Monday, 31 May 2010

I is Kyoot Pastel Kitteh Fromz Space

I can haz spaceburger?The shooting star hunt gift skin from Dimbula Rose makes me sooo happy! I just can't help but use some lolcat speak. It is like a space cat! The furry areas covering the nether bits are attached :DThe hunt is more complicated than normal hunts but once you get the hang of it it's easy as pie. Basically you find the glowing orb particles flying around and get close to them and type "/7 catch" and an item will randomly decide to come to you or not. Some stores have more than one prize. While I have not completely finished the hunt, every store I have been to so far has had adorable prizes from skins and hair to clothes and furniture.

Skin, Lashes, Eyes: Dimbula Rose, hunt gift
Ears and Tail: *Dreams* by Sanura Snowpaw, not free
Hair: House of Munster, no longer available
Pose: Glitterati, not free

Thank you Dawn Bohemian for letting us know about this skin or else I never would have known!

Sunday, 30 May 2010


OMG MiaSnow new lucky chair yay!MiaSnow has this awesome skin in her lucky chair for women, along with the one for men which I blogged already. After winning this I was even more excited to check my group notices to find that TekuTeku, Rotten Toe and I Love 13 had new gifts also! And to top it off with the Dreams gacha corsets? Yeah...good day!Worn:
Skin: MiaSnow, lucky chair prize
Hair: TekuTeku, group gift
Tattoo on Neck and Leggings: I Love 13, group gift and 1L
Corset: Dreams, 15L in gacha machie (60 colors to win, holy wow!)
Bracelets: Rotten Toe, group gift

Umi Usagi!

If you haven't been to Umi Usagi you have to check it out. There are some great items there and it is a fun build to explore.

Umi Usagi Group Gift

This pretty dress is the latest group gift. I love wearing it with some dramatic skin and hair for a striking contrast.

Umi Usagi Lucky Chair

This 'Bunny Hunter' outfit was a lucky chair win and it is so well made. It comes with pant and skirt options and is great when you are ready for an edgier look. I've shown it with the pvc buckle boots from EVA Footwear (not free).

Style Notes
Hair and Skin: Lelutka

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Dany French

There is a new dollarbie for girls at Dany French Touch. I really like the off-shoulder style!

Lenka 08

Dany French Touch - Dress Rozenn $1L

Other stuff (not free):
Hair: Exile/Earrings: Alienbear Design

German Castle Ruin

Suri, xoxo

Friday, 28 May 2010

Latest Favs

Here's a few of my favourite things:

Dominion Free Black Dress and Free Eva Boots

These gorgeous black suede boots with oriental motif are the latest freebie from Eva Footwear. They are perhaps the nicest freebie they have ever released. They are scripted and totally gorgeous. Don't miss out.

While you are at Eva Footwear, head around the corner and grab this black belted minidress, which I've worn as a top here. You'll find it on the promo wall by Riviera Couture.

Vinyl Cafe Addicts GG Dress With Free EVA Boots

The red version, which I've worn as a dress here, is available at the main Vinyl Cafe location.

OoEas! GG Bodice With Nyte & Day

This soft green romantic bodice is the latest freebie from OoEas!. I've shown it with two of my new favouite items: these great jeans and fantastic grey coat, both from Nyte & Day (not free). Check their store out, right around the corner from OoEas!.

Style Notes
Skin Photo 1 & 2: Lelutka
Skin Photo 3: Tuli
Jewellery Photo 1 & 2: Mandala

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I Am a Retiree

Dilly Dolls and Mango, Mango! retirement cheapness!!
Dilly Dolls has tons of stuff in a special retirement section of their store for super cheap! Clothes, shoes and accessories for all under 50L, most in the 10L-20L range. I really like these color change Flamer boots especially!
I also have some skins retiring in honor of my main store move and they are 99L each in the retirement sale room. Oh! And check out my cute tattoos. The top layer of the sugar skulls and roses tattoo can be won in the lucky board at Lolapop! The bottom half (not shown) can be bought for super cheap in the riot vendor. Each part can be worn on its own if you like just the top or just the bottom.
Dress and Boots: Dilly Dolls, retirement sale until the 3rd
Skin: Mango, Mango!, not free but only 99L at the retirement sale
Necklace: Lolapop, not free
Tattoo: Lolapop, lucky board prize
Eyes: Tuli, not free
Hair: Lamb, not free
Pose: Long Awkward Pose, not free

British Invasion

A little birdie told me that Sey has a new group gift out, which was reason enough to have my regular look-see at their very generous "front counter" area. Join the group for $0L + then click the glass panels on the entryway desk; scoop away for oodles of free gifts (remember to click both glass panels; I think the newest gift is one of the belts here).
These free British flag jeans, free red goggles + free black flagged T is just 1 ensemble that you can throw together. I particularly thought this colored safety pins necklace was fun + cute. -- I knew I had some British flava when my proud Londoner friend Rene Caerndow told me so. (She loves to go on about London vs. NYC, etc.).

