Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Casual Fun

Anyone that makes a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is my friend whether they like it or not. And when we hang out they better bring a towel.
My fave skinny jeans about a week ago were from RezIpsa Loc. Then they released new jeans. Now my fave skinny jeans are from....RezIpsa Loc.
And check the skybox! Only 50L from A.D.D Andel and it's just so simple and waiting for you to decorate it.
A.D.D Andel! skybox mist1
Shirts and Blue Towel (on neck): Color Me Chaos, is 0L at the moment but is limited time and not sure when it will be full price, (comes in 42, Got Towel?, and Don't Panic)
Jeans: RezIpsa Loc, 1L
Skybox: A.D.D. Andel, 50L for this week only
Hair: Lamb, not free
Skin: Imabee!, not free (new release)
Necklace in First Pic.: Alchemy Immortalis, Not free