Friday, 30 April 2010

{what next} May Group Gift

{what next} May Group Gift

This adorable package of items is the May group gift from {what next}. If you aren't a member just go to the main store and hit the subscribo and then history to grab it. The mug gives out coffee and the picture frame is mod so you can add your own photos. I love the suitcases! The store is celebrating it's one year anniversary. Congratulations and thank you for the lovely gift!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

apache rose peacock

Hello! A-Bomb sandals and Sn@tch peacock earrings, loves of my SLife :)

all poses by Estetica!

earrings: Sn@tch Pavo Peacock earrings, 100L onlyyyy
white halter: A-Bomb, Alt Fair gift
skirt: 75L at A-Bomb booth
sandals: 100L, copper, charity item from A-Bomb
nails: cost me 800L from MStyle but tooootally worth it. colorchange.
hair: CriCri hair, comes in two styles for the price of one, and two kinds of ribbon positions. This hair is scripted in ways I never thought was possible!

hair flower: Ticky Tacky discount area, fatback for 10L. very pretty flowers!
hair: Berries' Inc, Zombie Popcorn hunt gift.
outfit: Sn@tch Lil Nipper outfit, 275L for fatpack (trans)
sandals: A-Bomb's Phoxx colorchange sandals, 300L, donation item
tatts: actchio.

Star of the show - the Phoxx sandals by A-Bomb are in a special copper color at 100L and every cent goes to charity. A-Bomb has also put their newest release of the Phoxx sandals in colorchange in a donation vendor(50% going to Nothing but Nets) for 300L.

I think that these are the prettiest shoes that A-Bomb has ever made and they're perfect for summer/wearing with socks/just throwing on without bothering about prim foot color. Super realistic sculpts, I love them. It's really generous of A-Bomb to be donating their work towards this charity. Please consider heading down and getting these beautiful sandals - your lindens will be going to Nothing but Nets! I am very partial towards the copper color, it's such a nude shade and goes with everything. From A-Bomb - "These are named Phoxxe after a friend of Addison's who lost a battle with brain cancer.  Her favorite color was copper, thus the single-color pair in copper with all proceeds going to the fair charity, Nothing but Nets."

The white sculpted skirt is also soooo good - who doesn't need a vintage skirt with polkadots! 75L at the A-Bomb booth. The white halter is an Alt Fair gift from A-Bomb, so now you really have no reason not to head down to their booth :)

Sn@tch Peacock Pavo earrings that I really cannot take off! So so detailed. They're only 100L, Ivey's items have always been affordable, and she's one of the sponsors for Alt Fair. Don't forget to get the massive Sn@tch gift at their booth too! I'm also showing the Lil' Nipper outfit from the lights pack. Sn@tch things aren't necessarily all gothy or bloody haha. Lots of pretty things at Alt Fair for everyone! And also you can be all breasty and wear the Lil' Nipper outfit without the sheer top, the suspender straps strategically cover your nipples perfectly. Don't take my word for it though, try them out! :D Also, don't forget that Sn@tch fatpacks clothing at 275L, but they are trans. Share with friends and you get full outfits for less than 50L!

Here, have some heavily unedited photos haha. I really shouldn't be posting at all because I have an EXAM ahhh die but I just wanted to show some things that are not to be missed out on at ALT FAIR! Which ends on the day that my exams end so I MUST show you these! Also scoop up the deals on the official bloggers' posts here by Sileny and Isabeau, I've really enjoyed their posts.

Do You Need A House?

Pash, is having a big closing down sale. If you would like a decent skybox with good textures, furniture included with animations inside, now's the time to get it!

All under $5L!











TP to *PASH*!

Suri, xoxo

Call the Doctor!

Dr. Life has some amazing new prizes in their lucky boards and I think you will agree that they are must haves.
dr life_003
Skin, Hair, Necklace: Dr. Life, group only lucky board prizes. Prepare for lag!
Corset: Pink Posh, lucky chair prize
Pose: Creamy Cooljoke for Free*Style HQ, free

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A Glam Affair

Glam Affair has a fantastic discount store with almost every item priced at 10 lindens AND they've just added a bunch of new items. Here's a few favourites from the shop.

Glam Affair 20 Linden White Gown

This spectacular white gown is the only 20 linden item I purchased. Well worth it I'd say.

Glam Affair 10 Linden Party Dress

Everyone needs a little black party dress. This one is a classic.

Glam Affair 10 Linden Lingerie Set

This racy lingerie set comes complete with garter and stockings.

Glam Affair 10 Linden Red Dress

I love this flirty red dress, available in a bunch of colors.

Glam Affair 10 Linden Outfit In Red

Last but not least I love this mod outfit with sash.

