Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Party's Over!

Feeling utterly disgusted and equally embarrassed she decided to walk rather than ride home from the party with her "friends." Somewhere on the way home she fell down, tearing her stockings and smearing her eye liner as she cried. She felt as if she might have sprained her ankle and decided to stop in an unfamiliar gas station to use a phone to call her parents, even though she knew they would be upset.
Once inside the station she saw that though the lights were on it appeared to be completely deserted. She heard a noise coming from the garage area and decided to see if there was someone in there who might help her. She looked around and saw no one. She was about to leave when she heard a skittering sound, much like the sound of her dog's claws on the floor when they got too long. She turned slowly toward the sound, expecting to see a scary guard dog coming towards her; when she saw the pair of glowing red eyes moving closer from the far, dark corner she knew this was much worse.
Dress: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 10L. In fact, the entire store is 0L-10L!
Skin: Sunny Soon Su Skin, lucky board prize. There are also three group gifts and more prizes. Even the skins range from 250L-500L. The 500L pack of skins include many makeups, teeth or no teeth option, and cleavage options!!! Thank you Strawberry Citron for the tip!
Hair: Truth, not free
Hair Bow: Truth, free
Stockings: Sheer, not free
Shoes: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 1L
Poses and Pose Set: Glitterati, not free