back, filled with great fashions, most 25 lindens or less. Check it out.

25 Linden Dress

This black dress with sequin detail comes in a few different colors.

25 Linden Dress & 20 Linden Clutch

Some of my favourite items are the little satin clutches, just 20 lindens. The red one works great with this sexy 25 linden baby doll dress.

25 Linden Dress

This sleek white bow dress is oh so chic.

25 Linden Dress & 20 Linden Clutch

I love anything in sequins, so this silver ruffled mini is a must for me, again just 25 lindens.

Style Notes
Skin: Redgrave
Jewelery: Morantique
Hair: Baiastice
Ankle Strap Stilettos: Vinyl Cafe

Bride of Silenystein!

I am creeping outside of your front door right now, looking for my monster man!
Hehe. But if you're not my monster man I am sure I can piece something (or someone) together anyway ;D
Hair: Skinthesis, Crazy Ass Hair Hunt gift
Skin: Skinthesis, 50L only for tonight (I think) it was unclear but it's AWESOME and there was a MALE version too for 50L!! I had to mention it before it was gone :x
Outfit: Violent Seduction, not free
Pose: Olive Juice

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Quickie Quickie Quick

Just wanted to get a Free*Style post in real quick before I attempt to sort inventory. *Cries*
Outfits: Aqua, 0L (first is a subscriber welcome gift, second is a freebie in store)
Hair: 3636, free
Skin: Atomic, not free (no longer available)
Necklace: *Boom* @ gacha festival, gacha prize (not free but cheap)
Poses: [doll.], not free

Nam3less Hunting in the District


Welcome to my first post. I was so flattered and excited to be invited as a guest blogger for Free*Style. I've been reading it for about a year and a half...*fan girl waves*. I hope you enjoy my contributions and find them useful. Nuff bout me let's get on to what you're really here for yes?

There's a mini hunt going on right now called "The Little Big Nam3less Hunt". There are a ton of prizes for both genders. You're looking for conch shells *i think that's what they are* that have cute creepy little eyes poking out of them lol. The shells are really easy to find \o/. Tp to Nam3less Hunt. I'd like to thank my dear bella Miss Olela Parx for pointing the way to these nahmmy num num freebies.

These tres cute harem pants are the hunt gifts from *[DIAPOP]* 2 colors! The chest bow is a dollarbie from [M2M] , there's two huts chalked full of dollarbies for both guys and girls, woot-de-woo! The flip flops are an absolute must have, they're color change! You can find them at In Her Shoes.

The top and jeans are also gifts from the Nam3less hunt. I like this top, it comes as is with the bikini on top, it's got some funky cuts and I think it's kinda unique. The leather cuff I'm sporting is a group gift from +grasp+ , there's a few group gift boards to go and click. The gorgeous soft, smokey skin is the current 69L Humpday special from Mango, Mango! I'm a bit late for posting it, BUT lucky us Sileny's pretty good about leaving it out at the sale price for a few days.

There's also a hunt going on for the grand opening of the Industry District. You're looking for really teeny tiny gears, so keep a sharp eye out. The prizes here rocketh!

These badbutt goggles are the hunt gift from -=FORSAKEN=- they also have the option to wear on your eyes which I forgot to snap a pic of *Doh* . The eyes are from Eye Factory, and the tattoo is from Endless Pain. This skin, my absolute fave from this hunt is from Nightshade Designs.

Whew! Good luck finding the goodies and happy hunting! <3


Look 1

Harem Pants - *[DIAPOP]* Nam3less Hunt Gift

Top - - Freebie Shelf Gift

Chest Bow Accessory - [M2M] - In the dollarbie hut for girls.

Flip Flops - In Her Shoes

Not Free

Hair -

Skin - Mynerva - Summer of Love Fair

Look 2

Top - *[DIAPOP]* - Nam3less Hunt Gift

Jeans - Somapop - Nam3less Hunt Gift

Cuff - +grasp+ - Group Gift

Not Free

Skin - Mango, Mango! - 69L Special

Hair - .:Addict:.

