Monday, 27 February 2012

Caught a Lite Sneeze

D!va has grown to 30,000 members and remains free to join.  Latest group gift includes hair (fatpack), with many options as far as both flowers and updo, as well as this dress which has short and long versions.  Also new hair on the lucky boards.

Hair/Dress: D!va: > 30,000 members gift
Skin: Glam Affair: Linn - Natural08 - not free
Bracelet: Bliensen + MaiTai: Pompeii - Sweets - not free

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Butt, Sileny

I don't want poor Sil to feel that she is the only exhibitionist so I will help her out.  I also went to check out the cart sale at The Wash and I found a few things that I think make it worth the trip.  I am also going to be frank; there were a lot of things there that I personally think are best off being retired and I would love to see more new designers there that could benefit from the exposure.  Maybe I'm an old avatar and am jaded and/or I have too much stuff.  Everything in the sale is only 10L which is really cheap but there are some brands there that I can rely on to put out quality items and not the same items I have seen at other cart sales.  That being said, I will share some I found noteworthy and they were for all styles of avatars. 

I loved some of Hell Bop's items, particularly this little gingham blouse. It includes 3 clothing layers as well as prim cuffs and collar.  I generally hit the sale because I want to see what Bliensen + MaiTai has out and the cute Secret Diaries necklace had to come home with me.  The skin is a group gift from Aura,  Helena in the group exclusive Paper tone.  The group does have a join fee but the skin is still out in this and another tone as well as member exclusives throughout the store.
I had to change out of my normal avatar mode when I saw some items from The U-Neek and Bizarre hair.  Bizarre has a the rather amazing Secret Temple style that I loved.  The hair is color change and includes several tat-layer hairbases to complement it.  If you look closely you will see a Buddah hiding in the updo.  Treebee from The U-Neek has out what she calls her "wierdest" skin for super cheap at the sale. I kinda love it with its not so subtle bondage overtones. And knowing Treebee, she can get much wierder ;). The leggings are a separate item and come in several shades.  The grey was just too perfect. 
Heartsick has out skins for both men and women.  The skin includes all kinds of options: freckles, brow/no brow, cleavage as well as a shape (not shown), alpha layers, teeth, and a bewb bouncer (hooray) so it's an amazing value.  Erotique Designs has out some cute pink lingerie, that include stockings.  I preferred to show Baby Monkey's cute Bandana Boots in pink.  They have color change options for the metals and the bandanas as well as a resizer and volume control (so you can turn them off whenever I am nearby). Bliensen + MaiTai's Bon Bon earrings in pink complete the look.

Credits: (if you don't see a store SLURL, you can find it at The Wash Cart Sale)
Photo 1:
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Monique (Mesh item): new release!
Shirt: Hell Bop: Priscilla - Grey - @ The Wash
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai: Secret Diaries - @ The Wash
Skin: Aura: Helena: Love Notes - Paper - Group Gift (join fee)
Pants: Celoe: lolong trousers (Mesh item)
Belt: Pepper: Loose Belt

Photo 2:
Skin: The U-Neek: Metalisha Skin
Hair: Bizarre Hair: Secret Temple
Leggings: The U-Neek: Spyro2 Leggings
Ouchy thing: Catnip: Penance Choker

Photo 3:
Lingerie: Erotique Designs: Sweet Pops (there is a matchy men's item there for your love nest needs)
Boots: Baby Monkey: Bandana Boots - Pink
Skin: Heartsick: Desire - Eternity- Black Shimmer
Hair: Discord Designs: Athena

Saturday, 25 February 2012


Cheap/discounted (items available at the time of posting):
Skin--~Mynerva~Group Gift 3~Milena Preview Update Porcelain (group gift in store, 50L join fee)
Makeup--.:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Make-up :: KISS ROCK :: Eyes (Jack or Jill Hunt item) 
Crown--Trident Jewelry Thorn Belt [Wood] (modified, 1L The Penitent Hunt item) 
Piercing--Revenant [Rev] Repentance (Studs Only) (1L, The Penitent Hunt item) 
Rosary--[dirty.little.secret] :: amethyst rosary :: (1L, The Penitent Hunt item) 
Dress--The Plastik :[P]:-Airen (layered, group gift in notices)
Leggings--.:[NMD]:. Sinner Leggings (1L The Penitent Hunt item)
Skybox/environment--[dirty.little.secret] :: TPH :: penitent's retreat environment (1L The Penitent Hunt item)
Not free/discounted (check stores for other gifts and discounts):
Hair--MINA Hair Dido 
Poses--Ploom Glare and Light
Posted by Abra Zelin 