Peace, love & Marmite, baby. *mwuahs Rene, Suri + Creamy*
Gavin is wearing this lovely $1L T-shirt by Furious in honor of a certain tasty beverage (which btw has nothing to do with anything British). This grunge gear store is great (love the bloody tats here) + there's also a particularly rude T-shirt for free here in the Dark Katz hunt (look for a cat head somewhere on the higher stairs).
I will also randomly share that I tried a meat pie the other day for the first time (which Rene later informed me was "peasant food"). Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's been to London once + dreams of returning . . . Suri you gonna have some curry ready for me babes?)


Jeans: Sey - Union Cross Jeans - group gift - free
T-shirt: Sey - Thank you for 700
- group gift - free
Plaid waist wraparound: Sey - Afghan Stall[LOxKE]/GroupGift_009 -
Goggles: Sey - Goggles1 - red
- group gift - free
Necklace: Sey - "pin-choker"[G11] -
group gift - free
Hair: Clawtooth - True Betty - Uptown Brown - previous $50L Fridays sale
Bangles: Atelier AM - Snake Bangle 02 [Project Themeory] -
previous Project Themeory $75L sale
Skin: Laq - Julie - 05 [Peach] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Glass
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Poses: Don't Freak Out ; Pididdle/Artistic Taxidermy (previously free); High Fidelity (store closed)

Gavin McGinnis:
Jack Daniels T-shirt: Furious - Razorblade Jacket=- Jack Daniels Shirt (*NOTE: fly out of club landing point + follow red beacon to separate store in back of club) -
Pose by:
Long Awkward Pose

Day Out

SMS has the store in a new location, there is a gift top & skirt, I mixed and matched some things to show you!

Style Du Jour

Top: {SMS} Rose Tank Monochrome (group gift)
*COCO* Gift_ClearToteBag-Black (group gift)
*COCO* Gem Bracelet (group gift)

Other Stuff (not free):
Necklace: SMS/Ring: Paper Couture/Hair: Truth - Marcelle/Jean skirt: Doppelganger Inc./Boots:
Pose: Geez by Grazia Horwitz

Zoo Neunkirchen

Suri, xoxo

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Thirsty Thursday!

If you are a fan of the weekly sale events here is my offering for Thirsty Thursdays!
There seems to be a sale for every day of the week, any excuses to shop, eh?

Well, i made these tatts for fun, yoou can pick them both of these up for $50L thursday ONLY!

tattoo set

[doll.] Tattoo Set for Thirsty Thursday week 13

Suri, xoxo

Mystic Sky

Mystic Sky has this lovely gown in the lucky chair!

Mystic Sky

~Mystic Sky~ Samantha Gown: Lavender (lucky chair prize)

Location: Sands of Persia

Other stuff:
Hair: W&Y/Necklace & Earrings: Genesis

Suri, xoxo

New From OoEas!

OoEas! Dark Hunt Gift

This soft lavender top with black lace trim is a Dark Hunt gift from OoEas!. Jeans from Nyte & Day (not free).

OoEas! Midnight Mania Item

Stop traffic in the latest Midnight Mania offering, also from OoEas!

Style Notes
Skin: Lelutka
Hair: Laq
Shoes: Slink
Earring: Morantique

p.s. I'm posing in the cute skybox Sileny blogged about below. Go get it!

Casual Fun

Anyone that makes a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is my friend whether they like it or not. And when we hang out they better bring a towel.
My fave skinny jeans about a week ago were from RezIpsa Loc. Then they released new jeans. Now my fave skinny jeans are from....RezIpsa Loc.
And check the skybox! Only 50L from A.D.D Andel and it's just so simple and waiting for you to decorate it.
A.D.D Andel! skybox mist1
Shirts and Blue Towel (on neck): Color Me Chaos, is 0L at the moment but is limited time and not sure when it will be full price, (comes in 42, Got Towel?, and Don't Panic)
Jeans: RezIpsa Loc, 1L
Skybox: A.D.D. Andel, 50L for this week only
Hair: Lamb, not free
Skin: Imabee!, not free (new release)
Necklace in First Pic.: Alchemy Immortalis, Not free

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Get You Kink On

Here's some sexy new freebies for when you're ready to get your kink on.

Fetish Latex Racer Set

This two piece latex ensemble with a laced back is free at Dominion Fetish.

