Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Oh god I hate it when I wake up, and it's raining, been raining all night. Dark skies at 7am are just wrong. Specially on a Weds, specially when mini Ash decided at 2.30am that there was no way on earth she could sleep in her own bed. Specially when she takes up my whole damn bed.

Van Stantz, he makes me happy, in fact he makes me squee. These amazing boots are yours for free, for a limited time at EvA. As always, they are scripted sculpts of yum, and we are spoilt rotten. Be sure to fangirl Van and Evangeline if you see them!

Next we have a gorgeous opening dollarbie from Amaranthus, a new project from Elbereth Nightfire of Star Kindler fame. This is a bit of a departure from the jewelery we are used to from this talented designer, featuring Victorian gothic pieces that are just stunning. The perfect foil for these gorgy silks from Silk & Satyr, also an opening gift. Do hit up the subscribo, and do spend lots of lindens in this yummy store, it's my first choice for silks.......srsly.


And here is where Ash got thoroughly fed up today!!! Ash and Q were looking decidedly similar, so here we have the new (for the moment) Ash! I'm prob the only one that can tell the difference, but that kinda counts..right?!



I haven't posted about the cutest store on the grid for awhile. Lo*momo long ago claimed that title in my books, and there has been no contender since!! Shown here are a mixture of group gifts (avail in store with tag activated) dollarbies and the Bunny Hop gift. Ohh and there's 2 lucky boards there now, both dresses eluded me, but they are stunning. And now I suppose I shall drag myself off to do something semi useful, Ash out.

Pic 1
Hair (not free)

Pic 2
Silk And Satyr Group Gift
Hair (not free)
Amaranthus opening Dollarbie

Pics 3,4,5

Hair (not free)

Hoofies (not free)
Lazy Places

Skin worn Throughout
Seduction Cupcakes Group Gift


Evangeline Eames said...

Of course the sim was down when we get freestyle to come out...grrrr! Anyways, here is the slurl for all of you who want the free Burberry style boots: http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Dominion/230/209/30. They are in the store in front of you when you land. The free sculpted foot and toe stiletto sandals are in front of Riviera Couture, in the middle of shopping area. Thank you to all of you Freestyles for your great work and your support! xxx

Dream said...

For some reason the two owners never accept my question notecards about their products. I've sent at least three notecards in a row by now regarding a question about their boots, and none have been received (or if received, they have not been answered).

GG Sideshow said...

Are the butterflys a headpiece or do they come with the hair?

Ashia Tomsen said...

Ms Eva, all fixed now!!
Dream- There is only one owner and that's Van. I've always found him to be very accommodating and willing to talk about the boots. Is it an issue you are having with something you purchased? Is it a question any of us could answer for you?
GG, it's part of the hair.

Renee said...

Thanks for the notice about the Amaranthsu necklace. It's amazing, and it goes perfectly with the Baiastice group gift that went out yesterday!