W moim rl gruntowne zmiany a tym samym mniej czasu na sl. Oczywiście nie oznacza to, że przestanę pisać:) Przez kilka ostatnich wieczorów podchodziłam do stworzenia nowego posta i nie mogłam się doszukać żadnych interesujących okazji:/. Tak było do wczoraj:). Wtedy trafiłam do Node+ a tam dostałam kostium przypominający strój stewardessy, który miała na sobie Britney Spears w jednym ze swoich teledysków;). W każdym razie ubranko jest meshowe i kosztuje 0L$.

There are many changes in my life happening at the moment and that is why I have less time on sl. Of course, this does not mean that I am planing to stop writting. For the past few evenings I was looking for some nice stuff for my next post and I couldn't find anything interesting :/. That was until yesterday:). Then I found out about Node+ store and I got a dress there. Well, not sure if that is a dress. It reminds me about that stewardess uniform which Britney Spears had on in one of her video clips;). Forget about Britney;P The uniform is mesh and you can get it for 0L$ in three colors.

Sukienka - NODe+ =Modulor=uniform for female (Mesh) - Gift - 0L (trzy kolory w paczce)
  Kozaki - *COCO*_Gift_SuedeBoots(Mesh) - Group Gift
Spodnie - So Many Styles, Group gift, 0L$
Włosy - EMO - tions, Sarah, group gift, 0L$

Dress - NODe+ =Modulor=uniform for female (Mesh) - Gift - 0L (three colors in pack)
Boots - *COCO*_Gift_SuedeBoots(Mesh) - Group Gift
Pants - So Many Styles, group gift, 0L$
Hair - EMO - tions, Sarah, group gift, 0L$

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Seymour Buttz

I am fully aware of the fact that my last post had a butt shot.  I am doing another one.  I couldn't resist with these cute cat-scratched tights from Sleeping Koala!  So judge me all you want for my booty photos but just be aware that you might be staring at your own backside very soon...these tights are hard to resist!  Keeping in the cat theme, grab these nails, a.k.a. lady claws, from Mad Echo for 1L in this awesome rainbow pattern.
Seymour Buttz
Tights: Sleeping Koala @ The Wash Cart Sale, 10L
Nails: Mad Echo, 1L
Mesh Heels: Ingenue @ Festival of Sin
Bodysuit: Sn@tch @ Festival of Sin (part of an outfit)
*Thanks Lola for my adorable KittyCat!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Something Sinful

The Festival of Sin is open!  I got this disgustingly filthy mattress decoration and this texture-change poster from the Vaughan's update group and well gosh darn it they go great with the not free items from the Festival of Sin so here's a photo! xD
My dollarbie tights were worn by Weronika in another post but after being reminded of them again by  Alicia Chenaux I had to wear them.  My peacock feather thigh-highs are only 50L from Adore&Abhor at the Festival of Sin.  Please note that you must be age verified to get access to the event.
Matters and Poster: Vaughan's House of Curiosities, group gifts
Photo Box, Car Tree Air Freshener Decor, Tattoo: Vaughan's @ Festival of Sin (check the sloth area)
Last Panty Pantyhose: Attitudes Lingerie @ Marketplace, 1L
Hair: Catwa
Thigh-High Stockings: Adore&Abhor @ Festival of Sin, 50L (check the vanity area)
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui

Saturday, 18 February 2012

In The Pink

This pretty soft pink mesh dress is the latest group gift for Vinyl Cafe Addicts.

Group Gift Mesh Dress

Four sizes are included. Find it at the main location here.