This shop is huge and includes a big menswear department so bring you boy along when you go shopping! You'll also find skins and many other high quality items. Enjoy!

Style Notes (none of these items are free but all well worth it)
Hair: W&Y
Skin: Tuli Eva
Black Shoes: Stiletto Moody
Red Shoes: Maitreya
Jewellery Set: Mortanique (my absolute new favourite)

All pictures taken using the Diesel Works Polywall.


Candydoll subscribo gifts!



Hair: Truth - Reese not free
Clothes worn on both pics: from Candydoll subscribo gifts
Necklace: .:A&M:. Caged Pearls Necklaces - Coper Gold - Stumblebum B. #16
Bracelet: :::Sole Fook leather bracelet::: Eels Sim Opening Gift (it's under water!)

Suri, xoxo

A Bunch of Cuteness

I have three cute freebie outfits for you! First up, The YomeShoujo lucky board dress!
Followed by the Dilly Dolls Midnight Mania dress (board exclusive color!)
And finally, the Sangre Noir lucky board dress! Lots of colors available :)

Pic. 1:
-Dress: YomeShoujo, lucky board prize
-Shoes: Juicy, not free, new release
Pic. 2:
-Dress and Socks: Dilly Dolls, MM board prize
-Boots: *CoCo*, group gift in store
Pic. 3:
-Dress: Sangre Noir, lucky board prize
-Shoes: Juicy, not free, new release
Worn Throughout:
Skins: Mango, Mango! @ alt fair, not free but 50%-100% of the cost goes to charity
Hair: Lamb

[Summer's coming]

Hello all! So how are you? Ready for some cool-stylish freebie? First of all "so what" stor eis a man store but is going to be one of my fav stores ever! It has a lot of freebie, a luckyboard and well you cant miss it! Girlz and boyz! my store I put a lot of freebie, shirt, dress, swimsuit, a skin, an outfit and if you join the subscribo a swimsuit! all special colors that I'm not going to sell at official price. As we all love freebie and I love you so much, and I'm still believing that freebie is not always like bad quality but high quality. We freebie-hunters have the must to find a cool way to wear freebie and you too have to do! XD
So here are my summertime looks*
Have fun!

.CREDITS. (for freebie item only)

Pants & Jacket from "so what" store (comes with sculpted part but I also like as it is in my pic ^^) --> have a look and you can find other freebie too!!!!
Shirt: eha opening gift (rly nice and simple..there are even hair for free)

Shirt from mijn.t (in store you can find other mh..3 boxes with free items)

Swimsuit gift from mijn.t's subscribe o matic

Monday, 26 April 2010


DV8 has some very awesome deals right now.
The Bad Poetry outfit can be found in the lucky chairs in one color and the 7Seas fishing in another color. There are tons of options to this outfit which is always a plus.
The matching boots and tanks have been set out for sale at their normal low price.
The accessories (including arm bands, choker, and two styles of hair!) can be won in the riot vend for as low as 25L. I am in love with this hair so yay!
Right now there are also a few sets that are limited edition for sale and only 27 are available of each so if you want one of those colors act fast! All the accessory sets will be gone for good on midnight SLT 5-3-10 so hurry if you want them!
Poses by Estetica
All Clothing by DV8
Skin by Violent Seduction (only 200L per skin and 500L for the fat pack!)

Peek-A-Boo, You See Um, Some Stuffs

I was cruisin' thru one of my fave Lady Gaga gear stores Diram when I spotted this simple yet smexeh $1L sheer lingerie dress waiting patiently to be scooped, along with tons of other $1L gifties in the corner. Check out the flirty, flouncy peek-a-boo lace skirt situation on this naughty number; a certain someone was a big fan of this peek-a-boo, see-thru look.
This $1L pose is good for pretending to cover up the nips. Heh. *mwuahs Suri*
I paired this dress with some free lace-topped stockings by Mirrors + these double-buckle, "peek-a-boo" toe boots, which come free courtesy of Mayden Couture. I actually don't own any '80s throwback stuff in RL (kinda on fashion principle) but I was glad to make a SL exception for these open-toe boots here.
If this naughty lingerie dress doesn't score ya some SL action, well, maybe it's time to get your guy some glasses. *concerned smile* Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who never needs to get a certain someone any glasses)