Look 3 - All freebies here from the Industry Disctrict Hunt

Goggles - -=FORSAKEN=

Eyes - Eye Factory

Skin - Nightshade Designs

Tattoo - Endless Pain

Not Free

Hair - Kin

Bikini - Pig

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


(Click to view large)

Silk: N1CO - Egipt Group Gift

Other stuff (not free),
Hair: Truth - Marissa/Head Jewel from Zaara

Suri, xoxo

Vintage Pig

Quick reminder that the Pig 25L sale is almost over!! Many items are marked down to 25L, some even unisex. I thought they worked well with some items from the Vintage Flair hunt which goes on until the 30th.
A quick close up of the accessories :) DooDads is a great shop with quirky socks and accessories and well worth a peek around the store since everything is mega cheap. I had never been to ODB before the picture of the sheep xD
Thanks Lette for the heads up on the hunt!
Tops and Socks: Pig, 25L each
Skirt: aMuse, hunt gift
Earrings: DooDads, hunt gift for a very limited time
Glasses: ODB, hunt gift
Scooter: FIN, hunt gift
Shoes: Periquita, not free
Hair: Lamb, not free
Skin: And Bean, not free
Poses: Marukin, not free (but dirt cheap and great for bloggers)

P.S.- Make sure to look around the FIN store, it's so fun! Might be a great place to take pictures if you feel like being a retro junior high student :D

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Comrades In Fashion

Glasnost has a bunch of cute freebies in their shop here.

Free Outfit White

This dramatic white feathery dress also comes in black.

Free Outfit Black

Show with shoes by Maitreya, earrings by Morantique,and hair by Laq.

Free Outfit Pink

This high waisted pink skirt is also in the freebie box, along with these knit socks which I love.

Free Outfit

Last but not least is this pretty bustier and skirt. The leggings are also free. Time for an invasion!

Cupcakes MM

Hi everyone. I'm back (long, boring story).  Cupcakes has a Midnight Mania!  The target is huge (999) but it just started this week and it is filling up quickly.  The prize is a Model Bag which includes an exclusive version of the new Dahlia skin in 6 shades, eyes, and 2 outfits.  The skin is extremely versatile and works with many different shapes as shown below.
Skin and Outfit: Cupcakes: July 2010 Model Bag #2 (copper skin tone): MM prize
Jewelry:  Deco: Recycled Necklace and Earrings: not free
Hair: Brande: not free
Skin and Outfit: Cupcakes: July 2010 Model Bag #2 (Sienna tone): MM prize
Jewelry: Deco: Recycled Necklace and Earrings: not free
Hair: booN: MAU486: not free
Shape: (census): Amina Shape: 10 L at the Car Wash Cart sale

I almost forgot!  Cupcakes has also added newness to their lucky chairs.  I snagged the adorable Marie Dress in Purple.
Skin: Cupcakes: Model Bag July 2010 #2 (Bronze tone): MM prize
Dress: Cupcakes: Marie Dress in Purple: Lucky Chair prize
Hair: Anna: not free
Shape: (census): Clara shape: 10 L at the Car Wash Cart Sale


Internet was slow so started to compile this pic together, initially just messing with different textures and flooring, and then added more and more pink stuff to it, and here's the finished picture! Nice and colorful as usual, hope you like it!

Massive Chaos
(Click to view large)

Hair: 69 - Mog (past group gift)
.:LeeL:. 08/15 Group Gift, $2L Join fee
Boom - Neon Hot Pants, in 2 colors $1L TODAY ONLY!!

Other Stuff, not free:
Shoes: Letluka POW Pumps

Suri, xoxo

Monday, 26 July 2010

Another Maxi

(Click to view large)

Badoura Design - Grace Maxi, Subscribo gift
PUDDLES - Sam Wristlet - ROSY CHEEKS, $1L

Other stuff (not free):
Skin: LAQ Mima / Hair: Dernier Cri for
Summer of Love - Heather

Location: Beach Walk Cafe

Suri, xoxo

Dangerous Designs

If you're looking for something sexy check these outfits out:

Group Gift Jeweled Bikini

Grab this jeweled bikini, the latest group gift at Noon. It also comes in a version without the black fabric underlay...sooo sexy! Hair by Curio, earrings by Morantique.

Hunt Gift Outfit

This fantastic jacket and bikini set is the gift in the Addiction Hunt here. Hair and skin by Lelutka, earrings by Mortantique, shoes by Stiletto Moody.

Hot Summer Nights

Here's a couple outfits for those hot summer nights.

Free Floral Dress

This pretty floral dress is free at DramaQueen.

Group Gift Red Outfit

ADiva just sent out this gift to it's group members. It also comes in a pretty green print version. The purple glittery trees and garden bench is the Under The Sea Hunt gift from The Sea Hole. Gorgeous!

Style Notes
Skin: Tuli
Hair: Truth
Shoes: 75 L stilettos from Vinyl Cafe


Pimping the new Zenith Evelynn dress, along with some freebies from GOVIL!

Zenith Evelynn
(Click here to view large)

BLUE version only $50L for MONDAY MANIA!