Group Gift Mesh Dress

Style Notes
Hair: Exile
Skin: Curio
Nails: Mandala
Jewellery: Paper Couture
Bag: House Of Fox
Stilettos: Purrfect 10

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Rotten Match

Hey! Hope you all had a lovely Valentines day! Here are some Not so rotten lovelies from the My Rotten Valentine Hunt! I also want to give a shout out to my dearest Sileny for her sweet post yesterday. How cute is she? If you missed it scroll down. <3
My Rotten Valentine Hunt
The gown also comes with a long sleeve option. So purty. The mask is called MatchMaker which of course makes me think of the song. BUT I think of the Mrs. Doubtfire version. I AM DERP.

Mask and Collar - Contraption - MRVH Gift
Gown - SAKIDE - MRVH Gift

That's it!
Luffs n Sticky Stuffs

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Some people hate Valentine's Day but I like it because 1.I like pink and red 2.I like those chalky heart candy things and 3.It gives me an excuse to tell my friends I love them without sounding like a creeper.  I put together this outfit with some fun free, cheap and not free things for you today.  My tights, skin and hair are not free but they are from the Back to Black event which is really important to me.  The event is to promote awareness of mental health issues and you can find facts posted all over the venue as well as inside of purchased items.  My dress is from Cupcakes and is one of many lucky chair prizes.  Love this color!  My stockings are from Sleeping Koala and come in a version with fishnet in the open panels as well.
 I want to show a close-up of the contents of the cute little Valentine's gift from Deviant Girls.  Normally I don't like anything with a brand name on it but "Deviant Girls" is such a cool name I like this anyway. My lipstick kiss is a subscriber gift from Izzie's.  It comes in a few shades of pink and red to match your look.  My little mouth heart candy is from RezIpsa Loc and is only 5L per try in the gacha at the Love is in the Air event at the Cupcakes sim.  My hair is from Mina at Back to Black and comes with the matching hair bases as well.
My boots are not free or from Back to Black, lol, but they are a new release from A-Bomb and I adore this store so you get to see them anyway. :P
Finally, I want to say happy Valentine's day to everyone.  I firmly believe we have some of the best people as our readers and I adore you all!  We should all celebrate Valentine's day by spoiling ourselves with yummy treats in RL as well as SL!  Om nom nom.  You can grab this berries and cream set (with rez and wear options as well as a cute cookie I haven't shown) on the lucky board at Circa.  Live it up!
Dress: Cupcakes, lucky chair prize
Hair: Mina @ Back to Black
Tights: Sleeping Koala @ Back to Black
Skin: Adore&Abhor @ Back to Black
Mouth Candy: RezIpsa Loc @ Cupcakes event, 5L per try gacha prize
Valentine's Shopping Bag: Deviant Girls, group gift (other gift in notices as well)
Kisses Face Tattoo: Izzie's, subscriber gift
Boots: A-Bomb, new release
Berry Bowl: Circa, lucky board prize

Monday, 13 February 2012

No date for Valentines?

Well, there are still some awesome Valentines gifties you can grab, which would be suitable for a date any day of the year. There's a really great hunt on right now, the Womenstuff hunt, which has some really nice gifties.


Lingerie: Blacklace ~ Flick - Pink (Womenstuff hunt, runs til March 2nd),
Skin: Al Vulo ~ Mely - Sunkissed (Womenstuff hunt, runs til March 2nd),
Shape: Savoir Faire Shapes ~ Raquel (Womenstuff hunt, runs til March 2nd),
Tattoo: Aitui ~ Forever Love (Womenstuff hunt, runs til March 2nd).

Happy hunting, and hope ya'll have a happier Valentine's than Trini, lol!!

Trini xx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Happy Birthday Kitties!

I love KittyCats.  I have never been into a breedable in SL for more than a few weeks but I've been into KittyCats for almost a year now and still love them.  Since they have been around about a year now they are having a birthday celebration!!  For a limited time only you can grab these 2 kitties totally free.
Happy Birthday Kitties!
The orange kitty I got by simply clicking the birthday poster in the store near the giant, blue cat.  For the blue cat you have to do a bit more work.  You must click the poster behind the giant cat to get an LM.  Go to that LM and find a small, blue kitty.  This cat will give you an LM to the next and so on.  Once you have found all 13 cats you can go back to the main store and click giant kitty for your own blue cat!
*Please note that these are BREEDABLE pets and require feeding to "live."  The food is NOT free but these cats come with a week or so worth of food to start with as part of the gift.  If you would like to know more about KittyCats check their website or join the official group and ask questions!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hunts, gifts and much more!