Black lace dress: Diram - La Robe Pretty Noire - group
$1L gift (join group for $0L; this + tons more $1L gifts in the corner; this dress also comes in white -- look for another box labeled "La Robe Pretty Blanche") - $1L
Shoes: Mayden Couture - Boots black - profile picks gift - free
Stockings: Mirrors - Ribbon Stocking Black - group gift - free
Earrings: Donna Flora - Violetta Earrings - $1L
Hair: Yuzukamiya - Ritsu (Gray)
Bracelets: Pacadi Jasha - Egyptian Queen - Bracelets (White Gold)
Necklace: Pacadi Jasha - Verandi Necklace - G-Tone
Skin: Tuli - Sayuri tone2 (freckles) - VIP update group special ($250L group join fee) - free
Poses by
Free*Style's own Suri Christen for [doll] - Katie 10 - $1L (1st photo) and Lenka 05 - $1L (last photo)

Pink Posh Burlesque Corsets

Lois Millgrove, who owned SkinSane, has opened a new store called Pink Posh.  She has loaded her lucky chair with an amazing burlesque corset set in 4 different colors.  My pal, Jacqui Pobieski, TP'ed me for the black version and I hung out with fellow Lucky Chair Stalkers and won 2 more!  The set includes a laced-up corset, sexy little panties and gartered stockings.
Poor Jacquie and Sileny didn't win anything yet but like the good shoppers they are they had already bought half the store.

Credits (left to right):
Corset: Pink Posh: Burlesque Corset - Evening: not free
Skirt: Pink Posh: Laced Corset Skirt: not free - I ended up getting it to as you can color it a million ways
Boots: Bax Coen: Prestige II - Black: not free
Hair: Analog Dog: Monday: Blonde: not free but she says the Cherry version is free
Skin: Redgrave: Lyla: not free
Corset set: Pink Posh Burlesque Corset - Black: Lucky Chair prize
Boots: HOC: Noir Boots: not free
Hair: Cassidy2: Happy Blonde: not free
Skin: Cupcakes: Allure - Sanguine: not free
Corset: Pink Posh: Laced Corset Gold: not free
Skirt: Pink Posh: Laced Corset Skirt: not free
Boots: Hoorenbeek: Luxe: not free
Hair: Fashionably Dead: Sparks - Peanut
Skin: Lara Skins: previous group gift

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Made Of Silk

Haven Designs is my favorite place to shop for silk! Always some nice designs with delicious textures and detail sculpting. What you see below is from the lucky chair! Letter change every 10 minutes, I finally got mine through a wildcard round after Beulah gave me some help to help it move along! Beulah, you're my lucky star!

Style Du Jour

Hair: Truth - Mena not free
Silk: *Haven Designs* Princess lucky chair prize, change every 10 mins
Bangles: [MANDALA] TAKARA Bangle/pink not free

Pose: [doll.]™ Lenka 10

Suri, xoxo

Alice In Wonderland

I was just going around my usual business when Miyoko sent me a TP to this lovely dress!

I love the light colors and the lace on this dress. Flattering cuttings makes my boobies look big ~.~

Miyoko has been very kind to give me the LM to the place where I took this pic as well! Alice In Wonderland theme background inspired me to make a free pose for my group too!

[doll.] Gift Pose #1 - Alice In Wonderland

Hair: Truth Annie not free
Dress: Lo*Momo Alice lucky board (changes every 5 mins)
Bag: Sole Sister Cassandra Bag, $1L
Shoes: [PM] Baby T : Sky not free

Pose: [doll.] Gift Pose #1 - Alice In Wonderland subscribe-o-matic members ONLY!
Otherwise $1L in store (with option of a poseball too!)

Pic taken @:

If you are interested in the font I used in the pic, it is avaliable for download!
It's called "Beyond Wonderland", perfect for this theme!

While the $60L weekend event is still on, you can grab a pack of 2 couple poses for $60L! Ends tonight midnight prompt.

[doll.] $60L Weekend Special - 2 couple poses

Suri, xoxo

to the left

ahha this is very me right now.

hair: D!va group gift to celebrate 1000 members! in notices, fatpack
gorgeous pink suede blazer with sculpted shoulders, collar and cuffs (comes with pencil skirt too!) JE*Republic group gift
highwaisted skirt and belt: R.icielli gift at counter(go in, on the left)
sharp nails and rings: MStyle
shoes: Sn@tch mainstore, insanely detailed studs and spikes.
pose: Ana pose pack, new-ish release from [doll.]
tattoo: actchio.

Quick Jam-Packed Post!

