Thursday, 17 April 2008

Ravens Requiem Key Hunt

For all of you who love a hunt, Ravenwear is having a key hunt right now, lots of cool stuff to be found from many designers on the Ravens Requiem Sim.

Here's the exact info from the notecard:
"Ravenwear is hosting a Hunt for the Lost Keys April 17th to the 21st. You can search for keys hidden over Ravens Requiem and the connecting island Arias Requiem. They are hidden in the shopping areas and mall so look high and look low and you will find two sculpt keys on a keyring laying around. Buy them for 0 and get the goodies inside! Never to be sold skins and clothing from Ravenwear as well as items from +Plus, Kindred Retail, KopiSusu, Fuel, Fashionity Fantasy, Rufeena, Attitude is an Artform, October Rust and Liberte Fashion. There are over 2 dozen keys hidden around the sims.
So bring your friends and go on a Pirate Hunt for the Lost Keys and unlock some awesome freebies!


Here are just some of the goodies you can find, I'm so grateful to Cacia Benmergui of Attitude is an Artform for helping me with my outfits here, I am really rubbish at dressing in a fantasy stylee. It's so much fun though, maybe I should do it more.

Drow Hair (scripted so you can change size by clicking it) and Skin and eyes by Attitude is an Artform
Top and Skirt by Ravenwear
Bracelet by +plus

Meg Shape by Creamy at Free*Style (1L)

Lily Munster Hair (this is so cool, just click to change colour) and bio red lips Skin by Ravenwear Skirt by
Top, Bracelet and Tote Bag by +plus
Meg Shape by Creamy at
Free*Style (1L)

ravenwear_003 Rufeena Erotic
Hair, Skin and Tattoo's by Ravenwear
Erotic outfit (includes boots) by Rufeena

Mallara Drow Hair and Blue Drow Skin by Attitude is an Artform
Nadya Dress by Fashionity Fantasy
Meg Shape by Creamy at Free*Style (1L)

ravenwear_003 - Rufeena
Hair and Skin by Ravenwear
Gem Dress/Boots outfit from Rufeena
Meg Shape by Creamy at Free*Style (1L)

ravenwear_003 - Ravenwear dress
Skin, Hair and Dress by Ravenwear
(worn with parts of the above outfit from Rufeena)
Meg Shape by Creamy at
Free*Style (1L)

Rihanna Skirt and Top by Rufeena
Skin and Hair and Tattoo's by Ravenwear
Bag and Bracelet by +plus
Meg Shape by Creamy at
Free*Style (1L)

Robot necklace of cuteness by Fuel

Skin by Ravenwear
Mallara Drow Hair by Attitude is an Artform
Angelique Dress by Fashionity Fantasy
Amy Shape by KopiSusu

Kawaii Pose and Amy shape by KopiSusu
Undone Camo's and top by Ravenwear
Skin by Ravenwear
Mallara Drow Hair by Attitude is an Artform

Showgirl outfit - Digital Eyes
Meg Shape by Creamy at Free*Style (1L)

TP to Ravens Requiem to start the hunt.

Hoping I got all the designer info right there and didn't miss any out, you would not believe what a mess my inventory is in right now!


Fragmentadora de Papel said...

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Andria Meredith said...

Wow, gorgeousness!! Ravenwear clothes is always so awesome. Although.... I'm convinced there must be another location for Rufeena, because I searched high and low, inside, outside and even under the floorboards of that little shop and didn't find a dang thing.

Anonymous said...

andria you're right!
here's the main shop in wich we can find all the item...

i hope that this can help everybody...
but now... can you help me for the hunt? :°( i'm going crazy the mall is too big and i have found only 1 item by now !

if there's someone with a tender heart can im me, even if i'm not on line :D
thank u people and thanks to Free*Style!

Paoletta Fullstop

Anonymous said...


that's the right slur, u have to copy/paste without space.

Paoletta Fullstop

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thanks for the link to Rufeena Paoletta :)

Hope you found it ok andria :)