Zenith Monday Mania

Hair: GOVIL hair nicki LB CHERRY Lucky board, changes every 10mins
Necklace & Bracelet:
GOVIL Pearl Flower Jewel Black Lucky board, changes every 10mins

Other stuff (not free):
Dress: Zenith Fashion - Evelynn/Flats: Kookie/Ring: Paper Couture

Suri, xoxo

pookie vintage flea!

all poses by marukin - one of the poses is a gift from the TWH hunt! 5 poses in the gift. Also a ton of dollarbies available, at least 10 of them, and all packs of 5 poses for 100L. Thanks Val for the lovely hunt gift!

Pookie Promenade is having a vintage flea market! Lots of cheap and limited edition items available, not to mention gachas! My favorite thing about Pookie is that all of the stores' items have a very vintage chic feel in most of their designs, so a vintage flea event is really appropriate. A lot of the items are 100L and less, a real bargain!

beret: duboo gacha at pookie vintage flea
earrings: 1L basics jewellery from aglaia at Summer of Love fair (slurl and follow the red beam) includes a gorgeous necklace. You might have to reattach the earrings to each ear though, mine attached to the hand.
theosophy melville octopus ring, not leaving my hand 4everz
blazer: limited edition item from tee*fy for pookie vintage flea
beetlebones vintage oxfords at pookie vintage flea
socks: er... was from the twinkle night bazaar from yozoh
bandaids: reek

jewellery: earrings 10L from ticky tacky at the car wash sale! A TON of great stuff from ticky tacky. Necklace is something i've been wearing for a few days, new release from ticky tacky at the mainstore. 100L.
cockles hat with color change ribbon from pookie vintage flea
beetlebones floral skirt from pookie vintage flea,75L
shoes: 30L gacha from loveme at pookie vintage flea
bag: u.f.o. bag from pookie vintage flea

hair flower: fatpack of colors for 10L at ticky tacky (third floor discount section)
neck scarf: duboo at pookie vintage flea, 40L, comes with headband version!
dress: zomg I love this dress with the floaty sculpts. 100L from u.f.o. at pookie vintage flea
leg tattoo: actchio
beetlebones soooo last season leather pumps: looove these. Each color is just 25L! at pookie vintage flea
bag: u.f.o. at pookie vintage flea
hair: 30L from kik

hair: lucky board item from kik
earrings, necklace and bracelet: 10L from car wash sale, ticky tacky
top: swimsuit, subscribo gift from doux couture
"steal my boy friend jeans" in light, u.f.o from pookie vintage flea
flats: loveme gacha, 30L

hair: kik lucky board in this satellite store. beret changes textures!
dress: free from pixeldolls new releases
vintage pants: u.f.o from pookie vintage flea
flats: loveme gacha, 30L
necklace and bracelet: 10L from car wash sale, ticky tacky
*check out the back of the ticky tacky necklace! my absolute favorite item from the car wash 10L sale (but the massive-gem-earrings are a close second)

undercover necklace, 100L from ticky tacky mainstore
brocade cutout top: free from pixeldolls
"steal my boy friend jeans" in dark, u.f.o from pookie vintage flea
sparrow casual tote bag, tee*fy mainstore, not free but super detailed.
beetlebones vintage oxfords at pookie vintage flea, I was thrilled when sue showed me these! love the silver buckle.
melville ring: theosophy. 90L

P.S. I'm also selling some of my gacha extras, check out the flickr set here. I'm putting out some dollarbie items also(leggings and scarves, top row), if you're a gacha fan! tp here. I don't have enough prims to put everything out, so just drop me an IM if you're a gacha fan and I will give you a folder of furniture, scarves, a lot of toys/mouth things, and maybe rings in it :)

skin worn: Brooke by dekade, was a past group gift. you can get a different makeup of Brooke at the dressing room for 70L.
eyeliner worn with skin: actchio

Sunday, 25 July 2010


I have some fun colorful gifties for you today! This fun skirt from Hyper Culture is a gift for the addiction hunt and comes with a sweater also (not shown.) The belt is from Izzie's and comes in a whole bunch of colors! Win! The top is part of the riot vend set from Sn@tch. Several colors of the top are included as well as an adorable mini skirt and fishnet stockings for a low price of 45L (or 50L..I can't recall but either way it is LOW.)
The boots I am wearing are from Show Me on the Doll and while not free you can get a whole bunch of different colors and patterns in the tippy toe boot gacha machine for cheap! I wanted to share a close up of the other accessories. The pink nails/ring set is an item camp for subscribers of the U&R Dogs group. The blue nails/ring set is a hunt gift in store! Pretty easy to find if you keep a watch out for music, hehe. The green earrings are one of many colors in the gacha machine for 10L and I was lucky enough to get my favorite color on the first try! The other pair of earrings are only available to current subscriber members, no redelivery if you joined after the gift was sent out. So join the group now and wait for the next time! :)
Skirt: Hyper Culture, hunt prize
Shirt: Sn@tch, part of the riot vend set, not free but dirt cheap
Boots: Show Me On the Doll, not free
Belt: Izzie's, hunt gift
Green Earrings: U&R Dogs, gacha item
Pink Nails: U&R Dogs, 15 mins item camp for subscriber members
Blue Nails: U&R Dogs, hunt gift
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth, not free but made by the best manlady in the history of ever
Skin: CandyDoll, not free but LOVE
Eyes: Sn@tch, lucky chair prize
Poses: Miyoko Magic, not free


I've missed you.