N-core, coldLogic, Gizza...

1st pic & 2nd pic
Dress - coldLogic, mesh dress, Valentine's gift, 0L$
Skin - Elie lace skin, Wertina, Womenstuff Hunt gift, 0L$
Violin - Media Company Brzeg, 100L$ (plays three tracks)
Jewelry - Wertina, earrings+bracelet, Greatest Love Hunt, 0L$

3rd pic
Blue/Green shoes - N-core at Mimi's Choice, Womenstuff Hunt gift, 0L$ (under a huge black shoe)
Pink shoes - N-core, Womenstuff Hunt gift, 0L$

4th pic
Dress - Gizza, Womenstuff Hunt gift, 0L$
Skin - Mojo, Amore, regular price

Friday, 10 February 2012

Love Wins

Join the Adam n Eve Sachi Vixen Update Group for only 10 L and get this stunning skin as a group gift.  The skin WAS sent to current subscriber members but it is not redeliverable.  If you missed it or are trying anew, the 10 L fee is a pittance for something this lovely.  I've seen a lot of heart-lippy skins and I can hands-down say this is the best I've seen and I am very fussy.  The hair is a group gift from Red Mint and I've barely taken it off since I got it.  I had to join the Blacklace group for 99 L and get the sexy pink dress because it was just so matchy!

On a serious note, Chic Management is returning to it's roots with the Back to Black event that begins Saturday, February 11th through February 29th.  The event focuses on Mental Health awareness and you can find information regarding participating brands and location at the Chic Mgt site.  Mental illness and other neurological disorders affect millions yet stigma continues to cause tremendous damage, not only through shame and silence, but keeps people from seeking or continuing treatment as well as face discrimination.  I'm not ready to come out on all feeds about my own personal and professional experiences with mental illness but the impact is real.  Good medicine includes awareness.

Skin: Adam n Eve: Amaris Natural Valentine: Group Gift: 10 L join fee
Hair: Red Mint: Hair No.20: Group Gift
Dress: Blacklace: Little Pink Party Dress: Group Gift: 99 L join fee
Tattoo: Silken Moon: Stigma: will be available at the Back to Black event 2/11. 

Angelic Lefevre Couture

Lovely Silver Dress is a group gift from Angelic Lefevre Couture while the Red Candy Wedges comes from a Valentine's Edition and cost only 120L$ for group members.


Here's a couple of V Day freebies to get you in the mood.

Freebie Heart Lingerie

This pretty heart lingerie set is a freebie from Chocolate Atelier at the new Valentines Market.  Other freebies and cheapies are to be had. Check it out!

Hunt Gift Mesh Tee

One of my favourite freebies in recent memory is this Zombie Popcorn mesh tee from Villena. The hunt ends February 15th so don't wait too long to find it.

Style Notes
Hair: Ploom
Skin: Curio
Boots & Rose Stilettos: Purrfect 10

Free Pose at Crush On You Event

Bounce This Poses - He's Mine

Hi Everyone, I have a free pose out for Bounce This Poses at the Crush On You event that started today.  The Crush On You event is over 40 designers located in one area, each has designed something special just for the event.

Bounce This Poses (me), I made two new poses and also the "Mine" pose which will be free for the Crush On You event.  So head on over, check out all the great vendors, and don't forget to grab the pose at my booth. 