Sinister Sister Halloween Freebie

Find this Sinister Sister set at Halloween. It includes the grey cotton mini dress, the spider web stockings and garter, and the sculpted spider clasps which I love.

Fetish Net Outfit

Last but not least is this daring fishnet set which looks great under outfits or worn alone when you're ready for action. It's packaged with the free latex outfit shown above at Dominion Fetish.

Style Notes
Skin and Lashes: LeLutka
Hair: Laq
Shoes: Maitreya

Quick Quick Quick

Just a quick post to tell you about Nomine's new gacha! For 10L a spin you can grab some awesome goodies. There are TONS of things in there including this gorgeous corset set.
In addition to the gacha machine there are also new prizes in the lucky chairs like dresses and jewelry, including the set I am wearing in the post. Go now and gacha it up!

Jewelry: Nomine, lucky chair prize
Corset Set: Nomine, 10L gacha item
Skin: Tuli, past freebie (no longer available)
Hair: Katat0nik, not free
Chair: A.D.D Andel, not free but it is always in my skybox. It's mah thinkin' seat.

I hear her heart beating, loud as thunder

This new lucky board prize dress from Lika Ruby is so pretty!! It comes with several wear options too if you aren't into mini skirts and such.
There is also a great group gift dress as well, again with several wear options.
The skin is the latest group gift from Romi but if you don't want to pay the 100L enrollment fee you can stalk the lucky board instead.
The glasses are a group only board prize from December and have sooo many color change and tint options. On the lens is a world map texture! The hair is 1L at W&Y's Haiti relief charity booth! Several colors in the pack and 1 prim (!!!)
Dresses: Lika Ruby, first is lucky board prize and second is group gift
Hair: W&Y, First is a charity donation item and second is 1L
Skin: Romi, group gift (100L join fee) or lucky board prize
Glasses: December, group only lucky board prize

Monday, 24 May 2010

Summer Feeling

Summer is upon us, and we need lots of sunshine, beaches, bikinis and boys!

Zenith brings us this gorgeous pink number, along with a shawl (resizable with script) to cover up if you don't like to show that much leg. This is a 6 days limited lucky board item, grab it while you can!

This is available at Zenith's NEW MAINSTORE only!

Zenith & Reek

Bikini: Zenith Fashion - Minna Pink (6 days limited lucky board item)
Hair: Truth Hannah (not free)

Other stuff (not free):
Pants & flip flops: Reek. Boi: mine!

Heart Reef Resort

Suri, xoxo

Prism Pirate

Check out this sexy pirate inspired outfit, the latest dollarbie from Prism. It comes complete with the tank, sweater, fishnets and suspenders. I love how the fishnets peak out over the belt of the skirt...very sexy!

Prism Pirate

Style Notes
Hair: Truth
Skin: Lelutka
Necklace: Mandala
Earrings: Morantique

Sunny Summer Sunshine

Some bright shades for you from Theory. in several colors and some sale hair from Kik!
theory freebie_001
I am feeling so....sunny! *Passes the joy around to the grumpy folk*
Glasses: Theory. w/Red Lemon, subscriber gift (comes in three colors with lens tint options)
Hair: Kik, 30L (several other styles as well)
Dress: A-Bomb, past gift no longer available in this color but IS available in other colors
Skin: Idiosyncrasy, not free


Everything in Magi Take is only 10L (and 45L for fatpacks of colors!) and a lot of it is high quality, ESPECIALLY the shoes. Lots of good stuff for guys. A whole variety of girls' clothes too! It's almost a freebie shop, and there is one free color of every item, given as a group gift! I'm really, really in love with the shoes and bags, great detail. The best part is that they're trans, so you can share or give to friends!

on Xing-ge:
tartan plaid fedora: free, Fabulous Fashion TV gift from MADesigns
shoes and shorts: shoes are excellent! Easter gift from Sensual Mistery, still available!
bracelet: grasp group gift
Vest: mr.poet, free gift
haversack: group gift from Magi Take
on me:
Ticky Tacky 10L feather headband at Le Cirque, the full headdress is just 100L!
hair: Anessa, Fabulous Fashion TV gift from MADesigns
dress: Zenith Fashions group gift, was blogged by Suri! Sooo pretty.
bag and heels: group gift from Magi Take (limited skin colors)

on Xing-ge
hat hair: AVOID, 150L, hat is color change!
track jacket: magi take group gift
scarf: fatpack of colors, mr.poet free gift. my favorite boy scarf, EVER. so so detailed.
belt: Reek I heart stripes belt, not free
boots: magi take group gift (other colors are only 10L! insane)

on me:
hat+hair: Kik, not free
dress: DCNY MM board, needs 75 clicks only. lovely dress!
sandals: 10L from Magi Take!