Style Du Jour
(Click here to view large)

Hair: Ploom - Seaside for Project Themeory - $70L
Narwhal – Relax-a-ma-cat Outfit (group gift)
Bag: Tram Gift Bag
Sandals from Anexx not free

[doll.] The Boston Sphere Chair

TP to [doll.]™ Mainstore to try this now!
60L This weekend only!

If you want to see all the vendors in this week's 60L weekend, click here to see the Official Gallery!

Location: CalanDiva
Suri, xoxo

Double Cherry

The Addiction Hunt has already made its way all over the feeds, but there's one particular free denim zip minidress gift by Ancayi that I can't seem to stop parading around in. As always, the deets make it: a hint of black lace barely peeking out of the bodice, the full-body zip-up + the double-cherry stamp are just the cutest.
You can never have enough cherry, so I'm showing yet another gift from the Twisted & Spoiled lucky chairs: these free super furry, shagadelic cherry-red boots. The way the "fur" shimmers + moves on these is absolutely divine; plus the little "star" drawstrings are just adorable.
I'm also showing a new sale skin by Dekade @ The Dressing Room, which you can grab for $70L + I think totally channels ScarJo. (<--- click the link for the infamous "boob grab" video)
Double cherry love + fashionista kisses to all!
Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's actually eating cherries right now)


Dress: Ancayi - Jeans Dress - The Addiction Hunt #80 - free
Furry boots: Twisted & Spoiled - Furry Cherry Boot - lucky chair prize -
Hair: Exile @ The Dressing Room - Layne/Molten
Skin: Dekade @ The Dressing Room - Brooke 2 - Sunkissed/Hair/L Brows/TDR -
Earrings: Glow Studio - He is Mine! Gold earrings
Donna Flora - Lia necklace
Donna Flora - Carmen bracelet
Tattoo: dEVOL (store closed) - Hibiscus Tattoo
Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Clover
Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Pose: PewPew - Pinup_05 - ProPosers Hunt #37 -

Dead Bunnehs For You And Me

Dead Bunneh Midnight Mania Board Free Skin - VIXEN!

There is also a group giftee skin avail! :)


Hair - Little Heaven Lucky Chair Prize

Skin - Dead Bunneh MM Board and Group Gift

Duct Tape - Not Free. League. Hurts to take off. :)

Have a great day Freestylers!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Party's Over!

Feeling utterly disgusted and equally embarrassed she decided to walk rather than ride home from the party with her "friends." Somewhere on the way home she fell down, tearing her stockings and smearing her eye liner as she cried. She felt as if she might have sprained her ankle and decided to stop in an unfamiliar gas station to use a phone to call her parents, even though she knew they would be upset.
Once inside the station she saw that though the lights were on it appeared to be completely deserted. She heard a noise coming from the garage area and decided to see if there was someone in there who might help her. She looked around and saw no one. She was about to leave when she heard a skittering sound, much like the sound of her dog's claws on the floor when they got too long. She turned slowly toward the sound, expecting to see a scary guard dog coming towards her; when she saw the pair of glowing red eyes moving closer from the far, dark corner she knew this was much worse.
Dress: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 10L. In fact, the entire store is 0L-10L!
Skin: Sunny Soon Su Skin, lucky board prize. There are also three group gifts and more prizes. Even the skins range from 250L-500L. The 500L pack of skins include many makeups, teeth or no teeth option, and cleavage options!!! Thank you Strawberry Citron for the tip!
Hair: Truth, not free
Hair Bow: Truth, free
Stockings: Sheer, not free
Shoes: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 1L
Poses and Pose Set: Glitterati, not free

Gorgeous Violet

Theres a big event going on in the fetish community this weekend, International Femdom Day. There's going to be lots of parties, discussions, a Leezu fashion show and some great gifties, including these limited edition violet suede floral boots, free this weekend only then never to be seen again.

Limited Edition FREE Violet Suede Boots

Grab them in the exhibit area of the event sim here. The sim opens today at 10 am SLT (Saturday the 24th) then closes at 4 pm SLT Sunday. Don't miss out!

Leezu Dress

I had to show more of this gorgeous Leezu gown (not free). It's a real show stopper.

Style Notes
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: Truth
Jewelery: Paper Couture