Crush on You Poster Texture

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Stop! Zombie Time..Derr Ner Ner Nerrr...Na Ner Na Ner

Yea, that`s supposed to be the Super Freak/MC Hammer beat up there. O.o I BRING YOU CORN!! I meant to have this up days ago D:  better late than never! ZombiePopcorn round 6 babies!
Bunch O ZP6 Hunt Stuff
Sakide ZombiePopcorn

*All free items here are from the ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6*
Look 1
Hair - (fd) - NOT FREE
Skin - JesyLilo
Top - Koketka
Pants - Ur. Favorite. One
Rings - Piddidle
Look 2
Hair -  Mina - NOT FREE
Skin - Nuuna - NOT FREE
Dress - Sakide
Shoes - R.icielli - NOT FREE

Monday, 6 February 2012

Quick and Red

Just doing a quick post today of some great items.  Ignore the questionable quality of the photos.  I'm low on time but these items were too fun not to post even when busy.  For example, this shirt from Paper.Doll is just adorable!  It's clearly meant to be a Valentine's day theme but it's totally awesome for everyday where.  I am pretty sure I am going to wear this top a zillion times.
This unusual hair style is free from Mina.  It's always fun to get styles with textures different from the normal straight and smooth.  The burgundy color will please those who are used to only seeing black and blonde too!  I tinted the headband in edit mode to better match the shirt and because I love read, lol.  My skin is not free but it's a new release from Adam N Eve.  I love it so hard!  Every skin this store releases is better than the last.  I love how she includes things like freckles, manicures and pedicures that match the tones, cleavage, hair bases, etc.  Everything you need to get the skin just the way you like it.
Shirt: Paper.Doll, ZombiePopcorn Hunt gift
Hair (Headband Tinted): Mina, ZombiePopcorn Hunt gift
Amaris Skin: Adam N Eve, new release
Hair Base Tattoo Layer: Analog Dog, free
Pants: Milk Motion
Eyes: Croire

Friday, 3 February 2012


I have this skin from My UglyDorothy and I just thought it looked so interesting with the tattoo layer makeup from Miss Shippe's Studio for the Flux event.  I felt aged and broken, yet romantic and filled with history.  I used the keyhole photography hud from Vaughan's House of Curiosities because it just seems like this woman would be someone people would work hard to see because, even as she ages and becomes more cynical and worn from her chosen profession, she would still retain that certain something, that feeling of pure sexuality, that can't be seen or named and certainly doesn't exist only in youth.  I hope you enjoy them as well as the other wonderful things I am wearing tonight.
Peeping Tom
Skin: My UglyDorothy, group gift skin in store
Day After Mardi Gras Hangover Tattoo Makeup: Miss Shippe's Studio @ Flux
Keyhole Hud: Vaughan's House of Curiosities, 78L this week only.  Comes with a whole bunch of keyhole options from plain like this to extremely realistic keyholes, etc.
Hair: Ploom
Cigarette: Moq Designs, 20L
Lingerie: Radish (RAD)
Mesh Corset: Schadenfreude @ Flux
Earrings: Hate Me and Eat Me
Eyes: Banana Banshee @ Flux
Cleavage Layer: Ayumi
*To find out more about the new Flux event check HERE
**The lyrics are from R.E.M.'s song Losing My Religion

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Purrfect Logic

There is a new mesh couture store on the grid, filled with some gorgeous designs and a lovely gift.

New coldLogic Mesh

Introducing coldLogic, the latest player in the mesh clothing game.

New coldLogic Mesh

The new store opened just yesterday and is filled with gorgeous designs.

Mesh Dress Subscribo Gift

Check the subscribo for this pretty mesh dress, which comes in a few different colors.  I'm showing this all with the new 'Wild Rose' stiletto release from Purrfect 10 (not free). The roses and many parts of the shoes are texture change and they come in a bunch of colors, perfect for Valentines and beyond.

