Saturday, 31 July 2010

Double Rainbow All The Way

One thing about that is fun is meeting people you never would have met in world. I met a lady name Redwood Rhiadra who had a cute 1L top in her store and I am all RAINBOWS FTW!
I decided that being blonde would be great for my rainbow top since we all know that when two rainbows cross they create a unicorn and unicorns love blondes. True facts. If you don't like being blonde this free hair pack also comes with a bright red shade, which attracts dragons.
The shoes are a new lucky board prize from the store I recently blogged Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Twice when I was wearing these today someone stopped and asked me where they could get them! Other colors will be available soon for 10L each but right now there is a similar style already out for 10L each :)
The shape I am wearing is called Bettie and is only 75L modifiable right now at Shape It Up! Lots of other shapes there for free and cheap at the moment as well, all mixed together.

Shirt: Redwood Rhiadra Designs, 1L
Skirt: Yozoh, 40L gacha prize @ Albero
Shoes: KKBB, lucky board prize
Hair: DrLife, subscriber welcome gift
Shape: Shape It Up!, 75L
Necklace: *Boom*, 25L gacha prize @ Albero
Poses: Glitterati
Skin: Lara Skin, past gift no longer free