Friday, 10 February 2012

Love Wins

Join the Adam n Eve Sachi Vixen Update Group for only 10 L and get this stunning skin as a group gift.  The skin WAS sent to current subscriber members but it is not redeliverable.  If you missed it or are trying anew, the 10 L fee is a pittance for something this lovely.  I've seen a lot of heart-lippy skins and I can hands-down say this is the best I've seen and I am very fussy.  The hair is a group gift from Red Mint and I've barely taken it off since I got it.  I had to join the Blacklace group for 99 L and get the sexy pink dress because it was just so matchy!

On a serious note, Chic Management is returning to it's roots with the Back to Black event that begins Saturday, February 11th through February 29th.  The event focuses on Mental Health awareness and you can find information regarding participating brands and location at the Chic Mgt site.  Mental illness and other neurological disorders affect millions yet stigma continues to cause tremendous damage, not only through shame and silence, but keeps people from seeking or continuing treatment as well as face discrimination.  I'm not ready to come out on all feeds about my own personal and professional experiences with mental illness but the impact is real.  Good medicine includes awareness.

Skin: Adam n Eve: Amaris Natural Valentine: Group Gift: 10 L join fee
Hair: Red Mint: Hair No.20: Group Gift
Dress: Blacklace: Little Pink Party Dress: Group Gift: 99 L join fee
Tattoo: Silken Moon: Stigma: will be available at the Back to Black event 2/11.