New Purrfect 10 Wild Rose Stilettos

Style Notes
Hair:  Lamb
Skin: Curio
Headpiece: LaGyo
Stilettos: Purrfect 10

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Blah and Drowsy

Much happiness abounds in Edenland upon learning that Bettiepage Voyager has reopened the Drowsy sim and there are gifties! I first read it here at YukaChoco Magic's adorable blog and I squeed at a few friends and TP'd right over.  Here is the skinny on the amazing goodies:  They aren't just sitting out for you to grab.  You are going to have to work for them but anyone I know that knows about BP agrees she is genius and the redesigned sim is a wonder to explore.  You are going to be looking for 8 old leather boxes.  The first one is near where you tp in so you can see what you are looking for.  Drowsy is no-fly so you get to hike around - I ended up under bridges and in caverns but Marleen Vaughn and I divided the search and that made it easier and a lot more fun.  (You can TP each other.)
I ran into Weronika while out and about yesterday and promised her she would be the first to blog the next thing but I also got a notice from Blah about new group gifts and lucky boards so I went to check it out, so I guess I'm a liar, too.  The VIP group is 100 L to join but within a matter of minutes I had scored some new group gift lingerie, a subscriber gift and 2 items from the group only lucky board.  There are also 2 boards for non-members with exclusive items as well as gifts for the non-pay group and subscribers, so I am quite impressed with hOShi Kimono's generosity with customers (and everything comes in tat layers for more bonus!).  All in all, not too bad of a day!  I'm sure with a new month of hunts and the upcoming holiday of luv (hurls), we will be seeing a lot of pink and red.  Bring it.

Credits: (slurl for BP is landing point)
Look 1:
Hair: BP: tanken helmet net/chin: in leather boxes/old2: free
Bag: BP: binocular telescope case: in lether boxes/old1: free
Dress: Blah: My Cyber Love Dress (red): VIP group only lucky board (join fee)
Makeup: Mock: Deep Sangre Eyeshadow: group gift (join fee): Psst.  any of you doing Luna Jubilee's round II of 52 weeks of color challenge will love Mock's latest gift to her group that includes the next several weeks of makeup inspired by the color challenge!
Jewelry: Chop Zuey: Venetian Wine Earrings and Ring: group gift (join fee - but omg the gifts are amazing!) note: sim is currently offline - I will update the slurl when I can
Skin: LAQ: Ebba: not free

Look 2:
Hair: BP: bunny hood/braid 2: in leather boxes/old8: free
Bear: BP: Drowsy wood bear: in leather boxes/old5: free
Lingerie: Blah: My Sweet Lingerie - Love Therapy: VIP Group gift (join fee)

Red lipped girl

Uwielbiam skiny z czerwonymi ustami, bez względu na odcień. Swoją drogą to dość dziwne, bo w RL rzadko decyduje się na czerwone pomadki do ust. Wracając do SL, zdecydowanie muszę przyznać, że Al Vulo stawiam na pierwszym miejscu jako kreatora skinów. Ich produkty są dziewczęce, mają przepiękne usta i kupując paczkę dostajemy skina z wieloma dodatkowymi opcjami: z hair base, ze "złączonym" biustem, często również z ząbkami, piegami, pieprzykami, czasem nawet dodatkowymi make-upami. A paczka za jedyne 800L$. Koniec chwalenia Al Vulo. Teraz już czysto informacyjnie:): w Al Vulo dostaniecie poniższy skin z niebieskim makijażem oczu i pomarańczowo - czerwonymi ustami jako group gift! Sukienkę, bluzkę i kolczyki, które ma na sobie Wer rownież dostaniecie za 0L$. Po slury zapraszam pod zdjęcia:)

I love skins with red lips, no matter what shade they are. By the way, it is a bit odd as in RL I rarely decide  to wear red lipstick. Going back to SL, I have to admit that Al Vulo is my number one when it comes to skins. Their products are very girly, feature beautifully shaped lips and also when buying a package you get your Skin with many additional options:  hair base, “nice cleavege” (sorry if that sounds silly, not sure how to call it in english:/), also with teeth, freckles, moles tattoos and sometimes with even additional make-ups. And that costs you  only  800L$ per pack. Ok, no more Al Vulo praising;). Now purely informational:  in Al Vulo you can get a group gift - skin with blue eyes make up and red lips as a group gift! Dress, blouse and earrings, which are worn by Wer will cost you nothing too. Check credits under the pic. 

Skin - Al Vulo, group gift
Top - Indyra Originals, FFinSL, free (pod białym krzesłem)
Spódnica - Mico, TCH, free (w paczce wiele kolorów)
Kolczyki - Wertina, group gift

Skin - Al Vulo, group gift
Top - Indyra Originals, FFinSL, free (under the white chair)
Skirt - Mico, TCH, free (you will get a fat pack)
Earrings - Wertina, group gift