on Xing-ge
hair: Fabulous Fashion TV gift from MADesigns
scarf: fatpack of colors, mr.poet free gift.
shorts: 10L per color, fatpack of colors for 30L
bag and shoes: denim slip-ons, group gift from magi take

on me:
hair: Kik, not free
jumper and studded flip-flops: group gift from magi take
Bikini: Reek Province bikini, not free but lovely!
ring: LaGyo

all girls' poses from doll.!
boys poses from actchio.

winged eyeliner worn on SL 2.0 layer from actchio.
tattoos from actchio.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Morea Style Hunt

Morea Style is having a VERY easy hunt going on until May 30th. There are ten gifts to find between two locations. Here's a few of the items you'll find.

Morea Style Hunt Gift Black Gown

This dramatic dress comes with the decorative neck piece. I've shown it with gloves from Mimikri (not free).

Morea Style Hunt Gift

Here's a flirty lavender cocktail dress that I think is seriously sexy. Shown with shoes from Stiletto Moody (not free).

Morea Style Hunt Gift Red Dress

This dramatic red ensemble can be worn without the neck piece and the black train to make it a little more casual. A show stopper. Shown with shoes from Indyra Originals (past hunt gift), and earrings by Morantique.

I really love this new Lola skin from Lelutka. It's not free but comes with lashes, this hair, and a bunch of viewer 2.0 compatible makeup options. My new fav!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Themeory is Totally Rad

I have kind of a sick obsession with all things 80's so when I found out the Project Themeory theme this weekend was the 80's I ran as fast as my pixel legs could carry me to the stores!
There are so many different styles that were popular in the 80's it's really way too hard to even try to explain them all. Things that were so cute and wild and outrageous, to things so conservative and drab. Fortunately for us most stores went with a wild more exaggerated version!
All in all I would say this is my fave Project Themeory so far. Lots of great designers who are highly underrated involved this round.
So yeah, whether you like the bright, floofy, crazy, neon, or the athletic, body-conscious, dance wear-inspired styles there is something for you!

Also make sure to check out the skybox I am in, it's a limited time freebie from Tweedle!!
Worn Throughout:
Skins: CStar, GGH gifts, 0L (search for umbrellas)
Blond Hair: Fashionably Dead, not free
Black Hair: Nouveau Miranda, free
Themeory Items:
Outfit 1: Veschi, 75L (includes leg warmers)
Outfit 2: Theory., 75L (Includes several wear options and skirt options, great value)
Outfit 3: Atomic, 75L (or 150L for a fat pack, includes leg warmers)
Glasses: Duboo, 75L (for a fat pack of colors and leggings too)
I seriously bought so much more stuff this week but dang time and space are limited here! Go forth and shop!

For Da Boyz

I have been acquiring some great male freebies as of late and wanted to share a few of them with you.
As you can see my man av is a bit femme but that's the be expected as...well...I am a woman :P
Skin: CStar, GGH prize (several tones available)
Pants: FK Virtues, subscriber gift (female version and cropped version also)
Hair: No Longer Available
Necklace: Nomine, lucky chair prize
Pic. 2
Skin: MiaSnow, lucky chair prize
Pants: Pig, not free but only 100L for several wear options
Hair: Bryce, not free

Friday, 21 May 2010

Azul May Group Gift

Azul May Group Gift

Another lovely Azul group gift. Get it in store.

Style Notes
Hair: Fascimo
Shoes: Juicy
Skin: Tuli
Earrings: Morantique

I Just Have To Show You...

I nearly tripped over myself running to get these gorgeous shoes from Kookie!
50L until midnight only! These wedges are so yummy in nudes they can be worn with anything...or...nothing. *Grins*

LAQ Julie

Dress: Yozoh - Ugly Duboo (gift)
Kookie - 50L Friday Wedges in Nude

Other stuff (not free):
Hair: Truth - Marcelle/Bangles: Mandala/Skin: LAQ Julie
Suri, xoxo

[Vilet Shapes]

My friend, Vliet Canucci, also known as the CEO for Ricielli, has just opened her shapes store. She invited me for a tour and it looks absolutely fabulous! I am totally pimping her *PINK* swimsuit and gonna show you some pics of her shapes available too! I actually got really excited shape shopping, because all the subjects are hot as hell~~ Here are my favorite ones from the store:

Vilet Shapes

Vilet Shapes

Vilet Shapes

OH, did I mention free swimsuit?? And free eyes??


TP to Vilet Shapes now! Gifts are on the table XD

Suri, xoxo