Saturday, 24 April 2010


skin: charity item from Mango, Mango! love love this skin.
amazing dress, comes with shoes, hat and mask: 0L, donation item from Show Me On The Doll! All Putrid asks is that you make a donation to Nothing But Nets!
hair: CAHH hunt item Love Soul. Hint: Be very good at camming around the subscribo area.
earrings: Tik Tok, new release at Alt Fair!
tiara and necklaces: Violet Voltaire
flats: Strawberry Fluffcake, sooo cuteee. I wasted hundreds of linden getting these in the 50 Flats gacha. lol. i think they're 40L per play.
tattoos: actchio. arm tattoos are 50L for a bit more til I open my store. I really like the leg tattoos, I've wanted these in SL for ages.

hair: The Stringer Mausoleum by Helena Stringer. Currently 50L for an entire color pack(I bought random pack!) and 50L for all color packs in store! happy belated birthday, lady! She's also having a harpies feather hunt around the sim and I'm sad because I cannot find the other 3 skins in the feathers lol. helpp, someone go hunt and we can trade tips! I got gorgeous horns, hairs and one skin but I want moooree!
skin: The Stringer Mausoleum at Alt Fair. These are some beautiful, detailed skins with the right highlights. Helena has put out a pack of FOUR gradient skins for 600L as a charity item, while she usually sells her skins for 400L each! I bought this one. demo at her booth!
gorgeous bodysuit which I need to show better: 1L at Ohmai!
gloves: gift from sf designs
rings: LaGyo
hair: The Stringer Mausoleum mainstore, 50L for 8 colors!
necklace and skin: Tik Tok, special makeups for Alt Fair
bangles: BOOM Big Top bangles by Aranel Ah, was special item at Le Cirque event
outfit+socks: Gift from Arsenic and Lace at Alt Fair!
ballet flats: G Sloane Couture subscribo gift, changes a bunch of pretty pastel colors!

hair, eyes and skin with koi tattoos: 100L charity item for Nothing but Nets by U-Neek at Alt Fair. I was thrilled when I grabbed this because I love being blue! I'm happy to see U-Neek at Alt Fair, I have this hair in black from awhile back heh.
gloves: gift from sf designs
boots: stiletto moody
bodysuit: 1L from Ohmai! thank you, Anya!


Sileny said...

AAAAAAAAAh I love these pictures! My friend who doesn't play SL saw them and was all :O yay!

Bunnie said...

Amazing pics! I went and bought up Sileny's gorgeous skins because of this post <3

silver milneaux said...

bunnie, that's amazing! :D sometimes im very unhappy because i feel that my photos don't do justice to the beautiful skins (my first time in pretty blue skins heh) but that's so great because yay sileny's skins are awesomeee :D im so happy you liked her skins too!

Biff said...

Silver, that is uncalled for (telling me to die). And no, I’m not jealous of her look or shoes. Avi’s (especially shapes) I’ve made and/or consulted on have been featured in SL fashion mags and blogs before she even existed. Any problems you have with me commenting, you can attribute to Eva. I personally am unhappy I’ve been put in this situation, but such is life. I would much prefer to get on with my life and more productive endeavors, but Eva has had ample time and opportunity to address my concerns, so as I’ve stated before, you all are stuck with me. My issue is a simple one, rules were posted, money solicited, then rules (Eva’s rules) were not followed (by Eva herself). Simple stuff, that has now taken on a life of its own. I will apologize, as it is the proper thing to do, however your comment was truly uncalled for. You should maybe consider some sort of anger management counseling. In regards to your fashion post, not my cup of tea, but I know some will like it. The pictures however, were quite good. I look forward to your next post.