Friday, 3 February 2012


I have this skin from My UglyDorothy and I just thought it looked so interesting with the tattoo layer makeup from Miss Shippe's Studio for the Flux event.  I felt aged and broken, yet romantic and filled with history.  I used the keyhole photography hud from Vaughan's House of Curiosities because it just seems like this woman would be someone people would work hard to see because, even as she ages and becomes more cynical and worn from her chosen profession, she would still retain that certain something, that feeling of pure sexuality, that can't be seen or named and certainly doesn't exist only in youth.  I hope you enjoy them as well as the other wonderful things I am wearing tonight.
Peeping Tom
Skin: My UglyDorothy, group gift skin in store
Day After Mardi Gras Hangover Tattoo Makeup: Miss Shippe's Studio @ Flux
Keyhole Hud: Vaughan's House of Curiosities, 78L this week only.  Comes with a whole bunch of keyhole options from plain like this to extremely realistic keyholes, etc.
Hair: Ploom
Cigarette: Moq Designs, 20L
Lingerie: Radish (RAD)
Mesh Corset: Schadenfreude @ Flux
Earrings: Hate Me and Eat Me
Eyes: Banana Banshee @ Flux
Cleavage Layer: Ayumi
*To find out more about the new Flux event check HERE
**The lyrics are from R.E.M.'s song Losing My Religion