I was going to make this two separate posts but seeing as I am super busy in SL and RL I will make it one. It's going to be fun times! First up, MiaSnow has a great deal for you!
Slow Kitchen and MiaSnow1
If you are under 45 days old you can get a pack of skins, in four tones, with two makeups each, for free! And if you are older than 30 days you can buy the whole shebang for only 100L! Sweet!
Slow Kitchen and MiaSnow 2
Next up for more free skin goodness we have the return of Romi Skins!! This is one of my favorite stores for my other av and I was so sad to see them go but stayed in the group for, I don't know, memories? And then when I got a notice that they were open and had a group gift I was sooo happy!! You can get the skin as a group gift (100L join fee, several tones) or you can win it on the lucky board.
Romi and theory. 3
The tee shirt I am wearing is a subscriber gift from Theory. along with several other colors and styles. The dino bag has three sits and can be won in the lucky board along with a pancake version (lol!)
Romi and theory. 2
Red and Green Sleeved Shirt and Anchor Necklace: Slow Kitchen, group gifts
First Two Skins: MiaSnow, free for under 45 days or 100L for the fat pack
Green Eyes: MiaSnow, free
Red Hair: Exile, past group gift. No longer available in this color to my knowledge
Black Tee Shirt: Theory., subscriber gift
Dins Bag: Theory., lucky board prize
Jeans: Deviance, past gift no longer free
Two-Toned Hair: DejaVu, past gift. No Longer free or in this color to my knowledge (can't seem to find the store slurl)
Third/Fourth Skin: Romi Skin, group gift (100L join fee) or lucky board prize

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Dressing Room and Boudoir

I wanted to share a few finds from The Dressing Room and Boudoir. All items from The Dressing Room range in price from 40 to 70 lindens. Not quite free but almost!

Dressing Room A & A Fashion

The Dressing Room has brand new items available from top designers, including this sexy dress from A & A.

Boudoir Gift

This gorgeous flirty dress is a new free item from Boudoir. I've accessorized it with Paper Couture hair and shoes by Stiletto Moody (not free).


These shoes from YS at The Dressing Room are fully scripted with color change menus for the skin and nails.

Dressing Room Glam Affair

This Glam Affair outfit, also from The Dressing Room, includes the leggings and the gloves.

Dressing Room Veschi

Grab this dress from Veschi at The Dressing Room. I've worn it without the cowl neck prim. The feathery shoes are from Maitreya Gold (not free).

Dressing Room R.icelli Bodysuit

Ricielli is offering a fatpack of these bodysuits at The Dressing Room (purple, azure and tan). Shown here with the Stiletto Moody sky high boots (not free).

Dressing Room SMS Dress

And last but not least, this flirty SMS dress is also at The Dressing Room. The stockings are from League (not free).

The dressing room items are only available for the next two weeks so get them while you can!


skin: charity item from Mango, Mango! love love this skin.
amazing dress, comes with shoes, hat and mask: 0L, donation item from Show Me On The Doll! All Putrid asks is that you make a donation to Nothing But Nets!
hair: CAHH hunt item Love Soul. Hint: Be very good at camming around the subscribo area.
earrings: Tik Tok, new release at Alt Fair!
tiara and necklaces: Violet Voltaire
flats: Strawberry Fluffcake, sooo cuteee. I wasted hundreds of linden getting these in the 50 Flats gacha. lol. i think they're 40L per play.
tattoos: actchio. arm tattoos are 50L for a bit more til I open my store. I really like the leg tattoos, I've wanted these in SL for ages.

hair: The Stringer Mausoleum by Helena Stringer. Currently 50L for an entire color pack(I bought random pack!) and 50L for all color packs in store! happy belated birthday, lady! She's also having a harpies feather hunt around the sim and I'm sad because I cannot find the other 3 skins in the feathers lol. helpp, someone go hunt and we can trade tips! I got gorgeous horns, hairs and one skin but I want moooree!
skin: The Stringer Mausoleum at Alt Fair. These are some beautiful, detailed skins with the right highlights. Helena has put out a pack of FOUR gradient skins for 600L as a charity item, while she usually sells her skins for 400L each! I bought this one. demo at her booth!
gorgeous bodysuit which I need to show better: 1L at Ohmai!
gloves: gift from sf designs
rings: LaGyo
hair: The Stringer Mausoleum mainstore, 50L for 8 colors!
necklace and skin: Tik Tok, special makeups for Alt Fair
bangles: BOOM Big Top bangles by Aranel Ah, was special item at Le Cirque event
outfit+socks: Gift from Arsenic and Lace at Alt Fair!
ballet flats: G Sloane Couture subscribo gift, changes a bunch of pretty pastel colors!

hair, eyes and skin with koi tattoos: 100L charity item for Nothing but Nets by U-Neek at Alt Fair. I was thrilled when I grabbed this because I love being blue! I'm happy to see U-Neek at Alt Fair, I have this hair in black from awhile back heh.
gloves: gift from sf designs
boots: stiletto moody
bodysuit: 1L from Ohmai! thank you, Anya!